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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3206
Agro "Ritual 6" Death / Thrash / Heavy Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 9/Ene/2007
Devilish Impressions "Plurima Mortis Imago" Avant-garde Black Metal Lord Abhorym 8/Ene/2007
Perversity "Words Like Poison" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 8/Ene/2007
Evil Poetry "Letheus Nocturnus" Black Metal / Brutal Death Skelos 7/Ene/2007
Dismember "The God That Never Was" Death Metal Necromancer 6/Ene/2007
Naer Mataron "Voice Of Hate (Split)" Black Metal / Death Grind Metal Lucifogo 5/Ene/2007
The Scourger "Blind Date With Violence" Thrash Metal/ Death Metal Goteborg Rodbert Steinbruch 4/Ene/2007
Kick:Down "End Of The Line" Hardcore / Nu Metal Gherion 3/Ene/2007
Rotten Sound "Consume To Contaminate" Grindcore Iván C. 2/Ene/2007
Lost Legacy (Ger) "Gates Of Wrath" Viking Death Metal Kramthal 1/Ene/2007
Resurrected (Ger) "Endless Sea Of Loss" Brutal Death Necromancer 31/Dic/2006
Hypnosis (Fra) "Seeds Of Fate" Industrial / Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 30/Dic/2006
Sycronomica "Gate" Black Metal Sinfónico Necromancer 29/Dic/2006
Mnemic "Passenger" Future Metal Alonso Mercado 29/Dic/2006
Shadows Land "Terminus Ante Duem" Industrial Death Black Iván C. 28/Dic/2006
Varios Artistas "Metalmessage Vol. III" Pagan/Folk/Black Lord Zaebos 27/Dic/2006
Draconian (Swe) "The Burning Halo" Doom Gothic Iván C. 26/Dic/2006
Nemesis Aeterna "Mindisorder" Death Metal Kramthal 24/Dic/2006
Trollech "Skryti V Mlze" Forest Pagan Black Metal Skelos 23/Dic/2006
Sleep Of Thetis "Thin Limits" Gothic Death Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 22/Dic/2006
Enthrallment (Bgr) "Smashed Brain Collection" Brutal Death Metal Gherion 21/Dic/2006
Chokehold "The Killing Has Begun" Thrashcore Iván C. 20/Dic/2006
Twelve Tribes "Midwest Pandemic" Metalcore / Post-hardcore Lord Abhorym 19/Dic/2006
Mucupurulent "Bloodstained Blues" Death Grind'n'Roll Iván C. 18/Dic/2006
The Stone (Ser) "Magla" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 18/Dic/2006
Act Of Gods "Maat" Death Metal Necromancer 17/Dic/2006
XXX Maniak "Harvesting The Cunt Nectar" Porno GoreGrind Ares 16/Dic/2006
Íon "Madre, Prótegenos" Ethereal / World Music Rodbert Steinbruch 15/Dic/2006
Inzest (Aut) "The Sickest Of Society" Death Metal / Grindcore Gherion 14/Dic/2006
Insomnium "Above The Weeping World" Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 13/Dic/2006
Barbatos "Let's Fucking Die!" Thrash Punk Metal Kramthal 12/Dic/2006
Horncrowned "Satanic Armageddon" Black Metal Skelos 11/Dic/2006
Reckless Tide "Helleraser" Thrash Metal Necromancer 10/Dic/2006
Shade Empire "Intoxicate O.S." Melodic Industrial Dark/Black Metal Necromancer 9/Dic/2006
Melechesh "Emissaries" Sumerian Thrash Black Metal Kramthal 8/Dic/2006
God (Prt) "Hell & Heaven" Pagan Heavy Metal Skelos 7/Dic/2006
Killem "Muted" Thrash Metal Gherion 6/Dic/2006
Allfader "At Least We Will Die Together" Melodic Black / Death Metal Lord Abhorym 5/Dic/2006
Ordeal (Bel) "Atrocities" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 4/Dic/2006
Gurd "Bang!" Modern Groove Thrash Metal Iván C. 4/Dic/2006
Ahab "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" Funeral Death Doom Kramthal 3/Dic/2006
Goatholocaust "Satan Jugend" Black Metal Lucifogo 3/Dic/2006
Knockturn Alley "The Dream Is Dead" Metalcore Necromancer 2/Dic/2006
Grenouer "Try" Metal Industrial Necromancer 2/Dic/2006
Artisian "Lament For The Eternal Frost" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 30/Nov/2006
Comity "… As Everything Is A Tragedy" Noisecore Extreme RockMetal Iván C. 30/Nov/2006
Gjenferdsel "I" Norse Black Metal Skelos 29/Nov/2006
Abandoned (Ger) "Thrash Notes" Thrash Metal Iván C. 28/Nov/2006
Infinight "Sea Of Knowledge" Power Thrash Metal Iván C. 27/Nov/2006
Walpurgisnacht (Hol) "Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet" Black Metal Kramthal 26/Nov/2006
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