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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3206
Nailed Coil "The Outcome Of Anxiety" Deathcore / Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 17/May/2012
Absentia (Esp) "Our Bleeding Sun" Symphonic Black / Death / Gothic Metal Usagi 16/May/2012
Who Dies In Siberian Slush "Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost" Funeral Doom Azathoth 9/May/2012
Al-Namrood "Estorat Taghoot" Black Metal SaRe 7/May/2012
Hordak "Under The Sign Of The Wilderness" Pagan Black / Death Metal Usagi 5/May/2012
Subliminal Chaos "The Little Story Of The Cloud And The Thunder" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 23/Abr/2012
Bosque "Passage" Funeral Doom Necromancer 20/Abr/2012
Circus Of Lamia "Welcome Madness" Gothic Metal SaRe 17/Abr/2012
Rubbish Citizen "Rubbish Citizen" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 16/Abr/2012
Story Of Jade "The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbours!!!)" Heavy Metalcore Thrash Metal SaRe 14/Abr/2012
Black Goat "Death Ritual" Black Thrash Rock Kramthal 12/Abr/2012
Raventale "After" Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal Azathoth 10/Abr/2012
Atanab "Black Magic" Black Metal Kramthal 3/Abr/2012
Odd Heathenish "Gorrotopean Loturik" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 2/Abr/2012
Raw In Sect "Red Flows" Technical Death Thrash Metal SaRe 22/Mar/2012
Verderben "Vernichtung Und Vergeltung" Black Metal Schepsel 20/Mar/2012
Condemned (Gbr) "A Dying Art" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Mar/2012
Evadne "The Shortest Way" Death Doom Metal Lhun 16/Mar/2012
Psycroptic "The Inherited Repression" Technical Death Metal Necromancer 8/Mar/2012
Retaliatory Measures "MMX" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/Mar/2012
Outrage (Ger) "Conspirator" Blackened Thrash Metal Agui 5/Mar/2012
Funeral In Heaven / Plecto Aliquem Capite "Astral Mantras Of Dyslexia" Black Metal SaRe 27/Feb/2012
Eternal Chaos (Col) "Dark God Of The Eternal" Black Metal Kramthal 23/Feb/2012
Napoleon Skullfukk "Swollen & Torture Metal" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Feb/2012
Ignition Code "Upgraded" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Usagi 17/Feb/2012
Sorgeldom "Vithatten" Black Metal Schepsel 15/Feb/2012
Passiv Dödshjälp "Fasader" Crustcore Usagi 13/Feb/2012
Octagone "Proelium" Ambient Death / Metalcore / Grindcore SaRe 9/Feb/2012
Japanische Kampfhörspiele "Kaputte Nackte Affen" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 7/Feb/2012
Taake "Noregs Vaapen" Black Metal Schepsel 6/Feb/2012
Root "Heritage Of Satan" Dark Metal Usagi 3/Feb/2012
After The Last Sky "There`s No Light At The End Of This Tunnel" Grindcore / Black / Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Ene/2012
Barbarian Prophecies "Remember The Fallen" Death Metal Necromancer 30/Ene/2012
Acherontas "Vamachara" Black Metal Schepsel 26/Ene/2012
Vesano "Gritos Do Tempo" Depressive Black Metal Usagi 25/Ene/2012
Blut Aus Nord "The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion" Black Metal Schepsel 24/Ene/2012
Stiny Plamenú "Výprava Za Pravdou špíny" Black Metal SaRe 23/Ene/2012
[Haven] "Amity" Electrónica / Ambient Azathoth 20/Ene/2012
Future Ruins "Future Ruins" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 18/Ene/2012
Rehashed "Code Black" Thrash Metal / Hardcore SaRe 17/Ene/2012
Sorgeldom "...from Outer Intelligences" Avant-Garde / Atmospheric Post-Black Metal Usagi 16/Ene/2012
Inquisitor (Lit) "The Quantum Theory Of Id" Avant-garde Black Metal SaRe 13/Ene/2012
Mr. Death "Descending Through Ashes" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 12/Ene/2012
Scorngrain "Utopia.Paranoia.Perversions!" Thrash / Industrial Metal SaRe 11/Ene/2012
Skogen (Swe) "Svitjod" Black Metal / Pagan Usagi 10/Ene/2012
Stellar Master Elite "Stellar Master Elite" Experimental Doom / Black Metal Schepsel 9/Ene/2012
Ebony Lake "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" Avant-Garde Gothic / Black Metal Lhun 6/Ene/2012
Honey For Christ "The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" Heavy Rock Thrash Metal Kaste 5/Ene/2012
Christ Agony "NocturN" Melodic Black Metal Usagi 4/Ene/2012
Primal / Iugulatus / Deep Desolation "Chapel Of Fear" Black Metal Schepsel 3/Ene/2012
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