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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3228
Häive "Mieli Maassa" Black Metal / Folk Xibalba 26/Dic/2007
Candlemass "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" Traditional Doom Metal Iván C. 26/Dic/2007
The Black Dahlia Murder "Nocturnal" Melodic Death Metal Iago Fuentes 25/Dic/2007
Grotesque (Aus) "Museum Of Human Disease" Brutal Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Dic/2007
RainKnight "Dragon's Brotherhood" Gothic / Symphonic Metal Azathoth 24/Dic/2007
Dark Sanctuary "De Lumière Et D'obscurité" Dark Ambient Gherion 24/Dic/2007
Delirium X Tremens "CreHated From No_Thing" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 24/Dic/2007
HellThrone / Ur / Sentimen Beltza "Arima Erratuen Erresuma" Black / Death / Thrash Metal Kramthal 23/Dic/2007
A.E.P. / Vinterriket "Praeludia Lucis Noctis / Vinterriket" Electroacústica / Dark Ambient Azathoth 23/Dic/2007
Every Time I Die "The Big Dirty" Noisecore / Southern Rock Iván C. 22/Dic/2007
Ruins Of Faith "To The Shrines Of Ancestors" Pagan Black Metal Lord Abhorym 22/Dic/2007
Incinerador "Exterminando Os Ciclos Da Hipocrisia" Thrash Death Metal Necromancer 22/Dic/2007
Cuntscrape "Thrush Bang Mania" Grindcore Xibalba 21/Dic/2007
Tyrant (Swe) "Reclaim The Flame" Black/Thrash Metal Iván C. 21/Dic/2007
Drowning The Light "Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride" Black Metal Iago Fuentes 20/Dic/2007
Carnavage "The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed" Goregrind Iván C. 20/Dic/2007
Aboriorth "Far Away From Hateful Mankind Plague" Grim Black Metal Fiar 19/Dic/2007
Imperium Dekadenz "Dämmerung Der Szenarien" Epic Black Metal Kramthal 18/Dic/2007
Zombie Ritual "Zombies From Tokyo" Grind/Death/Thrash Metal Iván C. 18/Dic/2007
Carpathian Forest "We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions" Black Metal Gherion 17/Dic/2007
Mandatory (Ger) "...Where They Bleed" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 17/Dic/2007
Grima Morstua "Illustratio Per Horribilem Obscuritatem" Black Metal Lord Abhorym 16/Dic/2007
V.V.A.A. "Metalmessage Vol. IV" Pagan Folk Metal Kramthal 15/Dic/2007
Shivan (Ita) "When Wishes Sicken" Gothic Metal Azathoth 14/Dic/2007
Slagmaur "Skrekk Lich Kunstler" Black Metal Lucifogo 13/Dic/2007
Anarcotici "Iride" Hardcore / Rock Iván C. 13/Dic/2007
Stíny Plamenù "Odpadní Galerie" Black Metal Xibalba 12/Dic/2007
OSxCuxRE "Allergico" Hardcore, Punk, Metal Iván C. 12/Dic/2007
V.V.A.A. "Originators Of The Northern Darkness - A Tribute To Mayhem" Black Metal Gherion 11/Dic/2007
Keep Of Kalessin "Agnen: A Journey Through The Dark" Black Metal Iago Fuentes 11/Dic/2007
Catacombs "Echoes Through The Catacombs" Funeral Death/Doom Iván C. 10/Dic/2007
Síoraí Geimhreadh "Solitude" Black Metal Necromancer 10/Dic/2007
Undefined "Of Xenoglossy And Saturn" Experimental Death Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 9/Dic/2007
Wyrd "Kammen" Pagan Doom Death Kramthal 9/Dic/2007
Colosseum "Chapter 1: Delirium" Atmospheric Funeral Doom Iván C. 8/Dic/2007
Ground Control "Insanity" Heavy Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 8/Dic/2007
Walls Of Jericho "The Bound Feed The Gagged" Metalcore Iván Durán 7/Dic/2007
Devilish Impressions "Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 7/Dic/2007
Revelations Of Rain "Marble Shades Of Despair" Doom Metal Azathoth 6/Dic/2007
Primordial "To The Nameless Dead" Pagan Folk Black Metal Kramthal 6/Dic/2007
Demonian "Catechism For Genuflected" Brutal Death Metal Lord Abhorym 5/Dic/2007
Deinonychus "Warfare Machines" Dark Metal Iván C. 5/Dic/2007
Selftorture "Dead Center" Death / Core Iago Fuentes 4/Dic/2007
Deathcult (Nor) "Cult Of The Dragon" True Norwegian Black Metal Fiar 4/Dic/2007
Hierophant (US) "The Tome" Funeral Doom Iván C. 3/Dic/2007
Soldiers "End Of Days" Hardcore Iván Durán 3/Dic/2007
Ampütator "Deathcult Barbaric Hell" Black Metal Gherion 2/Dic/2007
My Dark Sin "Libertas In Servitute" Black Metal Xibalba 2/Dic/2007
Darkthrone "F.O.A.D." Black´n´ Roll Kramthal 1/Dic/2007
Scale The Summit "Monument" Progressive Metal Necromancer 1/Dic/2007
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