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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3163
Lifelover "Konkurs" Depressive Black Metal Fiar 27/May/2009
Kernel (Ita) "Servant Of God" Thrash Metal Necromancer 26/May/2009
Hermh "Cold+Blood+Messiah" Symphonic Black Metal Usagi 25/May/2009
Ensoph "Rex Mundi X-Ile" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 24/May/2009
Withate "Billion Dollar Mouth" Thrash New Metal SaRe 24/May/2009
Devil´s Whorehouse "Blood & Ashes" Rock / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/May/2009
Lay Down Rotten "Gospel Of The Wretched" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 23/May/2009
Tribulation (Swe) "The Horror" Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/May/2009
Adorned Brood "Noor" Folk Metal Agui 21/May/2009
Wyrd "Kalivägi" Pagan Doom Black Metal Kramthal 21/May/2009
Vomitory (Swe) "Carnage Euphoria" Death Metal Usagi 20/May/2009
Black Lotus "Harvest Of Seasons" Black/Folk Metal Gherion 19/May/2009
Coram Lethe "...A Splendid Chaos" Thrash Metal Melódico Skeptic 19/May/2009
Skaldic Curse "World Suicide Machine" Black Metal Xibalba 18/May/2009
Unanimated "In The Light Of Darkness" Melodic Black / Death Metal Usagi 17/May/2009
Oracle Of The Void "In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment" Black Metal Kramthal 17/May/2009
Opaque Lucidity "Opaque Lucidity" Dark Ambient Azathoth 16/May/2009
God Dethroned "Passiondale" Blackened Death Metal Usagi 15/May/2009
Seance (Swe) "Awakening Of The Gods" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2009
Violent Headache / Necromorph "Split" Grind / Crust – Grind / Death Usagi 13/May/2009
Grantig "Medizin" Groove Metal Skeptic 12/May/2009
Heiden "Obsidian" Avant-garde Black Metal Skeptic 11/May/2009
Luctus "Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti" Death / Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 10/May/2009
Assaulter (Aus) "Salvation Like Destruction" Black / Thrash Metal Necromancer 9/May/2009
Adorned Brood "Hiltia / Wigand" Folk Metal Agui 8/May/2009
(V.E.G.A.) "Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram" Ambient Black Metal Azathoth 7/May/2009
Darkness By Oath "Fear Yourself" Melodic Swedish Death Metal Usagi 6/May/2009
The Firstborn "The Noble Search" Avant-Garde Metal Iván C. 5/May/2009
Decapitated Christ "Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/May/2009
Abrahel "Abrahel" Black Metal Kramthal 3/May/2009
Drone (Ger) "Juggernaut" Post-Thrash/Groove Metal / Death Sueco Usagi 2/May/2009
Warganism "Centipede" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 1/May/2009
Misery (Aus) "On Demon Wings" Death Metal Agui 30/Abr/2009
Ancient Dome "Human Key" Thrash Metal SaRe 29/Abr/2009
Arkona / Nargathrond "Jizn Vo Slavu (Live... For The Glory) / Neizbezhnost" Pagan Folk Metal / Pagan Gothic Rock Usagi 28/Abr/2009
Dakrya "Monumento" Gothic Metal Sinfónico Lordbelial 27/Abr/2009
Archgoat "The Light-Devouring Darkness" Black Metal Xibalba 26/Abr/2009
Ribspreader "Opus Ribcage" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Abr/2009
Kauan "Tietäjän Laulu" Atmospheric Doom Metal Azathoth 24/Abr/2009
Sear Bliss "Glory And Perdition" Epic Black Metal Usagi 23/Abr/2009
Astriaal "Renascent Misanthropy" Melodic Black Metal Agui 22/Abr/2009
Second Silence "Un Solo Camino" Metalcore / Trash Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 21/Abr/2009
Alkonost "Put’ Neprojdennyj (The Path We’ve Never Walked On)" Epic Folk Metal Usagi 20/Abr/2009
Finsterforst "...zum Tode Hin" Pagan Metal Kramthal 19/Abr/2009
Unbreakable NTC "Dead Zone" Thrash-Core Usagi 18/Abr/2009
Razor Of Occam "Homage To Martyrs" Blackened Thrash Metal SaRe 17/Abr/2009
Magenta "Art And Accidents" Gothic Rock / Dark Wave / Electronica Iván C. 16/Abr/2009
Raventale "Long Passed Days" Atmospheric Doom Black Metal Iván C. 16/Abr/2009
Ars Macabra "Hate Induced Trance" Black Metal Gherion 15/Abr/2009
Belching Beet "Out Of Sight" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 14/Abr/2009
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