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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3196
The Last Twilight "Final Holocaust: The River Of Christian Blood" Black Metal Kramthal 27/Sep/2006
Twilight Ophera "Descension" Black Metal Sinfónico Necromancer 26/Sep/2006
Evanesce "Secure The Shadow" Melodic Death Doom Metal Iván C. 25/Sep/2006
Azaghal (Fin) "Luciferin Valo" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 23/Sep/2006
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "Antico Misticismo" Black Metal Lucifogo 22/Sep/2006
Suffocation (US) "Suffocation" Brutal Death Necromancer 21/Sep/2006
Shorts & Churchbells "Reason To Complain" Thrash Metal Iván C. 21/Sep/2006
Excalion "Primal Exhale" Power Metal Satochi 20/Sep/2006
Panchrysia / Iconoclasm "The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell" Black Metal Iván C. 19/Sep/2006
Hybrid (Esp) "Beyond Undeniable Entropy" Death Grind Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Sep/2006
Vidres A La Sang "Endins" Death/Black Metal Gherion 17/Sep/2006
Balmog "The Discipline & Poetry Of Pest" Black Metal Kramthal 16/Sep/2006
My Darkest Hate "Combat Area" Thrash/Death Necromancer 15/Sep/2006
Hyubris "Hyubris" Folk Metal Lord Abhorym 14/Sep/2006
Denial (Esp) "Phobia" Death/Black Melódico Gherion 13/Sep/2006
Embalming Theatre "Sweet Chainsaw Melodies" Death/Grind Metal Gherion 12/Sep/2006
Chain Collector "The Masquerade" Modern Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 12/Sep/2006
Insidious Decrepancy "The Inerrancy Of Profanation" Brutal Death Necromancer 11/Sep/2006
Dominion "Threshold. A Retrospective" Melodic Death-Doom Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 9/Sep/2006
Vader "Impressions In Blood" Death Metal/Thrash Necromancer 9/Sep/2006
Arsebreed "Munching The Rotten" Brutal Death Metal Ares 8/Sep/2006
Total Devastation "Wreck" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 7/Sep/2006
Old "Down With The Nails" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 6/Sep/2006
Tristwood "The Delphic Doctrine" Industrial Black/Death Metal Iván C. 6/Sep/2006
Headless Cross (UK) "Burning Sanctuary" Thrash Metal Satochi 5/Sep/2006
Mystic Circle "The Bloody Path Of The God" Melodic Black Metal Iadalbaoth 4/Sep/2006
Abgott "Artefact Of Madness" Black Metal Lucifogo 4/Sep/2006
Manngard "Circling Buzzards" Progressive Death Thrashcore Iván C. 4/Sep/2006
Slayer (US) "Christ Illusion" Thrash Metal Necromancer 3/Sep/2006
Shadowsphere (Prt) "Hellbound Heart" Melodic Death/Thrash Metal Lord Abhorym 3/Sep/2006
Deflorace "Massacre" Death Grind Metal Gherion 2/Sep/2006
Dantalion "When The Ravens Fly Over Me" Depressive Black Metal Kramthal 1/Sep/2006
Battered (Nor) "Battered" Thrash Metal Iván C. 1/Sep/2006
Augury (Can) "Concealed" Metal Extremo Necromancer 31/Ago/2006
Underneath (Prt) "Underneath Demo / By Flesh" Death Metal Ares 31/Ago/2006
Haemoth "Kontamination" Raw Black Metal Lucifogo 30/Ago/2006
Malpractice (Fin) "Deviation From The Flow" Progressive Heavy Metal Iván C. 30/Ago/2006
Agathocles "Mincer" Grindcore Necromancer 29/Ago/2006
Norther "Till Death Unites Us" Heavy-Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 28/Ago/2006
Helheim (Nor) "The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death" Experimental Death Metal Kramthal 27/Ago/2006
Embellish "Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers" Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 26/Ago/2006
Imperium Dekadenz "...Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer" Black Metal Lucifogo 25/Ago/2006
General Surgery "Left Hand Pathology" Death GoreGrind Iván C. 25/Ago/2006
Axamenta "Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture" Progressive Black Death Metal Gherion 24/Ago/2006
Brave New World "Monsters" Melodic Hard Rock Iván C. 23/Ago/2006
"Wake Pigs" Progressive Rock Metal Satochi 22/Ago/2006
Scald (UK) "Vermiculatus" Avant-Garde Progressive Sludge/DroneDoom Iván C. 21/Ago/2006
Geist "Kainsmal" Black Metal Kramthal 20/Ago/2006
M.A.D. (Prt) "The Sentence Remains... 1119" Gothic Metal Lord Abhorym 19/Ago/2006
Zao "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" Metalcore Iván C. 18/Ago/2006
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