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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3163
Forefather "Steadfast" Pagan Metal Agui 10/May/2008
Ktulu "Show Canibal" Thrash Metal / Industrial A_Lie_Called_Life 9/May/2008
Cryptopsy "The Unspoken King" Death Metal / Metalcore Xibalba 8/May/2008
Unearthly Trance "Electrocution" Doom - Sludge - Black’n Roll Iván C. 7/May/2008
Warrel Dane "Praises To The War Machine" Thrash Metal Azathoth 6/May/2008
Project: Failing Flesh "The Conjoined" Experimental Avant-garde Thrash / Death / Hardcore Kramthal 5/May/2008
Gravehill "Metal Of Death" Death Metal SaRe 5/May/2008
Nasum "Doombringer" Grindcore Iván Durán 4/May/2008
Herrschaft "Teslä" Electronic Darkwave Azathoth 4/May/2008
Master (US) "On The Seventh Day God Created... Master" Death Metal Xibalba 4/May/2008
Obispo Fornicado "Ha Vuelto... Para Quedarse" Death Metal / Grind Gherion 3/May/2008
Deathrow (Ita) "Gateways To Oblivion" Doom / Dark Metal Azathoth 3/May/2008
Soilent Green "Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction" Sludge Death Grind Metal Agui 3/May/2008
Majestic Downfall - Ansia "Split CD" Doom Death Metal LobotomizadoChickenHead 2/May/2008
Volturyon "Blood Cure" Death Metal Xibalba 2/May/2008
Dedicated For Life "Promo 2008" Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 2/May/2008
Vinterriket "Kälte, Schnee Und Eis - Rekapitulation Der Winterszeit" Dark Ambient LobotomizadoChickenHead 1/May/2008
Traumatic Voyage "Khiaoscuro" Melodic Black Metal Azathoth 30/Abr/2008
Mar De Grises "Draining The Waterheart" Atmospheric Progressive Doom Death Metal Iván C. 29/Abr/2008
Profundis Tenebrarum "Hate Decade" Black Metal Kramthal 29/Abr/2008
Vinterriket "Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen" Black Metal / Dark Ambient Azathoth 28/Abr/2008
Hung "Progeny" Progressive Death Metal Xibalba 27/Abr/2008
Putrescence (Can) "Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 26/Abr/2008
Paganus "Paganus" Doom Metal Azathoth 25/Abr/2008
Israthoum "Black Scenery Avatar" Black Metal Agui 24/Abr/2008
Origin (US) "Antithesis" Brutal Death Iago Fuentes 23/Abr/2008
Master (US) "Master" Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/Abr/2008
Elffor "Son Of The Shades" Medieval Black Ambient Kramthal 22/Abr/2008
Kingdom Of Sorrow "Kingdom Of Sorrow" Sludgecore Iván Durán 21/Abr/2008
Berenice Bleeding "Banished From Inferno" Death Metal Gherion 20/Abr/2008
Putrid Inbred "Scavenger" Brutal Death / Grind Necromancer 19/Abr/2008
Insane Assholes "Grindzilla" Grindcore A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Abr/2008
Towards Darkness "Solemn" Atmospheric Doom Metal Iago Fuentes 17/Abr/2008
Balmog "Nausea" Black Metal Lucifogo 16/Abr/2008
Gillmore "Rigor Mortis Of Souls" Heavy Metal - Rock Iván C. 15/Abr/2008
Bombstrike "Born Into This" Crustcore Roberto Sedinho 14/Abr/2008
The Scourger "Dark Invitation To Armageddon" Melodic Death / Thrash Metal Kramthal 13/Abr/2008
Brain Drill "Apocalyptic Feasting" Technical Brutal Death / Grindcore Necromancer 13/Abr/2008
Highgate "Highgate" Funeral Doom / Sludge Iago Fuentes 11/Abr/2008
Rorcal "The Way We Are, The Way We Were, The Way We Will Be" Doom / Post-Hardcore / Ambient Iván C. 10/Abr/2008
Eternal Deformity "Frozen Circus" Atmospheric Black Metal Azathoth 9/Abr/2008
Hate (Pol) "Morphosis" Death Metal Iago Fuentes 8/Abr/2008
Genghis Tron "Board Up The House" Metal-Experimental-Electrónica Iván Durán 7/Abr/2008
Dismorph "Demo 2007" Death Metal Necromancer 6/Abr/2008
Ufomammut "Lucifer Songs" Psychedelic Rock – Stoner Doom Iván C. 6/Abr/2008
Sacrilegio (Ita) "La Tradizione Ermetica" Black Metal Kramthal 5/Abr/2008
Hate Eternal "Fury & Flames" Death Metal / Brutal Death Xibalba 5/Abr/2008
Detonator666 "Supremacy & Tyranny" Black Metal Agui 4/Abr/2008
Asesino "Cristo Satánico" Death Metal Iago Fuentes 3/Abr/2008
The Soulbreaker Company "The Pink Alchemist" Psychedelic Heavy Rock Blues Iván C. 2/Abr/2008
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