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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 394
Ancient Dome "Perception Of This World" Thrash Metal SaRe 16/May/2011
Altar Of Sin "The Damned Dogs From Hell" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Abr/2011
Zuul FX "The Torture Never Stops" Industrial Thrash/Death Metal Usagi 4/Abr/2011
The Batallion "Head Up High" Blackened Thrash Metal Agui 1/Abr/2011
Minotaur (Deu) "Power Of Darkness" Thrash Metal Usagi 24/Mar/2011
Impiety (Sgp) "Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny" Death / Black / Thrash Metal Schepsel 22/Mar/2011
Infinight "Like Puppets" Heavy / Thrash Metal Necromancer 13/Mar/2011
Killface "Faceless" Death / Thrash Metal Usagi 11/Mar/2011
Alaja "Chaos Theory" Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 7/Mar/2011
Féretro "Demo" Death / Thrash / Punk / Rock / Metal Kramthal 6/Mar/2011
Demon Project "Faces Of Yaman" Melodic Death / Modern Thrash Usagi 4/Mar/2011
Blood Thirsty Demons "Let The War Begin" Thrash Metal / Heavy / Doom Usagi 25/Ene/2011
Sawthis "EGOD" Thrash Metal SaRe 23/Ene/2011
Vulture Industries "The Malefactor`s Bloody Register" Avant-garde Death/Thrash Metal Kramthal 20/Ene/2011
Blood Thirsty Demons "Misanthropy" Thrash Metal Usagi 13/Ene/2011
General Chaos "Calamity Circus" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 11/Ene/2011
Tanatossis "The Darkest Reflections" Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Dic/2010
Nocturnal Hell "Highway To The Fucking Kvlt" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 30/Dic/2010
Bishamon "RIP" Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 21/Dic/2010
InAllSenses "Hysterical Psychosis" Melodic Deathcore / Thrash Usagi 18/Dic/2010
Project: Failing Flesh "Count Back From Ten" Experimental Industrial Thrash / Death / Hardcore Kramthal 20/Nov/2010
Weapon (Can) "From The Devil`s Tomb" Death /Black / Thrash Metal Usagi 12/Nov/2010
Byfrost "Black Earth" Black / Thrash Metal Agui 26/Oct/2010
Unholy Lust "Taste The Sin Through The Fire" Black / Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Oct/2010
Kill Tech "Inappropriate" Thrash / Death Metal Usagi 28/Sep/2010
Arkayic Revolt "Death´s River" Thrash Metal Necromancer 24/Sep/2010
Ground Control "Dragged" Progressive/Thrash Metal Schepsel 18/Sep/2010
Malicious Death "...From Above" Thrash Metal Usagi 9/Sep/2010
Echidna (Grc) "Manifests Of Human Existence" Progressive Death / Thrash / Avantgarde Usagi 24/Ago/2010
Ticket To Hell "Operation: Crash Course" Thrash / Death Metal Usagi 19/Ago/2010
Saratan "Antireligion" Thrash Metal Usagi 7/Ago/2010
Endovein "Waiting For Disaster" Speed / Thrash Metal / Crossover Schepsel 4/Ago/2010
Hemoragy "Headbang Till Death" Thrash Metal SaRe 1/Ago/2010
Last Deception "A Nation Burning Fast" Melodic Death/Thrash Metal Schepsel 7/Jul/2010
Legen Beltza "Need To Suffer" Thrash Metal Usagi 24/Jun/2010
Corruption (Pol) "Bourbon River Bank" Thrash / Stonner Metal Azathoth 17/Jun/2010
Redox (Esp) "Equilibrium" Heavy / Thrash Metal Usagi 14/Jun/2010
Mörser "1st Class Suicide" Death / Thrash Metal Necromancer 11/Jun/2010
Farcry "Carnivorous" Death/Thrash Metal Usagi 9/Jun/2010
Shock Troopers "Blades And Rods" Thrash Metal Kramthal 6/Jun/2010
Elimination (Gbr) "Destroyed By Creation" Thrash Metal Usagi 21/May/2010
Antares Predator "Twilight Of The Apocalypse" Thrash / Black Metal Necromancer 16/Abr/2010
Anal Vomit "Gathering Of The Putrid Demons" Black / Death / Thrash Metal Usagi 5/Abr/2010
Sacrifice (Can) "The Ones I Condemn" Thrash Metal SaRe 2/Abr/2010
Hellish Crossfire "Bloodrust Scythe" Thrash / Speed Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 1/Abr/2010
Black Thoughts Bleeding "Stomachion" Metalcore – Melodic Death / Thrash Usagi 18/Mar/2010
Virgin Snatch "Act Of Grace" Thrash Metal Necromancer 17/Mar/2010
Nexxt "Addicted To Sin" Thrash / Groove Metal Usagi 24/Feb/2010
Deaflock "Reality Of False Parts" Thrash Metal Usagi 21/Feb/2010
Rumors Of Gehenna "Ten Hatred Degrees" Death / Thrash / Hardcore Usagi 14/Feb/2010
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