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Top 10 recoge los mejores discos del año 2008 según cada redactor de Friedhof Online Magazine. Para visualizar cada lista, haz click primero en el año y posteriormente en los diferentes nombres que aparecen en pantalla.

Top 10 gathers 2008's best albums according to every Friedhof Online Magazine redactor. To visualize every list, click in different names that appear on this screen.

Human Mincer - Degradation Paradox     -    Brutal Bands Records

1. Flask Copper Deglutition
2. Sculpturing Himself Atrocity
3. Degradation Paradox
4. Dyskinetic Martyr Modification
5. Scaphocephaly: Status: Error
6. Macromutation Overflowed 0
7. Thoughts Inner Illogical Collapse
8. Turbulent Migratorious Conceptions

Guilemoth - Bajo (Wormed, Apostles of Perversion)
Phlegeton - Voces (Unsane Crisis, Infernal (Col), Wormed, Nüll, Godüs, Banished From Inferno)
David - Batería (The Last Legacy of Elagabal)
Miguel - Guitarras (Hybrid (Esp), The Last Legacy of Elagabal, Wormed)
Hour of Penance - The Vile Conception     -    Unique Leader Records

1. Misconception
2. Liturgy of Deceivers
3. Hideously Conceived
4. Drowned in the Abyss of Ignorance
5. Absence of Truth
6. Slavery in a Deaf Decay
7. The Holy Betrayal
8. From Hate to Suffering
9. Conjuration Sworn
10. Hierarchy of the Fools

Mauro Mercurio - Batería, voces
Giulio Moschini - Guitarras
Silvano Leone - Bajo
Francesco Paoli - Voces
Deathspell Omega - Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum     -    Norma Evangelium Diaboli

1. Chaining the Katechon

Hasjarl - Guitarras (Hirilorn)
Mikko Aspa - Voces (Clandestine Blaze, Fleshpress, Morbid Savouring, Stabat Mater, A.M., D.O.M. (Fin), Creamface, Noise Waste, Grunt, Clinic of Torture, Alchemy of the 20th Century, Nicole 12, Nihilist Commando, Pain Nail)
Khaos - Bajo (Barbatos (Jpn))
Amnion - Cryptic Wanderings     -    Oniric Records

1. Cryptic Wanderings
2. The Dreadful Martydom Of The Most Cruel
3. Towards Desolate Places My Wanderings Lead
4. Dominants & Perpetuals Echoes Of Discouragement
5. In Sarna We Trust
6. The Harm Caused By The Most Baneful Of All Trees
7. Sick Of TheLight

Drizzt Sarnad - Guitarras, voces (Empty (Esp), Körgull The Exterminator)
Damastor - Batería (Empty (Esp), Atman)
Nemac - Bajo
Hybrid (Esp) - The 8th Plague     -    Eyesofsound Records

I. Ovum: Alienation
1. Hundred Years Ocean
2. Soul Prolapse
3. Sleep of the Defeated
II. Larva: Narcotization
4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
5. Sun Burnt
III. Chrysallis: Transformation
6. Cocoon/Metamorphosis/Eclosion
IV. Imago: Obliteration
7. The Omega Swarm
8. Ashes of Babylon

Albano Fortes – Voz principal
Chus Maestro – Batería, segundas voces (ex Another Kind Of Death, One Last Word)
J. Oliver – Guitarra, segundas voces (Wormed, Unsane Crisis)
Kike – Bajo
Miguel – Guitarras, segundas voces (Human Mincer)
Enslaved (Nor) - Vertebrae     -    Indie Recordings

1. Clouds
2. To The Coast
3. Ground
4. Vertebrae
5. New Dawn
6. Reflection
7. Center
8. The Watcher

Grutle Kjellson - Voces, bajo (Trinacria, Desekrator, Phobia (Nor), V:28, Insanity, Tangerine Funk)
Ivar Bjørnson - Guitarras, teclados (Trinacria, Inoculate Injure, Desekrator, Borknagar, Phobia (Nor), Taake, Obnoxious, Vulcana, Bloodflowers, Gorgoroth)
Arve Isdal (Ice Dale) - Guitarras (Trinacria, Malignant Eternal, Audrey Horne, I, Gorgoroth)
Herbrand Larsen - Teclados, voces (Audrey Horne)
Cato Bekkevold - Batería (Red Harvest, Ashes to Ashes (Nor), Demonic (Nor), Reaktor, Dunkel:heit, Sirius)
Sunn O))) - Dømkirke     -    Southern Lord Productions

1. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?
2. Cannon
3. Cymatics
4. Masks Of The Ætmospheres

Greg Anderson - Guitarras, bajo (Goatsnake, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Burial Chamber Trio, Engine Kid, guest on Lunatics on Parole, Pentemple, Thorr's Hammer, Ascend, Burning Witch)
Stephen O'Malley - Guitarras, bajo (Burning Witch, Aethenor, Khanate, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Thorr's Hammer, Ginnungagap, Lotus Eaters, Fungal Hex, KTL (US), Grave Temple, House Of Low Culture, Pentemple)
Taake - Taake     -    Svartekunst Productions

1. Atternatt
2. Umenneske
3. Lukt Til Helvete
4. Doedsjarl
5. Motpol
6. September Omsider
7. Velg Bort Livet

Ulvhedin Hoest (Ørjan Stedjeberg) - Voces (Ofryskje, Ragnarok (Nor), Vendigeit, Thule (Nor), Ravengod, Gigantomachy, Deathcult (Nor), Slavia)
Skagg - Guitarras (Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, Infernal Manes, Livsfarlig, Deathcult (Nor))
Skrubb - Guitarras
V`gandr - Bajo (Aeternus (Nor), Chaos Predicted, Cult of Catharsis, Helheim (Nor), Ravengod, Deathcon)
Thurzur - Batería (Sigfader, Infernal Manes, Gaahlskagg, Deathcult (Nor))
Gorath (Bel) - Misotheism     -    Descent Productions

1. Gnosis
2. Apophasis
3. Abufihamet
4. Sophia
5. Metempsychosis
6. Abraxas
7. Sicarii

F. Dupont. - Voces, todos los instrumentos (The Quiescent, Ill Fares the Land, Mahlstrøm, P:407, Theudho)
Kevin De Leener - Batería (Fleshmould, Suhrim, Grinning Ghoul, Keltgar, Gurthang, Obscurum (Bel), Thorax Serpenti, Urn of Might, Urghar Moork)
Facebreaker - Dead, Rotten And Hungry     -    Pulverised Records

1. Slowly Rotting 02:27
2. Dead Rotten And Hungry 03:16
3. Night Of The Burning Dead 03:02
4. The Awakening 02:53
5. Walking Dead 03:58 [view lyrics]
6. Burner 03:38
7. Consumed 05:25
8. Unanimated Flesh 03:16
9. Unlock The Horror 03:02
10. Soul Eater 03:19
11. Devoured By Decay

Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - Voces (Devian, Darkified, Pan.Thy.Monium, Incapacity, Edge of Sanity, Scypozoa, Kill, Solar Dawn, The Deadbeats, The Nasty Flames, Fistel)
Janne Ivarsson - Guitarras (Scypozoa, Kill, No Fucking Way, The Nasty Flames, Boozessed, Fistel)
Mika Lagrén - Guitarras, voces (BackWardness, Blackicide (on "Atom & Evil"))
Jonas Magnusson - Bajo, voces (Ashes (Swe), Kill Captain Killer, Mäskheads)
Mikael "Kniven" Wassholm - Batería (Ashes (Swe), The Deadbeats)

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