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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 1217
Funerus "Festering Earth" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 6/Ago/2004
Withering Surface "Force The Pace" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 5/Ago/2004
Jack Slater "Metzgore" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 4/Ago/2004
Incapacity "9th Order Extinct" Death/Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 1/Ago/2004
Estuary "To Exist And Endure" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 31/Jul/2004
Sotajumala "Death Metal Finland" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Jul/2004
Sanatorium (Svk) "Celebration Of Exhumation" Brutal Death Metal N.Cañellas 20/Jul/2004
Belphegor (Aut) "Lucifer Incestus" Death/Black Metal Dac 16/Jul/2004
Malevolent Creation "Warkult" Death Metal N.Cañellas 15/Jul/2004
Lust Of Decay "Kingdom Of Corpses" Brutal Death/Grind N.Cañellas 14/Jul/2004
Nephasth "Conceived By Inhuman Blood" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 12/Jul/2004
Cock And Ball Torture "Egoleech" Death/Grind Metal Lord Zaebos 10/Jul/2004
Disinter (US) "As We Burn" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 6/Jul/2004
Dies Irae (Pol) "Sculpture Of Stone" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 4/Jul/2004
Malamor "Dead To The World" Death Metal N.Cañellas 3/Jul/2004
Vomitory (Swe) "Primal Massacre" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 29/Jun/2004
Luciferion "The Apostate" Death Metal Dac 27/Jun/2004
Cattle Decapitation "Humanure" Death Metal/Goregrind N.Cañellas 26/Jun/2004
All That Remains "This Darkened Heart" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 24/Jun/2004
Commit Suicide "Synthetics" Death/Grind Metal Lord Zaebos 23/Jun/2004
Orphanage "Driven" Death Doom Gothic Dac 19/Jun/2004
Runemagick "On Funeral Wings" Death Doom Metal Ivan C. 17/Jun/2004
Gorefuck "Lust For Torture" Brutal Death Metal Iadalbaoth 16/Jun/2004
Anata "Under A Stone With No Inscription" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 14/Jun/2004
Anasarca "Dying" Death Metal Iadalbaoth 13/Jun/2004
My Darkest Hate "At War" Death Metal N.Cañellas 11/Jun/2004
Ceremonial Castings "Universal Funeral March" Symphonic Black Death Kramthal 8/Jun/2004
Visceral Bleeding "Transcend Into Ferocity" Brutal Death Metal N.Cañellas 7/Jun/2004
Unreal Overflows "Point Of A New Departure" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 4/Jun/2004
Suffocation (US) "Souls To Deny" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 1/Jun/2004
Morgion "Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth" Death Doom Metal Ivan C. 31/May/2004
The Heretic "Chemistry For The Soul" Melodic Death/Black Metal Dac 30/May/2004
Final Dawn (Fin) "Under The Bleeding Sky" Death Metal N.Cañellas 29/May/2004
Sadistik Exekution "Fukk II" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 27/May/2004
Urkraft "Eternal Cosmic Slaughter" Melodic Death Metal N.Cañellas 26/May/2004
Astarte (Grc) "Sirens" Black/Death Metal Kramthal 25/May/2004
Antropomorfia "Engendro" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 18/May/2004
Insanity Reigns Supreme "Prophecy Of Doom" Death Doom Metal Ivan C. 15/May/2004
Chaosbreed "Brutal" Death Metal N.Cañellas 13/May/2004
Fleshcrawl "Made Of Flesh" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 11/May/2004
Infinited Hate "Revel In Bloodshed" Death Metal N.Cañellas 9/May/2004
Cadaver (Nor) "Necrosis" Death/Thrash Metal N.Cañellas 7/May/2004
Ribspreader "Bolted To The Cross" Death Metal N.Cañellas 6/May/2004
Witches' Sabbath "New World Plague" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 2/May/2004
Liturgy "Dawn Of Ash" Brutal Death Metal N.Cañellas 30/Abr/2004
Dark Disciple "Unholy Hate Gore" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Abr/2004
Torchbearer "Yersinia Pestis" Thrash/Death/Black Metal Lord Zaebos 17/Abr/2004
God Forbid "Gone Forever" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 16/Abr/2004
In Aeternum (Swe) "Nuclear Armageddon" Death Black Metal Iadalbaoth 15/Abr/2004
Mithras "Worlds Beyond The Veil" Experimental Brutal Death Metal TaD 13/Abr/2004
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