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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3228
Opvs Leviathan "I:O:I" Epic Black Metal SaRe 10/Jun/2013
Trillion Red "Two Tongues" Sludge Groove Experimental Kramthal 5/Jun/2013
Aeternus (Nor) "...and The Seventh His Soul Detesteth" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 3/Jun/2013
The Addication "The Addication" Thrash Metal Arcadio 28/May/2013
Viscera Trail "Treats Of Torture" Brutal Death Metal Arcadio 22/May/2013
Alea Jacta (Esp) "The Empire Will Fall" Thrash Metal Arcadio 15/May/2013
The Earth King "Cycling Between Sun And Moon" Symphonic Black Metal / Ambient Arcadio 9/May/2013
Clock Paradox "Egotheism" Progressive Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/May/2013
Chosen "Resolution" Death Metal Arcadio 3/May/2013
Carnal Demise "Carnal Demise" Death / Thrash Metal SaRe 2/May/2013
Lord Of The Grave "Green Vapour" Stoner / Doom Metal Schepsel 29/Abr/2013
Terrorama "Genocide" Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 24/Abr/2013
Umbrtka "Selement" Black`n` Rock / Experimental Arcadio 22/Abr/2013
Haiku Funeral "Nightmare Painting" Electrónica / Industrial / Black Schepsel 19/Abr/2013
Haterial "Twisted Verses" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 17/Abr/2013
Belligerence "Heartfelt" Death Metal / Deathcore Arcadio 15/Abr/2013
Rattenfänger "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum" Death / Doom Metal Arcadio 10/Abr/2013
Vuohivasara "Perdition Reigns Supreme" Black Metal SaRe 8/Abr/2013
Distilling Pain "Irrational Statements" Black Metal Arcadio 3/Abr/2013
Seamount "IV: Earthmother" Heavy / Doom / Rock Schepsel 1/Abr/2013
Eclectika "Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty" Experimental Black / Gothic Metal Roberto Sedinho 27/Mar/2013
Cancrena "Hidden Depravity" Thrash Metal / Groove Arcadio 25/Mar/2013
De Profundis (Gbr) "The Emptiness Within" Progressive Death/Extreme Metal SaRe 21/Mar/2013
Septic Christ "Guilty As We Were Born" Thrash Metal Schepsel 20/Mar/2013
Anger Cell "A Fear Formidable" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Mar/2013
Sad Eyes "9H0B1A" Death Metal Arcadio 15/Mar/2013
Ortega "1634" Sludge / Post-Rock Schepsel 14/Mar/2013
Horse Latitudes "Awakening" Doom Sludge Metal Kramthal 12/Mar/2013
Forgotten Tomb "...and Don`t Deliver Us From Evil" Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 11/Mar/2013
Melencolia Estatica "Hel" Atmospheric Black Metal Schepsel 6/Mar/2013
Mort Subite "Mort Subite" Metalcore / Deathcore Arcadio 4/Mar/2013
Scent Of Death "Of Martyrs`s Agony And Hate" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Feb/2013
Sorrowed "At The Ruins" Melodic Death / Thrash Metal SaRe 20/Feb/2013
Maromaco "Demo 2012" Grind / Death / Hardcore Arcadio 18/Feb/2013
Vargnatt "Durch Die Stille..." Black Metal Schepsel 13/Feb/2013
Dead End Finland "Stain Of Disgrace" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 11/Feb/2013
Terdor "Levi" Experimental Black Metal Schepsel 6/Feb/2013
Emme Ya "Liber Aerum Vel Saeculi (The Vision And The Voice)" Ambient Arcadio 4/Feb/2013
Bleeding Utopia "Demons To Some. Gods To Other" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Ene/2013
Aversio Humanitatis "Abandonment Ritual" Black Metal Arcadio 30/Ene/2013
Inside The Fall "...As Life Withers" Death / Doom / Gothic Metal Schepsel 28/Ene/2013
Red Moon Architect "Concealed Silence" Doom / Melodic Death Usagi 24/Ene/2013
Hypnosia "Horror Infernal" Thrash Metal SaRe 23/Ene/2013
Ataxia.F "Demo Cd 2012" Death Metal Arcadio 21/Ene/2013
Spectral Lore "Sentinel" Black Metal Necromancer 16/Ene/2013
Kreator "Phantom Antichrist" Thrah Metal Arcadio 9/Ene/2013
VV.AA. "Önd - A Tribute To Enslaved" Progressive Pagan Black Metal Usagi 7/Ene/2013
Kill (Swe) "Burning Blood" Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 2/Ene/2013
V.V.A.A. "Alliance Of Black Hordes" Black Metal Arcadio 27/Dic/2012
Aboriorth "Anchorite" Black Metal Arcadio 21/Dic/2012
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