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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3197
Zao "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" Metalcore Iván C. 18/Ago/2006
The Zeronaut "Portraits Of Nothing" Melodic Death Metal Gherion 16/Ago/2006
Bathtub Shitter "Dance Hall Grind" Grindcore Satochi 15/Ago/2006
Amon Amarth "Wrath Of The Norsemen" Death Viking Metal Alonso Mercado 14/Ago/2006
The Seventhate "The Cooper Test" Post-Metal Noise-Core Rodbert Steinbruch 12/Ago/2006
Svartsyn (Swe) "Bloodline" Black Metal Kramthal 11/Ago/2006
Ethereal (Prt) "Towers Of Isolation" Power Gothic Metal Lord Abhorym 10/Ago/2006
Assemblent "Equilibrium" Melodic Thrash/Doom/Death Metal Ares 9/Ago/2006
Submission (Dnk) "Failure To Perfection" Death Thrashcore Iván C. 8/Ago/2006
Neglected Fields "Splenetic" Progressive Death Metal Gherion 8/Ago/2006
Revolting Cocks "Cocked And Loaded" Experimental/Industrial Rock Satochi 7/Ago/2006
Katatonia (Swe) "Deliberation" Melancholic Dark Rock Rodbert Steinbruch 5/Ago/2006
Dark Domination "Rebellion 666" Black Metal Kramthal 4/Ago/2006
Driller Killer "The 4Q Mangrenade " Crust'n'roll Gherion 4/Ago/2006
Skitsystem "Stigmata" Crustcore Iván C. 3/Ago/2006
Amok (Che) "Lullabies Of Silence" Progressive Technical Death Metal Lord Abhorym 3/Ago/2006
Agnosia (Grc) "The Inner Conflict" Progressive Metal Alonso Mercado 2/Ago/2006
Infected Malignity "The Malignity Born From Despair" Brutal Death Necromancer 2/Ago/2006
Pitbulls In The Nursery "Lunatic" Technical Death Metal Satochi 1/Ago/2006
Silentium (Fin) "Frostnight" Melodic Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 31/Jul/2006
Mirzadeh "The Creatures Of Loviatar" Symphonic/melodic Black Metal Kramthal 28/Jul/2006
The Sun Of Weakness "Landescape" Gothic Rock Metal Lord Abhorym 27/Jul/2006
Bloodthorn "Genocide" Death/Black Metal Iván C. 26/Jul/2006
SCID "Fucked Beyond Recognition" Brutal Death Necromancer 25/Jul/2006
Kramthal "At The Dawn Of Kramthal" Epic Folk Black Metal Gherion 22/Jul/2006
Infernum "The Curse" Black Metal Kramthal 21/Jul/2006
Arallu "The Demon From The Ancient World" Mesopotamian Barbarian Black Metal Lord Abhorym 20/Jul/2006
MyGrain "Orbit Dance" Modern Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 19/Jul/2006
Sólstafir "Masterpiece Of Bitterness" Progressive Black Metal Iadalbaoth 16/Jul/2006
Bishop Of Hexen "The Nightmarish Compositions" Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal Kramthal 13/Jul/2006
Geibel "Humana Obscuritate" Black Metal Lucifogo 12/Jul/2006
Glut! "Origen Da Tragedia" Brutal Death/Grind Metal Gherion 11/Jul/2006
Flaying "Commandments – Violated" Brutal Death Grind Técnico Lord Abhorym 10/Jul/2006
Abominator "The Eternal Conflagration" Death Metal Necromancer 8/Jul/2006
Gorgoroth "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" Black Death Metal Kramthal 8/Jul/2006
Evolved "Unconscious Path" Death Black Metal Gherion 6/Jul/2006
Wolfmother "Wolfmother" Hard Psicodelia / Stoner Alonso Mercado 5/Jul/2006
Kampfar "Kvass" Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 4/Jul/2006
Gomory (Fra) "Destruction And Misery" Death Metal Necromancer 1/Jul/2006
Loch Vostok "Destruction Time AGain" Progressive/Experimental Death Metal Satochi 1/Jul/2006
Týr (Fro) "Eric The Red" Progressive Viking Metal Kramthal 30/Jun/2006
Autopsy "Dark Crusades" Death Gore Metal Iván C. 29/Jun/2006
Ashram "Shining Silver Skies" Neoclassical / Heavenly Voices Rodbert Steinbruch 28/Jun/2006
Machinemade God "The Infinity Complex" Death Thrash Metalcore Satochi 27/Jun/2006
Uruk-Hai (Aut) "Tawantinsuyu" Pagan Ambient Iván C. 26/Jun/2006
Kratornas "Subterranean Sodomies" Brutal Black Death Metal Lucifogo 25/Jun/2006
The Deviant "Ravenous Deathworship" Black Death Metal Kramthal 24/Jun/2006
Necrophobic (Swe) "Hrimthursum" Dark Death Metal Lord Abhorym 23/Jun/2006
Deviated Instinct "Welcome To The Orgy" Crust/Core Punk Rodbert Steinbruch 23/Jun/2006
Benighted (Fra) "Identisick" Brutal Death Necromancer 23/Jun/2006
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