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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3226
Fury (Aus) "Forbidden Art" Thrash Metal Necromancer 29/Oct/2006
Eternal Majesty "Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery" Black Metal Kramthal 28/Oct/2006
Acriter (Esp) "Amniotic Corruption" Black Ghotic Metal Iván C. 27/Oct/2006
Outcast (Bel) "Outcast Vs Moker" Brutal Deathcore Metal Gherion 27/Oct/2006
Seven Stitches "The Face Alone Does Not Reveal The Man" Thrash Metal Lord Abhorym 26/Oct/2006
Downlord "Grind Trials – The Demos EP" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 25/Oct/2006
My Dying Bride "A Line Of Deathless Kings" Doom Metal Iván C. 24/Oct/2006
Misery Signals "Mirrors" Hardcore Necromancer 23/Oct/2006
Negură Bunget "Om" Transilvanian Black Metal Kramthal 22/Oct/2006
Horned Almighty "The Devil's Music - Songs Of Death And Damnation" Black Metal Lucifogo 21/Oct/2006
Hell-Born "Cursed Infernal Steel" Death Metal Gherion 20/Oct/2006
Andralls "Inner Trauma" Thrash Metal Ares 19/Oct/2006
Mirror Of Deception "Shards" Traditional Doom Metal Iván C. 18/Oct/2006
Saralee "Darkness Between" Romantic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 17/Oct/2006
Mortification (Aus) "Erasing The Goblin" Thrash/Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 16/Oct/2006
Dom Dracul "Attack On The Crucified" Black Metal Kramthal 14/Oct/2006
My Dying Bride "Deeper Down" Doom Death Iván C. 13/Oct/2006
Neter "Empty Remembrances" Melodic Death Metal Gherion 12/Oct/2006
Phazm "Antebellum Death'N Roll" Black Death / Sludge Metal Lord Abhorym 11/Oct/2006
Uziel (Pol) "Long Perished Rebels" Melodic Black Death Metal Necromancer 10/Oct/2006
Yattaï "Demo 2006" Grindcore A_Lie_Called_Life 9/Oct/2006
Secrets Of The Moon "Antithesis" Black Metal Kramthal 6/Oct/2006
Giants Of Grind II "Giants Of Grind II" Grind Gherion 5/Oct/2006
My Shameful "To Return To Nothing" Funeral Doom Metal Iván C. 4/Oct/2006
Misery Index "Discordia" Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 3/Oct/2006
Gastrick Burst "Demo D’Estomac" Death Grind A_Lie_Called_Life 2/Oct/2006
Sonic Reign "Raw Dark Pure" Modern Black Metal Kramthal 1/Oct/2006
Runemagick "Invocation Of Magick" Funeral Death Doom Metal Iván C. 29/Sep/2006
Cloven Hoof "Promo 05" Heavy Metal Alonso Mercado 28/Sep/2006
Agalloch "Ashes Against The Grain" Progressive Dark Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 27/Sep/2006
The Last Twilight "Final Holocaust: The River Of Christian Blood" Black Metal Kramthal 27/Sep/2006
Twilight Ophera "Descension" Black Metal Sinfónico Necromancer 26/Sep/2006
Evanesce "Secure The Shadow" Melodic Death Doom Metal Iván C. 25/Sep/2006
Azaghal (Fin) "Luciferin Valo" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 23/Sep/2006
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "Antico Misticismo" Black Metal Lucifogo 22/Sep/2006
Suffocation (US) "Suffocation" Brutal Death Necromancer 21/Sep/2006
Shorts & Churchbells "Reason To Complain" Thrash Metal Iván C. 21/Sep/2006
Excalion "Primal Exhale" Power Metal Satochi 20/Sep/2006
Panchrysia / Iconoclasm "The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell" Black Metal Iván C. 19/Sep/2006
Hybrid (Esp) "Beyond Undeniable Entropy" Death Grind Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Sep/2006
Vidres A La Sang "Endins" Death/Black Metal Gherion 17/Sep/2006
Balmog "The Discipline & Poetry Of Pest" Black Metal Kramthal 16/Sep/2006
My Darkest Hate "Combat Area" Thrash/Death Necromancer 15/Sep/2006
Hyubris "Hyubris" Folk Metal Lord Abhorym 14/Sep/2006
Denial (Esp) "Phobia" Death/Black Melódico Gherion 13/Sep/2006
Embalming Theatre "Sweet Chainsaw Melodies" Death/Grind Metal Gherion 12/Sep/2006
Chain Collector "The Masquerade" Modern Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 12/Sep/2006
Insidious Decrepancy "The Inerrancy Of Profanation" Brutal Death Necromancer 11/Sep/2006
Dominion "Threshold. A Retrospective" Melodic Death-Doom Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 9/Sep/2006
Vader "Impressions In Blood" Death Metal/Thrash Necromancer 9/Sep/2006
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