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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 415
Altar Of Giallo "Demo 2006" Old School Death GoreGrind Iván C. 19/Mar/2007
Amok (Nor) "Necrospiritual Deathcore" Old DeathGrind / BlackThrash Iván C. 14/Mar/2007
Rotten Sound "Consume To Contaminate" Grindcore Iago Fuentes 11/Mar/2007
Grimness 69 "Grimness Avenue 69" Grindcore Iván C. 5/Mar/2007
General Surgery "Left Hand Pathology" Death GoreGrind Iago Fuentes 4/Mar/2007
Dead Hearts "Bitter Verses" Hardcore / Punk Metal Lord Abhorym 15/Feb/2007
Anaal Nathrakh "Eschaton" Black Metal / Grindcore Iadalbaoth 13/Feb/2007
Straight Opposition "Step By Step" Hardcore A_Lie_Called_Life 12/Feb/2007
Crimson Falls "The True Face Of Human Nature" Death Metal / Core A_Lie_Called_Life 8/Feb/2007
Ebola (Ita) "In Borrowed Plumes" MetalCore Gherion 30/Ene/2007
Naer Mataron "Voice Of Hate (Split)" Black Metal / Death Grind Metal Lucifogo 5/Ene/2007
Kick:Down "End Of The Line" Hardcore / Nu Metal Gherion 3/Ene/2007
Rotten Sound "Consume To Contaminate" Grindcore Iván C. 2/Ene/2007
Chokehold "The Killing Has Begun" Thrashcore Iván C. 20/Dic/2006
Twelve Tribes "Midwest Pandemic" Metalcore / Post-hardcore Lord Abhorym 19/Dic/2006
Mucupurulent "Bloodstained Blues" Death Grind'n'Roll Iván C. 18/Dic/2006
XXX Maniak "Harvesting The Cunt Nectar" Porno GoreGrind Ares 16/Dic/2006
Inzest (Aut) "The Sickest Of Society" Death Metal / Grindcore Gherion 14/Dic/2006
Knockturn Alley "The Dream Is Dead" Metalcore Necromancer 2/Dic/2006
Comity "… As Everything Is A Tragedy" Noisecore Extreme RockMetal Iván C. 30/Nov/2006
Converge "No Heroes" Hardcore / Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 23/Nov/2006
Neuropathia "Bubba Luciferi" Grind N' Roll Iván C. 21/Nov/2006
Spaceshiters "Grinding Dancers From Outa Space" Grindcore Noise Lord Abhorym 4/Nov/2006
Sanitys Dawn "The EP Years" Grindcore Gherion 31/Oct/2006
Outcast (Bel) "Outcast Vs Moker" Brutal Deathcore Metal Gherion 27/Oct/2006
Misery Signals "Mirrors" Hardcore Necromancer 23/Oct/2006
Yattaï "Demo 2006" Grindcore A_Lie_Called_Life 9/Oct/2006
Giants Of Grind II "Giants Of Grind II" Grind Gherion 5/Oct/2006
Gastrick Burst "Demo D’Estomac" Death Grind A_Lie_Called_Life 2/Oct/2006
Hybrid (Esp) "Beyond Undeniable Entropy" Death Grind Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Sep/2006
Embalming Theatre "Sweet Chainsaw Melodies" Death/Grind Metal Gherion 12/Sep/2006
Manngard "Circling Buzzards" Progressive Death Thrashcore Iván C. 4/Sep/2006
Deflorace "Massacre" Death Grind Metal Gherion 2/Sep/2006
Agathocles "Mincer" Grindcore Necromancer 29/Ago/2006
General Surgery "Left Hand Pathology" Death GoreGrind Iván C. 25/Ago/2006
Zao "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" Metalcore Iván C. 18/Ago/2006
Bathtub Shitter "Dance Hall Grind" Grindcore Satochi 15/Ago/2006
The Seventhate "The Cooper Test" Post-Metal Noise-Core Rodbert Steinbruch 12/Ago/2006
Submission (Dnk) "Failure To Perfection" Death Thrashcore Iván C. 8/Ago/2006
Skitsystem "Stigmata" Crustcore Iván C. 3/Ago/2006
Glut! "Origen Da Tragedia" Brutal Death/Grind Metal Gherion 11/Jul/2006
Flaying "Commandments – Violated" Brutal Death Grind Técnico Lord Abhorym 10/Jul/2006
Machinemade God "The Infinity Complex" Death Thrash Metalcore Satochi 27/Jun/2006
Deviated Instinct "Welcome To The Orgy" Crust/Core Punk Rodbert Steinbruch 23/Jun/2006
Kevlar Skin "The Bereaved" Brutal Death/Grind Metal Gherion 19/Jun/2006
Incarnated (Pol) "Pleasure Of Consumption" Death Grind Metal Gherion 5/Jun/2006
Crowpath "Son Of Sulphur" Death Grind Metal Gherion 23/May/2006
Cult Of Luna "Somewhere Along The Highway" Atmospheric Sludge Post-Hardcore Iván C. 8/May/2006
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace "Still Human, Still Humane?" Grindcore Death Metal Satochi 3/May/2006
Neurothing "Vanishing Celestial Bodies" Death Thrashcore Iván C. 26/Abr/2006
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