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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 1226
Grimness (Ita) "Promo CD 2005" Death/Crust Necromancer 19/Jul/2005
Alarum "Eventuality" Death Progresivo Ignacio Rielas 17/Jul/2005
Hate Eternal "I, Monarch" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 16/Jul/2005
Gorerotted "A New Dawn For The Dead" Death/Grind Necromancer 13/Jul/2005
Devilyn "11" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 12/Jul/2005
Dew-Scented "Issue VI" Thrash/Death Lord Zaebos 6/Jul/2005
Eciton ""Oppressed"" Death Metal Necromancer 5/Jul/2005
Resuscitator "A Warrior's Death" Death Metal Kramthal 4/Jul/2005
Mind Ripper "Kahos Humana" Death/Black Kramthal 1/Jul/2005
Forgotten Sunrise "Ru:mipu:dus" Doom/Death Lord Adarvark 30/Jun/2005
Abominattion "Doutrine Of False Martyr" Death Metal Necromancer 29/Jun/2005
Coercion "Lifework" Death Metal Necromancer 25/Jun/2005
Domination Through Impurity "Essence Of Brutality" Death Metal Necromancer 23/Jun/2005
Your Own Decay "Recollection" Death Metal Necromancer 21/Jun/2005
Tenebrum Infectus "Tenebrum Infectus" Death/Grind Necromancer 17/Jun/2005
Nile "Annihilation Of The Wicked" Death Metal Necromancer 14/Jun/2005
Ethereal Blue "Black Heart Process" Melodic Black/Death BlackAngel JC 5/Jun/2005
Mathyr "Mandraenken" Black/Death Lord Zaebos 4/Jun/2005
Oathean "Fading Away Into The Grave Of Nothingness" Melodic Black/Death BlackAngel JC 1/Jun/2005
Naumachia "Wrathorn" Melodic Black/Death Necromancer 29/May/2005
Novembers Doom "The Pale Haunt Departure" Doom/Death Metal BlackAngel JC 28/May/2005
Continuo Renacer "Continuo Renacer" Death Progresivo Lord Zaebos 23/May/2005
Naglfar (Swe) "Pariah" Black/Death Lord Zaebos 21/May/2005
Spirit Disease "Redemption Denied" Death/Thrash Necromancer 20/May/2005
Epoch Of Unlight "The Continuum Hypothesis" Black/Death Necromancer 11/May/2005
Lividity "Fetish For The Sick + Live In Germany" Death/Grind Necromancer 9/May/2005
Defloration / Strangled "Defloration / Strangled Split Cd" Brutal Death Lord Zaebos 2/May/2005
Maledictive Pigs "Soul Surgery" Death Metal Necromancer 1/May/2005
Thy Pain "More Than Suffering" Melodic Death Metal Necromancer 29/Abr/2005
Gathering Darkness "Beholders Of The Pain Planet" Brutal Death Iñaki Albuerne 27/Abr/2005
Stigma (Cze) "Epitaph Of Pain" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Abr/2005
Bloody Sign "Vana Vigala Loïts" Death Metal Necromancer 19/Abr/2005
Total Devastation "Reclusion" Death Metal Necromancer 18/Abr/2005
Shadow Cut "Pictures Of Death" Death/Black Metal Necromancer 9/Abr/2005
The Downspiral To Hell "Thorn" Black/Death Metal Lucifogo 7/Abr/2005
Aborted "The Archaic Abattoir" Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 3/Abr/2005
Exmortem (Dnk) "Nihilistic Contentment" Death Metal Necromancer 28/Mar/2005
Evoken "Antithesis Of Light" Death Doom Metal Lord Zaebos 24/Mar/2005
Crimson Moonlight "Veil Of Remembrance" Black/Death Metal Necromancer 23/Mar/2005
Lost Soul (Pol) "Chaostream" Death Metal N.Cañellas 22/Mar/2005
Rapture "The Silent Stage" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 18/Mar/2005
Six Feet Under (US) "13" Death Metal Necromancer 16/Mar/2005
Cianide "Hells Rebirth" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 10/Mar/2005
Psychofagist "Psychofagist" Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 3/Mar/2005
Imbrue "Cado Datur Verbs" Brutal Death Lord Zaebos 27/Feb/2005
Bane Of Existence "Humanity's Splintered Salvation" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 25/Feb/2005
Crippler Cross Face "Where Did We Put That Dead Horse We´ve Been Beating" Death/Grind Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2005
Impiety (Sgp) "Paramount Evil" Black/Death Metal Necromancer 21/Feb/2005
Dark Tranquillity "Character" Melodic Death Metal Necromancer 15/Feb/2005
Carrioned "Hymns For The Deteriorotting" Brutal Death Lord Zaebos 13/Feb/2005
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