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BANDA - TÕTULO Totales... 3214
Mightiest†"Bloodyssey 1994-2003" Melodic Black Metal Kramthal 15/Jun/2008
Forteresse†"Les Hivers De Notre …poque" Ambient Black Metal Agui 15/Jun/2008
SevenScars†"In God We Rust" Metalcore Necromancer 14/Jun/2008
Narjahanam†"Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb" Death Metal Fernando GM 13/Jun/2008
Marionette†"Spite" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore IvŠn C. 12/Jun/2008
Chaosfear†"One Step Behind Anger" Thrash Metal SaRe 11/Jun/2008
Allguilty†"Primary Colour Solution" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 10/Jun/2008
Greeley Estates†"Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East" Screamo IvŠn DurŠn 9/Jun/2008
Totenmond†"Thronršuber" Crust/Core Iago Fuentes 8/Jun/2008
Spellcraft (Esp)†"The Souldevourer" Black Metal Kramthal 8/Jun/2008
Jex Thoth†"Jex Thoth" Doom Rock Metal Gherion 7/Jun/2008
Ticket To Hell†"Man Made Paradise" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/Jun/2008
The Horn†"Dawning Of An Ancient Sun" Industrial Black Metal Azathoth 5/Jun/2008
Anmod†"Monstrosity Per Defectum" Brutal Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/Jun/2008
Emancer†"Twilight And Randomness" Progressive / Avant-garde Black Metal Kramthal 3/Jun/2008
Treponem Pal†"Weird Machine" Industrial Rock Metal IvŠn C. 3/Jun/2008
Boltdown†"Omnicide" Metalcore IvŠn DurŠn 2/Jun/2008
Mourning Beloveth†"A Disease For The Ages" Doom / Death Metal Agui 2/Jun/2008
Guilles De Rais†"Is This How You Envisioned Your Life?" Melodic Black / Death Metal Necromancer 1/Jun/2008
Spearhead (UK)†"Deathless Steel Command" Black / Death Metal Lucifogo 31/May/2008
Brocken Moon†"Das Mšrchen Vom Schnee" Black Metal Kramthal 31/May/2008
Evoken†"A Caress Of The Void" Funeral Doom Death Metal Gherion 30/May/2008
Different State & Sigill†"Spazmatic[k] Spell" Different State & Sigill Electronic Ambient Azathoth 29/May/2008
Textures†"Silhouettes" Progressive Death Metal Ė Mathcore IvŠn C. 29/May/2008
Waldheim†"Fight Against Time" Melodic Death Metal / Gothic Metal Azathoth 28/May/2008
Venomous Concept†"Poisoned Apple" Hardcore Punk Grind Necromancer 27/May/2008
VVerevvolf Grehv†"Zombie Aesthetics" Experimental-Electrůnica-Death Metal IvŠn DurŠn 26/May/2008
Fate (US)†"Vultures" Death Metal Agui 25/May/2008
Darkest Era†"The Journey Through Damnation" Celtic Metal Kramthal 24/May/2008
My Shameful†"Descend" Doom Death Metal IvŠn C. 24/May/2008
Temple Abattoir†"Nechronicles" Black Metal Kramthal 23/May/2008
Mass Extinction†"Creation's Undoing" Thrash / Speed Metal SaRe 23/May/2008
Lapsus†"Lapsus" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/May/2008
Animus Mortis†"Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)" Black Metal Lucifogo 21/May/2008
Thy Bleeding Skies†"Chapters Of Downfall " Metal / Death Metal Agui 20/May/2008
Moonspell†"Night Eternal" Gothic / Black Metal Lord Zaebos 20/May/2008
Carcharoth (Esp)†"Desolated Battlefields" Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 20/May/2008
Remembrance (Fra)†"Silencing The Moments" Atmospheric Funeral Doom IvŠn C. 19/May/2008
The Seventhate†"Itīs Not While Sleeping That Your Worst Nightmares Appear" Noisecore/Screamo IvŠn DurŠn 18/May/2008
Ataxia.F†"Ataxia.F" Death Metal Xibalba 18/May/2008
Bisclaveret†"Amalgame" Ambient Azathoth 18/May/2008
Trimegisto†"Subterranean Streams" Death Metal Gherion 17/May/2008
Walls Of Jericho†"Redemption" Pop / Rock Iago Fuentes 17/May/2008
Zifir†"You Must Come With Us" Black Metal Necromancer 16/May/2008
GodHateCode†"Aeons" Death Metal / Grindcore LobotomizadoChickenHead 16/May/2008
Gospel Of The Horns†"Realm Of The Damned" Thrash Black Metal Lucifogo 15/May/2008
War For War†"Kovy Odjinud" Progressive Black Metal Fiar 15/May/2008
Hatred (Hol)†"Blasphemous Deliverance" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2008
The Lamp Of Thoth†"Cauldron Of Witchery" Epic Heavy Metal Azathoth 13/May/2008
Ufomammut†"Idolum" Psychedelic Rock Ė Stoner Doom IvŠn C. 12/May/2008
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