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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3194
Svartthron "Kraujo Estetika" Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 9/Abr/2010
Bleed From Within "Empire" Deathcore Lhun 8/Abr/2010
Divine Lust "The Bitterest Flavours" Gothic Doom Metal Kaste 7/Abr/2010
Rajna "Offering" Dark Ambient / Ethereal / Folk Rodbert Steinbruch 6/Abr/2010
Anal Vomit "Gathering Of The Putrid Demons" Black / Death / Thrash Metal Usagi 5/Abr/2010
Brilliant Coldness "Poisoned Reality" Technical Death Metal SaRe 4/Abr/2010
Sacrifice (Can) "The Ones I Condemn" Thrash Metal SaRe 2/Abr/2010
Hellish Crossfire "Bloodrust Scythe" Thrash / Speed Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 1/Abr/2010
Rise To Fall "Restore The Balance" Melodic Death Metal Lhun 31/Mar/2010
Graveyard (Esp) "One With The Dead" Death Metal Usagi 30/Mar/2010
Combat Noise "Frontline Offensive Force" Brutal Death Metal / Grind Roberto Sedinho 29/Mar/2010
Morgoth Gates "The Path Of Death (Demo II)" Black Metal Kramthal 28/Mar/2010
Winter Of Life "Mother Madness" Progressive / Gothic Rock Metal Kaste 27/Mar/2010
Ophidian Forest "Redbad" Raw Black Metal Agui 26/Mar/2010
Throes Of Dawn "The Great Fleet Of Echoes" Avantgarde Metal Azathoth 25/Mar/2010
Malfeitor (Ita) "Incubus" Black Metal Lhun 24/Mar/2010
Rootwater "Visionism" Metal / Crossover Usagi 23/Mar/2010
VV.AA. "Cuba Metal – Mi Generación Que Se Levanta" Varios Roberto Sedinho 21/Mar/2010
Devastator (Ita) "Underground 'n' Roll" Metal SaRe 19/Mar/2010
Black Thoughts Bleeding "Stomachion" Metalcore – Melodic Death / Thrash Usagi 18/Mar/2010
Virgin Snatch "Act Of Grace" Thrash Metal Necromancer 17/Mar/2010
Nefertum "Revered Lames" Symphonic Black Death Metal Kaste 16/Mar/2010
De Profundis (Gbr) "A Bleak Reflection" Doom Metal Agui 15/Mar/2010
Inferno (Cze) "Black Devotion" Black Metal Kramthal 14/Mar/2010
D.A.M.N. "Forbidden Anger" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 12/Mar/2010
The Wounded Kings "The Shadow Over Atlantis" Doom Metal Lhun 11/Mar/2010
In Slumber "Arcane Divine Subspecies" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 10/Mar/2010
Chthonian "The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord" Black / Death Metal Necromancer 9/Mar/2010
Eversin "Divina Distopia" Progressive Power Metal Azathoth 8/Mar/2010
(Sic)Monic "Somnambulist" Metal Inclasificable Usagi 7/Mar/2010
Nihil Novi Sub Sole "Jupiter Temple" Dark Ambient / Industrial Azathoth 6/Mar/2010
Laments Of Silence "Restart Your Mind" Melodic Death Metal Lhun 5/Mar/2010
Black River "Black'n'Roll" Stoner / Metal Usagi 4/Mar/2010
Tears Of Martyr "Entrance" Gothic Metal Kaste 3/Mar/2010
Orthodox (Esp) "Sentencia" Experimental / Jazz / Música Sacra Iván C. 2/Mar/2010
Mystic Frequency Worm "…From The Top Of The Sound Mountain" Hard Rock / Psychedelic / Stoner Rock Iván C. 2/Mar/2010
Proghma C "Bar-do Travel" Experimental Progressive Metal Iván C. 1/Mar/2010
Jelonek "Jelonek" Progressive Classical Metal Iván C. 1/Mar/2010
Adrift "Monolito" Sludge Iván C. 1/Mar/2010
Kathaarsys "Anonymous Ballad" Progressive Extreme Metal Kramthal 28/Feb/2010
VV.AA. "Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute To Thergothon" Funeral Doom Metal Azathoth 26/Feb/2010
Cheap Vudu "Counter Of Pain" Hardcore Industrial Metal Kramthal 25/Feb/2010
Nexxt "Addicted To Sin" Thrash / Groove Metal Usagi 24/Feb/2010
Decayor "Recurring Times Of Grief" Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 23/Feb/2010
Leafblade "Beyond, Beyond" Acustic Ambient Kaste 22/Feb/2010
Deaflock "Reality Of False Parts" Thrash Metal Usagi 21/Feb/2010
Resurrecturis "Non Voglio Morire" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Feb/2010
Morningside "Moving Crosscurrent Of Time" Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 19/Feb/2010
Hyban Draco "Prophecy Of Insane" Melodic Black Death Metal Kramthal 18/Feb/2010
Treachery (USA) "Treachery" Ambient Blackened Doom Fiar 18/Feb/2010
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