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BANDA - TÕTULO Totales... 3230
Open The Skies†"Conspiracies" Post-Hardcore / Screamo Usagi 9/Oct/2008
Elite (Nor)†"We Own The Mountains" Black Metal SaRe 9/Oct/2008
Cyaegha†"Steps Of Descent" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 9/Oct/2008
Charles De Goal†"R Est Ruc Turat Ion" Electro Post Punk / Coldwave IvŠn C. 9/Oct/2008
October Falls†"The Womb Of Primordial Nature" Pagan Black Metal Azathoth 8/Oct/2008
Orb Of Torture†"Cryogenic Cleansing // Four Elaborations Of Cold" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 7/Oct/2008
Zonaria†"The Cancer Empire" Melodic Black / Death Metal SaRe 7/Oct/2008
UnSun†"The End Of Life" Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Oct/2008
Knights Of The Abyss†"Shades" Metalcore / Deathcore IvŠn DurŠn 6/Oct/2008
Insicknia†"Ascent To The Sky" Death Metal / Thrash Core A_Lie_Called_Life 5/Oct/2008
Arathorn†"Treue & Verrat" Pagan Black Metal SaRe 4/Oct/2008
Social Plague†"A Kind Of Oppression" Crust / Grindcore IvŠn C. 3/Oct/2008
Darkspace†"Dark Space III" Ambient Black Metal Fiar 2/Oct/2008
Dyscord†"Dakota" Deathcore Usagi 2/Oct/2008
The Haunted†"Versus" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 1/Oct/2008
Crawling Death†"New Murder Art" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Sep/2008
Capitollium†"Bloodfall Of Flesh" Symphonic Black Metal Fernando GM 30/Sep/2008
HellLight†"Funeral Doom" Doom Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 29/Sep/2008
One Step Beyond (Aus)†"Beyond Good And Evil" Experimental Death/Grind IvŠn C. 29/Sep/2008
Guahaihoque†"The Return Of The Ancient Gods" Folk Death Metal Kramthal 28/Sep/2008
Panchrysia†"Deathcult Salvation" Black Metal Agui 28/Sep/2008
Requiem Laus†"The Eternal Plague" Melodic Death Black Metal Kaste 27/Sep/2008
Urfaust†"Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" Black Metal / Noise Azathoth 27/Sep/2008
Gravdal†"Sadist" Black Metal SaRe 26/Sep/2008
Heavy Heavy Low Low†"Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock" Mathcore Usagi 26/Sep/2008
Maggot Shoes†"[f]EAR TERRORism" Grindcore SaRe 26/Sep/2008
Sinister (Hol)†"The Silent Howling" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Sep/2008
Hokum†"Pi" Thrash Heavy Death Metal IvŠn C. 25/Sep/2008
Ligeia (US)†"Bad News" Metalcore / Post-hardcore Usagi 24/Sep/2008
Shade Empire†"Zero Nexus" Melodic Black / Death Metal Agui 24/Sep/2008
Misery Signals†"Controller" Metalcore Progresivo Usagi 23/Sep/2008
Hybrid (Esp)†"The 8th Plague" Avantgarde Extreme Metal IvŠn C. 23/Sep/2008
Hesperus Dimension†"Mental Electricity MMVII" Industrial Black Metal Kaste 22/Sep/2008
Dead Head†"Kill Division" Thrash Death Metal Kramthal 21/Sep/2008
Those Who Bring The Torture†"Tank Gasmask Ammo" Death Metal Necromancer 21/Sep/2008
Transcending Bizarre?†"The Serpent's Manifolds" Symphonic Black / Death Metal Azathoth 20/Sep/2008
Erben Des Zorns†"Hasswerk I" Thrash Metal IvŠn C. 19/Sep/2008
Foeticide (Mex)†"Inside My Blood" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 18/Sep/2008
Arcadia (Ita)†"Cold Cold Bodies" New Metal ŅItalian Bastard Core? IvŠn DurŠn 18/Sep/2008
Black Jade†"Helvetica Diabolica" Pagan Black Metal Gherion 17/Sep/2008
MotŲrhead†"MotŲrizer" Rock / Heavy / Speed Metal SaRe 16/Sep/2008
Lower Definition†"The Greatest Of All Lost Arts" Post-Hardcore / Screamo Usagi 16/Sep/2008
Legacy Of Hate†"Unmitigated Evil" Death Metal / Metalcore IvŠn C. 15/Sep/2008
Sludge (Che)†"Lava" Doom/Death Metal Agui 15/Sep/2008
Incorporea†"Tongue Of The Moribund" Black Doom Metal Kramthal 14/Sep/2008
Unshine†"The Enigma Of Immortals" Symphonic Metal Fernando GM 14/Sep/2008
Edo Notarloberti†"Silent Prayers" Melancholic NeoClassical Kaste 13/Sep/2008
Anaphylactic Shock†"2000 Years" Post Hardcore Azathoth 12/Sep/2008
Inward†"Ruins Of Inland" Death Metal Xibalba 12/Sep/2008
Slytract†"Explanation: Unknown" Death / Thrash Metal SaRe 11/Sep/2008
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