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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3228
Convergence (Ita) "Points Of View" Nu Metal / Post Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 1/Sep/2007
Suhrim "Happy Hour" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 1/Sep/2007
Slidhr "Demo 1" Black Metal Lucifogo 31/Ago/2007
Officium Triste "Giving Yourself Away" Doom Death Iván C. 30/Ago/2007
Immolation "Shadows In The Light" Death Metal Iago Fuentes 30/Ago/2007
Himsa "Summon In Thunder" Melodic Death / Metalcore Azathoth 29/Ago/2007
Lunar Aurora "Weltengänger" Black Metal Kramthal 29/Ago/2007
Common Grave (Ger) "Dehumanized" Death Metal Gherion 28/Ago/2007
Angelcorpse "Of Lucifer And Lightning" Death Metal Iago Fuentes 27/Ago/2007
Samael "Solar Soul" Industrial Extremo Alonso Mercado 27/Ago/2007
Viaje A 800 "Estampida De Trombones" Stoner-Doom / Psychedelic Rock Iván C. 26/Ago/2007
Dwelling "Ainda É Noite" Ethereal Neo-classical Iadalbaoth 26/Ago/2007
Neverlight Horizon "No Heaven ... Only Torment" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Ago/2007
Carpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather" Black Metal Kramthal 24/Ago/2007
Deathbound "We Deserve Much Worse" Grindcore Iago Fuentes 24/Ago/2007
Becoming The Archetype "The Physics Of Fire" Progressive Death Metalcore Iván C. 23/Ago/2007
Nocturno Culto "The Misanthrope" Black Metal Lucifogo 23/Ago/2007
Heinous Killings "Hung With Barbwire" Brutal Death Metal Lord Abhorym 22/Ago/2007
Ador Dorath "Symbols" Gothic Black Metal Iadalbaoth 22/Ago/2007
Naglfar (Swe) "Harvest" Melodic Black Death Metal Iago Fuentes 21/Ago/2007
Sigh "Hangman's Hymn" Symphonic Epic Thrash Metal Kramthal 20/Ago/2007
Elend "A World In Their Screams" Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical Iadalbaoth 20/Ago/2007
Ion Dissonance "Minus The Herd" Math Metal / Deathcore Iván C. 20/Ago/2007
Throneum "Deathmass Of The Gravedancer" Raw Death Metal Gherion 19/Ago/2007
Another Kind Of Death+Adrift+Moksha+Moho "Waterloo" Rock-Metal-Hardcore Iván C. 17/Ago/2007
Candlemass "King Of The Grey Islands" Doom Metal Alonso Mercado 16/Ago/2007
The Seventh "Cursed Earth Wasteland" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 15/Ago/2007
Welkin "The_Origin" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 14/Ago/2007
Balmog "Pestilent Rats For Your Moribund Children" Black Metal Kramthal 13/Ago/2007
Sound Of Silence (Esp) "La Casa De Los Lamentos" Deathcore Iván C. 11/Ago/2007
Gorefest "Rise To Ruin" Death Metal Alonso Mercado 10/Ago/2007
Carnivore Diprosopus "Madhouse's Macabre Acts" Brutal Death Roberto Sedinho 8/Ago/2007
Alma De Invierno "Los Ojos Del Olvido" Death/Black Metal Kramthal 7/Ago/2007
Dodheimsgard "Supervillain Outcast" Avant-garde Industrial Black Metal Lord Abhorym 6/Ago/2007
Noesis "When All Colours Are Dead" Melodic Industrial Metal Iván C. 4/Ago/2007
Caedes Vocum "Panzerfesten" Black Metal Kramthal 1/Ago/2007
Decaying Form "Chronicles Of Decimation" Brutal Death Roberto Sedinho 31/Jul/2007
Frozen (Esp) "The Unborn" Black Metal Kramthal 29/Jul/2007
Hey Colossus "Project:Death" Sludge Stoner Noise Iván C. 28/Jul/2007
Striborg "Nocturnal Emissions - Nyctophobia" Black Metal Necromancer 27/Jul/2007
Solefald "Black For Death: An Icelandic Odyssey: Part II" Avantgarde Post Black Viking Metal Iago Fuentes 25/Jul/2007
Pencil Lead Syringe "Suffocated And Embalmed" Brutal Death / Grind Roberto Sedinho 24/Jul/2007
Ea "Ea Taesse" Ambient Funeral Doom Iván C. 23/Jul/2007
Between The Frost "Realms Of Desolation" Death / Black Metal Kramthal 22/Jul/2007
Dead In The Water "Echoes... In The Ruins" Modern Doom Death Metal Gherion 20/Jul/2007
Trist (Ger) "Hin-fort" Dark Ambient Kramthal 19/Jul/2007
Primitive Graven Image "Traversing The Awesome Night" Black Metal Lucifogo 18/Jul/2007
Rancor (Esp) "Death Is Everywhere" Thrash Metal Necromancer 17/Jul/2007
Resection "Zenith" Brutal Death Metal Lord Abhorym 16/Jul/2007
Deception (Esp) "Cult Of Silence" Death / Thrash / Rock Kramthal 15/Jul/2007
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