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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3214
Coalition "Tortured By Eternal Dream" Death Metal Satochi 28/May/2006
Urskumug "Am Nodr" Tribal Heathen Black Metal Kramthal 27/May/2006
Signs Of Darkness "The 17TH Floor" Melodic Black Metal Necromancer 26/May/2006
Orthodox (Esp) "Gran Poder" Drone Stoner Doom Iván C. 25/May/2006
God Among Insects "Zombienomicon" Death Metal Necromancer 24/May/2006
Velvetcut "13" Alternative Gothic Rock Iván C. 24/May/2006
Crowpath "Son Of Sulphur" Death Grind Metal Gherion 23/May/2006
Sigillum Diaboli "Sigillum Diaboli" Raw Black Metal Lucifogo 22/May/2006
Canaan (Ita) "The Unsaid Words" Doom Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 21/May/2006
Boon "Beauty Is A Sign Of Weakness" Death’n’roll Alonso Mercado 20/May/2006
Neetzach "True Servants Of Satan" Black Death Metal Kramthal 19/May/2006
Moonloop "Release From Duality" Progressive Death Rock Gherion 18/May/2006
Aeternus (Nor) "Hexaeon" Death Dark Metal Iván C. 18/May/2006
Vedonist "Awaking To Immortality" Death Thrash Metal Ares 17/May/2006
Deathcrush (Mex) "Mutilating The Christian Faith" Death Black Metal Gherion 16/May/2006
Saturnus "Veronika, Decides To Die" Doom Death Metal Iván C. 15/May/2006
Nahemah (Esp) "The Second Philosophy" Melancholic Dark/Progressive Death Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 14/May/2006
Irredemption "Hordes Of Hanger" Death Metal/Brutal Necromancer 13/May/2006
Genozid "Reigns Of Black Metal" Black Metal Lucifogo 12/May/2006
Mörk Munin "Mörk Munin" Raw Black Metal Kramthal 11/May/2006
Terrorspawn "Channeling The Quintessence Of Death" Thrash Death Metal Lucifogo 11/May/2006
Witchburner (Ger) "Final Detonation" Thrash Metal Ares 10/May/2006
Madder Mortem "Desiderata" Dark Progressive Avantgarde Iván C. 10/May/2006
Ramhorn "Crystal Vanity" Doom Metal Satochi 9/May/2006
Cult Of Luna "Somewhere Along The Highway" Atmospheric Sludge Post-Hardcore Iván C. 8/May/2006
Dissection (Swe) "Reinkaos" Death Metal Melódico Lord Zaebos 7/May/2006
Sorgerth "Non Nato" Black Death Metal Gherion 6/May/2006
Glow (Esp) "Gone, But Never Forgotten" Doom Stoner Iván C. 5/May/2006
Fragments Of Unbecoming "Sterling Black Icon (Chapter III - Black But Shining)" Death Metal Melódico Necromancer 4/May/2006
Daemonlord "Hellfire Centuries" Melodic Black Death Metal Kramthal 4/May/2006
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace "Still Human, Still Humane?" Grindcore Death Metal Satochi 3/May/2006
Novembre "Materia" Melancholic Doom Metal Iván C. 2/May/2006
Yyrkoon "Unhealthy Opera" Death/Thrash Metal Necromancer 1/May/2006
Communic "Waves Of Visual Decay" Progressive Thrash Metal Alonso Mercado 1/May/2006
Torchbearer "Warnaments" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 29/Abr/2006
Winter Of Sin "Woest" Melodic Black Metal Iadalbaoth 28/Abr/2006
Darkthrone "The Cult Is Alive" Black´n´Roll Kramthal 27/Abr/2006
Neurothing "Vanishing Celestial Bodies" Death Thrashcore Iván C. 26/Abr/2006
Cerberus (Ger) "Klagelieder - Grabesgesang" Black Metal Lucifogo 24/Abr/2006
Atakhama "Existence Indifferent" Death Metal Iván C. 24/Abr/2006
Trobar De Morte "Reverie" Medieval Folk Kramthal 21/Abr/2006
Satyricon "Now, Diabolical" Black Metal Necromancer 20/Abr/2006
Keep Of Kalessin "Armada" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 20/Abr/2006
Obscurant "First Degree Suicide" Atmospheric Melodic Death-Doom Metal Iván C. 19/Abr/2006
Goregast "Viva El Animal" Grind Death Metal Gherion 18/Abr/2006
Hokum "No Escape" Death Thrash Heavy Metal Iván C. 17/Abr/2006
Torture Killer "Swarm!" Death Metal Necromancer 16/Abr/2006
Cannibal Corpse "Kill" Death Metal Alonso Mercado 16/Abr/2006
Sinister (Hol) "Afterburner" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 15/Abr/2006
Lucifugum "The Supreme Art Of Genocide" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 14/Abr/2006
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