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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 1226
Demonical "Hellsworn" Swedish Death Metal Usagi 29/May/2009
Devil´s Whorehouse "Blood & Ashes" Rock / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/May/2009
Lay Down Rotten "Gospel Of The Wretched" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 23/May/2009
Tribulation (Swe) "The Horror" Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/May/2009
Vomitory (Swe) "Carnage Euphoria" Death Metal Usagi 20/May/2009
Unanimated "In The Light Of Darkness" Melodic Black / Death Metal Usagi 17/May/2009
God Dethroned "Passiondale" Blackened Death Metal Usagi 15/May/2009
Seance (Swe) "Awakening Of The Gods" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2009
Violent Headache / Necromorph "Split" Grind / Crust – Grind / Death Usagi 13/May/2009
Luctus "Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti" Death / Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 10/May/2009
Darkness By Oath "Fear Yourself" Melodic Swedish Death Metal Usagi 6/May/2009
Decapitated Christ "Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/May/2009
Drone (Ger) "Juggernaut" Post-Thrash/Groove Metal / Death Sueco Usagi 2/May/2009
Warganism "Centipede" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 1/May/2009
Misery (Aus) "On Demon Wings" Death Metal Agui 30/Abr/2009
Ribspreader "Opus Ribcage" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Abr/2009
Thanatos (Hol) "Justified Genocide" Death / Thrash Metal SaRe 13/Abr/2009
Neath "The Spiders Sleep" Progressive Death Metal Skeptic 12/Abr/2009
Dying (Esp) "Born From Impurity" Death Metal / Brutal Death Usagi 11/Abr/2009
Misery Speaks "Disciples Of Doom" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 7/Abr/2009
Neath "The Small Untruths" Progressive Death Metal Skeptic 6/Abr/2009
Anatomy (Ita) "Overtreatment" Death Metal / Grind Roberto Sedinho 4/Abr/2009
Soulgate´s Dawn "Messiah" Melodic Death / Metalcore Usagi 3/Abr/2009
The Dead (Aus) "The Dead" Death Metal Agui 2/Abr/2009
Pleroms Gate "Pass The Gate Of Pleroma" Death Folk Metal Gherion 31/Mar/2009
September Murder "Agony In Flesh" Death Metal Usagi 24/Mar/2009
Brainchoke "Introspective" Death / Grind Usagi 22/Mar/2009
Grnd_0 "Destroyer/Creator" Death Metal Progresivo Lordbelial 21/Mar/2009
Cattle Decapitation "The Harvest Floor" Brutal Death / Grind Roberto Sedinho 20/Mar/2009
Alley "The Weed" Progressive Death Metal Necromancer 19/Mar/2009
Subliminal Crusher "Endvolution" Melodic Death / Thrash Metal Kaste 18/Mar/2009
Centaurus-A "Side Effects Expected" Technical Death Metal Usagi 17/Mar/2009
Weeping Birth "Anosognosic Industry Of The I" Death / Black Metal Xibalba 14/Mar/2009
My Dying Bride "For Lies I Sire" Doom Death Metal Iván C. 13/Mar/2009
Dead Man´s Hand "The Combination" Thrash/Death Metal Usagi 12/Mar/2009
This Ending "Dead Harvest" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 12/Mar/2009
Dyspraxia "With Us If You Will ... Against Us If You Dare" Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 11/Mar/2009
Ekklesiast "...When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams" Melodic Death Doom Iván C. 10/Mar/2009
HDK "System Overload" Death Metal / Thrash Metal Lordbelial 6/Mar/2009
Ground Of Ruin "Cloaked In Doctrine" Death / Thrash Metal Usagi 5/Mar/2009
The Prophecy (UK) "Into The Light" Doom / Death Metal Iván C. 2/Mar/2009
Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Feb/2009
Lunarsea "Route Code Selector" Melodic Death Metal Agui 21/Feb/2009
Escutcheon "Battle Order" Melodic Swedish Death Metal Usagi 20/Feb/2009
Suidakra "Crógacht" Melodic Death / Folk Usagi 15/Feb/2009
Napalm Death "Time Waits For No Slave" Grindcore / Death Metal / Extreme Punk Usagi 12/Feb/2009
Necroblaspheme "Destination : Nulle Part" Death Metal Gherion 11/Feb/2009
Deathchain "Death Eternal" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Feb/2009
Evolved "A Picture Red" Death Metal Xibalba 29/Ene/2009
A Thousand Years Slavery "A Fury Named Spartan" Death Metal Melódico / Deathcore Lordbelial 25/Ene/2009
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