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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3227
The Nihilistic Front "Procession To Annihiliation" Doom / Black Metal SatanicStorm 28/May/2014
Teksuo "Diamonds EP" Djent / Metalcore Arcadio 26/May/2014
Magenta Harvest "Volatile Waters" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/May/2014
Alfahanne "Alfapokalyps" Black`n`Roll SatanicStorm 21/May/2014
Zerobyte "Zerobyte`s E.P" Djent / Mathmetal Arcadio 20/May/2014
Blinded Memory "From The Ashes" Metalcore Sliron 16/May/2014
Basement Torture Killings "A Night Of Brutal Torture" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2014
Inhospit "Sacrifice 666" Death Metal Arcadio 13/May/2014
Nox Ultima "From Delirium To Catharsis" Black Metal SaRe 9/May/2014
Dementia Senex "HeartWorm" Death Metal Sliron 6/May/2014
Lux Divina "Possessed By Telluric Feelings" Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 3/May/2014
Deathquintet "Godwork" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Abr/2014
Drawers "Drawers" Stoner Metal Sliron 28/Abr/2014
Azylya "Sweet cerebral destruction" Gothic Metal SaRe 21/Abr/2014
Germ "Grief" Electronic Post-Black Metal SatanicStorm 17/Abr/2014
Toxic Waltz "Decades Of Pain" Thrash Metal Sliron 14/Abr/2014
Karmak "Exilio Humano" Grind / Death / Thrash Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Grimuack "Exsurgat Satanas" Black Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Stained Blood "One Last Warning" Deathcore Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Inner Xpose "Panoramic Horizon" Djent / Metalcore / Progressive Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Barbarian Swords "Hunting Rats" Black / Doom Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Aeternum Vale "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" Melodic Black Metal SatanicStorm 9/Abr/2014
Frequency "The Flow" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 7/Abr/2014
Noctem (Esp) "Exilium" Death / Black Metal Arcadio 1/Abr/2014
Goresoerd "Asülum" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 31/Mar/2014
Opposer "Remember The Past" Thrash Metal Arcadio 30/Mar/2014
Blaze Out "Headshot" Thrash / Rock / Groove Metal Arcadio 30/Mar/2014
Dulcamara "El Antagonista" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Sliron 26/Mar/2014
Barbarian Prophecies "XIII" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 24/Mar/2014
Nacom "Crawling Human Souls" Melodic Death Metal SatanicStorm 21/Mar/2014
MortSubite "Black Nécora" DeathCore / MetalCore Arcadio 19/Mar/2014
Frostland Darkness "Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia" Black Metal SaRe 17/Mar/2014
Guerra Total "El Armagedón Continúa" Black Thrash Metal SatanicStorm 12/Mar/2014
Dredd "Visceris" Thrash Metal Arcadio 11/Mar/2014
Atrabilis / Negativa "MMXIII" Black Metal Arcadio 11/Mar/2014
Cancerous Womb "Born Of A Cancerous Womb" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Mar/2014
Noitébrega "VIII.IX" Black Metal Arcadio 3/Mar/2014
Slegest "Løyndom" Doom / Heavy Metal Arcadio 25/Feb/2014
The Horn "Volume Ten" Ambient Industrial Black Metal SatanicStorm 24/Feb/2014
Dawn Of Tears "Act II: The Dying Eve" Black / Heavy Metal Arcadio 21/Feb/2014
Svipdarg "Black Verses" Black Metal Arcadio 19/Feb/2014
AlNamrood "Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq" Black / Folk Metal SatanicStorm 17/Feb/2014
Insulters "We Are The Plague" Death Metal Arcadio 14/Feb/2014
Thornium "Dominions Of The Eclipse" Black Metal SaRe 12/Feb/2014
The Undivine "Delusional Noise" Death Metal Lhun 10/Feb/2014
Beyond Mortality "Infected Life" Death Metal SatanicStorm 7/Feb/2014
Foetal Juice "Big Trouble In Little Vagina" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Feb/2014
Code "Augur Nox" Progressive Black Metal SatanicStorm 27/Ene/2014
Bliksem "Face The Evil" Thrash Metal Arcadio 24/Ene/2014
Worstenemy "Revelation" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Ene/2014
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