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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3214
Agents Of Man "Count Your Blessings" Hardcore Ignacio Rielas 6/Jun/2005
Ethereal Blue "Black Heart Process" Melodic Black/Death BlackAngel JC 5/Jun/2005
Mathyr "Mandraenken" Black/Death Lord Zaebos 4/Jun/2005
Shame Lady "The Winter Day Were Nights" Noise Core Ignacio Rielas 3/Jun/2005
Gorath (Bel) "Elite" Black Metal Lucifogo 2/Jun/2005
Oathean "Fading Away Into The Grave Of Nothingness" Melodic Black/Death BlackAngel JC 1/Jun/2005
Skyforger "Semigalls' Warchant" Pagan Black Kramthal 31/May/2005
Meshuggah "Catch 33" Ciber Thrash Metal Ignacio Rielas 30/May/2005
Naumachia "Wrathorn" Melodic Black/Death Necromancer 29/May/2005
Novembers Doom "The Pale Haunt Departure" Doom/Death Metal BlackAngel JC 28/May/2005
Eligor (Ita) "In Nomine" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 27/May/2005
Fallen (Nor) "A Tragedy's Bitter End" Funeral Doom Lord Adarvark 26/May/2005
Hugi "Solarliod" Pagan Black Lucifogo 25/May/2005
The Axis Of Perdition "Deleted Scenes From The Transition Hospital" Industrial Black Necromancer 24/May/2005
Continuo Renacer "Continuo Renacer" Death Progresivo Lord Zaebos 23/May/2005
Naglfar (Swe) "Pariah" Black/Death Lord Zaebos 21/May/2005
Forgotten Tomb "Love's Burial Ground" Black/Doom Kramthal 20/May/2005
Spirit Disease "Redemption Denied" Death/Thrash Necromancer 20/May/2005
Von Sirius "The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment" Gothic Metal Lord Adarvark 20/May/2005
Overself "Tre" Nu Metal Ignacio Rielas 20/May/2005
Disciples Of Chaos "In Chaos We Trust" Heavy Metal Ignacio Rielas 20/May/2005
Blodsrit "Helveteshymner" Black Metal Kramthal 14/May/2005
Aquilon "Intramedia" Dark Metal Lord Adarvark 12/May/2005
Epoch Of Unlight "The Continuum Hypothesis" Black/Death Necromancer 11/May/2005
The Red Death "External Frames Of Reference" Metalcore Emilio Morote 10/May/2005
Lividity "Fetish For The Sick + Live In Germany" Death/Grind Necromancer 9/May/2005
CrystalMoors "The Unconquered Land" Pagan Black Iñaki Albuerne 7/May/2005
Losa "The Perfect Moment" Metalcore Emilio Morote 6/May/2005
Runemagick "Envenom" Doom Metal Lord Adarvark 5/May/2005
Open Grave "The Heavens Cry Black Tears" Black Metal Lucifogo 4/May/2005
Himinbjørg "Europa" Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 3/May/2005
Defloration / Strangled "Defloration / Strangled Split Cd" Brutal Death Lord Zaebos 2/May/2005
Maledictive Pigs "Soul Surgery" Death Metal Necromancer 1/May/2005
Heidevolk "De Strijdlust Is Geboren" Folk Metal Kramthal 30/Abr/2005
Thy Pain "More Than Suffering" Melodic Death Metal Necromancer 29/Abr/2005
Frantic Bleep "The Sense Apparatus" Rock Industrial/Doom Emilio Morote 28/Abr/2005
Gathering Darkness "Beholders Of The Pain Planet" Brutal Death Iñaki Albuerne 27/Abr/2005
Beatrik "Requiem Of December" Funeral Melancholic Black Metal Kramthal 25/Abr/2005
Lux Ferre "Antichristian War Propaganda" Black Metal Lucifogo 23/Abr/2005
Stigma (Cze) "Epitaph Of Pain" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Abr/2005
Bloody Sign "Vana Vigala Loïts" Death Metal Necromancer 19/Abr/2005
Total Devastation "Reclusion" Death Metal Necromancer 18/Abr/2005
Opus Draconis "Satanic Truth About False Union" Black Metal Lucifogo 16/Abr/2005
Green Carnation "The Quiet Offspring" Heavy Metal Emilio Morote 15/Abr/2005
Pantheïst "Amartia" Doom Metal BlackAngel JC 13/Abr/2005
Horned Almighty "Black Metal Jesus" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 12/Abr/2005
Pest (Ger) "Vado Mori" Black Metal Kramthal 11/Abr/2005
Manitou (Fin) "Mad Moon Rising" Progressive Metal Emilio Morote 10/Abr/2005
Shadow Cut "Pictures Of Death" Death/Black Metal Necromancer 9/Abr/2005
The Downspiral To Hell "Thorn" Black/Death Metal Lucifogo 7/Abr/2005
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