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BANDA - TÕTULO Totales... 333
Deep Desolation†"Subliminal Visions" Black / Doom / Death Metal Schepsel 12/Dic/2011
Earthride†"Something Wicked" Stoner Doom SaRe 9/Dic/2011
Rise And Shine†"Empty Hand" Doom Metal/Hard Rock Usagi 28/Oct/2011
Night Of Suicide†"Desire" Funeral Doom Metal Schepsel 5/Oct/2011
Forgotten Tomb†"Under Saturn Retrograde" Melodic Doom/Black Metal Schepsel 10/Sep/2011
Clagg†"Lord Of The Deep" Sludge/Doom Metal IvŠn C. 23/Ago/2011
Black Oath†"The Third Aeon" Doom Metal Kaste 19/Ago/2011
Rainroom†"And The Other That Was A Machine" Progressive Melodic Death/Doom Metal IvŠn C. 26/Jul/2011
Monkeypriest†"The Psalm" Sludge/Doom Metal IvŠn C. 28/Jun/2011
Ordog (Fin)†"Remorse" Doom Metal Azathoth 8/Jun/2011
Colosseum†"Chapter 3: Parasomnia" Funeral Doom Metal IvŠn C. 6/Jun/2011
Freakhate†"It Comes From The Grave" Death Metal / Doom Roberto Sedinho 1/May/2011
In Tha Umbra†"Noire" Experimental Black / Doom Metal Schepsel 28/Abr/2011
Encoffination†"Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" Doom / Death Metal Lhun 25/Abr/2011
Murkrat†"Drudging The Mire" Funeral Doom Metal Agui 19/Abr/2011
Xoanon†"Midday" Gothic Metal / Melodic Gothic Doom IvŠn C. 30/Mar/2011
The Gardnerz†"The System Of Nature" Doom / Death Metal Agui 2/Mar/2011
Helengard†"Helengard" Atmospheric Folk / Doom Metal Azathoth 20/Feb/2011
Beneath The Frozen Soil / Evoken†"Split" Funeral Doom Death IvŠn C. 8/Feb/2011
Procession (Chl)†"Destroyers Of The Faith" Doom Metal Usagi 3/Feb/2011
Stoned Jesus†"First Communion" Stoner / Doom Metal Azathoth 2/Feb/2011
Furze†"Reaper Subconscious Guide" Old Black / Doom Metal Usagi 28/Ene/2011
Astral Sleep†"Angel" Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 27/Ene/2011
Blood Thirsty Demons†"Let The War Begin" Thrash Metal / Heavy / Doom Usagi 25/Ene/2011
Mirror Of Deception†"A Smouldering Fire" Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 24/Ene/2011
Black Sun Aeon†"Routa" Doom / Black / Death Metal Kaste 22/Ene/2011
Bloody Clerks†"No Sun After The Storm" Melodic Death/Black Metal / Gothic Doom IvŠn C. 19/Ene/2011
Benighted In Sodom†"Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica" Depressive / Suicidal Black Doom Metal Kramthal 12/Ene/2011
Letargy Dream†"Гелиополис" Doom / Progressive Metal Azathoth 10/Ene/2011
Sideris Noctem†"Wait Till The Time Is R.I.P." Death / Doom Metal Kaste 28/Dic/2010
Revelations Of Rain†"Emanation Of Hatred" Doom Death Metal Kramthal 22/Dic/2010
Mournful Gust†"Sheís My GriefÖDecade" Gothic Doom Metal Azathoth 17/Dic/2010
Finnr`s Cane†"Wanderlust" Doom / Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient Agui 13/Dic/2010
Warchetype†"Ancestral Cult Of Divinity" Doom Metal IvŠn C. 7/Dic/2010
Cebren-Khal†"A Mass Of Despair" Black/Death Doom Metal Kramthal 4/Dic/2010
Inhuman Hate†"Twilight Of A Lost Soul" Black / Doom Metal Azathoth 1/Dic/2010
Nicht†"Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 26/Nov/2010
My Silent Wake†"IV Et Lux Perpetua" Doom Gothic Rock Kramthal 2/Nov/2010
Ophis†"Withered Shades" Death Doom Metal Azathoth 27/Oct/2010
Remembrance (Fra)†"Fall, Obsidian Night" Atmospheric Funeral Doom IvŠn C. 25/Oct/2010
The Howling Void†"Shadows Over The Cosmos" Funeral Doom Azathoth 4/Oct/2010
Gallowbraid†"Ashen Eidolon" Black / Doom Folk Metal Agui 23/Sep/2010
Another Perfect Day†"The Gothenburg Post Scriptum" Melodic Doom / Melodic Death Metal Lhun 2/Sep/2010
The Foreshadowing†"Oionos" Gothic / Doom Metal Kaste 22/Ago/2010
The Sullen Route†"Madness Of My Own Design" Doom / Death Metal Azathoth 18/Ago/2010
On The Edge Of The NetherRealm†"Different Realms" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 24/Jul/2010
Sanctus Infernum†"Martyr" Death / Doom Metal Usagi 23/Jul/2010
Ea†"Au Ellai" Funeral Doom Azathoth 16/Jul/2010
Reznik†"El Mal" Sludge / Doom / Rock / Instrumental IvŠn C. 9/Jul/2010
Shattered Hope†"Absence" Atmospheric Doom / Death Metal Lord Imra 5/Jul/2010
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