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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3197
Evocation (Swe) "Tales From The Tomb" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/Jun/2007
Sepia Dreamer "The Sublime" Extreme Progressive Metal Iván C. 5/Jun/2007
Laethora "March Of The Parasite" Death Metal Iván C. 3/Jun/2007
Grimm (Hol) "Heksenkringen" Folk Metal Kramthal 3/Jun/2007
Sacred Sin "Damn Over Desolation" Death Thrash Metal Necromancer 1/Jun/2007
Zatokrev "Bury The Ashes" Post Hardcore Sludge Noise Iván C. 31/May/2007
Guttural Secrete "A Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment" Brutal Death Metal Lord Abhorym 30/May/2007
Of Darkness "The Empty Eye" Funeral Doom Iván C. 28/May/2007
Switchback "Angel Of Mine" Metalcore / Death Metal Gherion 28/May/2007
Pyorrhoea "The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave" Brutal Death / Grind Roberto Sedinho 27/May/2007
TME "Worlds Collide" Death Thrash Metal Kramthal 25/May/2007
Agressor (Fra) "Deathreat" Thrash / Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 24/May/2007
Anima Damnata "Atrocious Disfigurement Of The Redeemer's Corpse At The Graveyard Of Humanity" Black / Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 23/May/2007
Khert-Neter "Images Of Khepri" Death Metal Iván C. 21/May/2007
Tholus "Constant" Progressive Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 21/May/2007
Forest Silence "Philosophy Of Winter" Black Metal Skelos 20/May/2007
Control Human Delete "Terminal World Perspective" Industrial / Black Metal Iadalbaoth 19/May/2007
Dark Sanctuary "Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part II)" Dark Ambient / Medieval-Folk Roberto Sedinho 18/May/2007
Sown "Downside" Nu Metal / Metalcore Gherion 17/May/2007
Cirith Gorgor "Cirith Gorgor" Black Metal Lucifogo 16/May/2007
Luctus / Argharus "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis" Black Metal Kramthal 15/May/2007
Longing For Dawn "A Treacherous Ascension" Funeral Doom Metal Iván C. 14/May/2007
Extrema "Set The World On Fire" Thrash Metal Necromancer 13/May/2007
Moker "Translating The Pain" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 12/May/2007
The Fall Of Every Season "From Below" Acoustic Doom Death Iván C. 11/May/2007
Raise Hell "City Of The Damned" Speed - Thrash Metal Skelos 10/May/2007
Scornage "Pure Motorized Instinct" Thrash Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 9/May/2007
Embrace Depart "Promo 2005" Gothic Metal Gherion 8/May/2007
Blut Aus Nord "MoRT" ¿? Kramthal 7/May/2007
Scorngrain "0,05%" Cyber Thrash Metal Necromancer 6/May/2007
Tenebrarum (Col) "Voices" Ghotic Metal - Dark Rock Iván C. 5/May/2007
Astarte (Grc) "Demonized" Black Death Metal Lucifogo 3/May/2007
Nox (Hol) "Ixaxaar" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 2/May/2007
Thesyre "Exist!" ¿? Skelos 1/May/2007
Bewitched (Swe) "Spiritual Warfare" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 29/Abr/2007
The Berzerker "Animosity" Industrial Death/Grind Roberto Sedinho 28/Abr/2007
Kult (Ita) "Winds Of War" Black Metal Skelos 27/Abr/2007
Rotting Christ "Theogonia" Black/Death Metal Iago Fuentes 26/Abr/2007
Keen Of The Crow "Hyborea" Epic Dark Doom Iván C. 25/Abr/2007
Downlord "Random Dictionary Of The Damned" Death Metal Gherion 24/Abr/2007
Dimmu Borgir "In Sorte Diaboli" Melodic Black/Symphonic Metal Necromancer 23/Abr/2007
To Conquer The Night "Spreading The Hatred Within" Black Metal Kramthal 22/Abr/2007
Sarpanitum "Despoilment Of Origin" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 21/Abr/2007
Mael Mórdha "Gealtacht Mael Mórdha" Folk Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 20/Abr/2007
After All "This Violent Decline" Speed Heavy Thrash Metal Lord Abhorym 19/Abr/2007
The Moon And The Nightspirit "Regõ Rejtem" Ethereal Folk / World Music Iadalbaoth 17/Abr/2007
Dauntless "Execute The Fact" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 16/Abr/2007
Root "Casilda" Metal Pop Rock Kramthal 15/Abr/2007
Noumena "Anatomy Of Life" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/Abr/2007
Speedfreaks (Swe) "Out For Kicks" Rock N´Roll Necromancer 13/Abr/2007
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