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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3214
Mirzadeh "Desired Mythic Pride" Melodic Black Metal / Gothic Metal Sliron 15/Sep/2014
Dunkelnacht "Revelatio" Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 8/Sep/2014
The Committee "Power Through Unity" Black / Doom Metal Lhun 5/Sep/2014
Albinö Rhino "Albinö Rhino" Stoner / Doom Metal Sliron 3/Sep/2014
Brutally Deceased "Black Infernal Vortex" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 1/Sep/2014
Deathrow "The Eerie Sound Of The Slow Awakening" Black Metal SaRe 29/Ago/2014
Bulletsize "The Apokalypse" Thrash Metal / Death Metal Sliron 26/Ago/2014
Serpent Skies "A Claim To Reality" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 26/Ago/2014
The Great Old Ones "Tekeli-Li" Post Black Metal SatanicStorm 21/Ago/2014
Velnias "Sovereign Nocturnal" Blackened Folk / Doom Metal Sliron 19/Ago/2014
In My Embrace "Dead To Dust Descend" Melodic Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Ago/2014
Nocturnal Breed "Napalm Nights" Thrash Metal Sliron 14/Ago/2014
Paramnesia "Paramnesia" Black Metal SatanicStorm 12/Ago/2014
A Tribute To Vomitory "Rebirth Of The Grotesque" Death Metal Arcadio 5/Ago/2014
Kevlar Skin "Transmigrator" Death Metal Arcadio 4/Ago/2014
Woman Is The Earth "This Place That Contains My Spirit" Black Metal SatanicStorm 2/Ago/2014
Malicious Death "Last Nail Into The Coffin" Thrash Metal Sliron 1/Ago/2014
Darkness By Oath "Seeds Of Desolation" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 30/Jul/2014
Creinium "Project Utopia" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Jul/2014
Shining (Swe) "8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd" Black Metal Lhun 24/Jul/2014
Barbarian (Ita) "Faith Extinguisher" Thrash / Black Metal SatanicStorm 23/Jul/2014
Forgery (Nor) "With These Fists" Thrash / Groove Metal Sliron 21/Jul/2014
Hiidenhauta "Noitia On Minun Sukuni" Melodic Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 17/Jul/2014
Black Coma "My Filthy Ashes" Black Metal Arcadio 15/Jul/2014
Aurvandil "Thrones" Black Metal SatanicStorm 14/Jul/2014
Entropia (Spa) "Pànik Sagnant" Doom Metal / Drone Arcadio 9/Jul/2014
Ophthalamia "Dominion" Black Doom Metal Lhun 7/Jul/2014
The Clockwork "Reborn" Thrash Metal Arcadio 2/Jul/2014
Negative Voice "Infinite Dissonance" Black Metal / Doom Roberto Sedinho 30/Jun/2014
Into The Nethermost "Once Upon The Graveyard" Black / Death Metal Arcadio 23/Jun/2014
Age Of Torment "I, Against" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 19/Jun/2014
Sekhmet "Words Of The Master (Proverbs Of Hell)" Black Metal SaRe 16/Jun/2014
Frozen Dawn "Those Of The Cursed Light" Black Metal Arcadio 12/Jun/2014
Iliac Thorns "It" Melodic Black Death Metal SaRe 10/Jun/2014
Evil (Slo) "Legenda Neskrotných živlov" Black Metal SatanicStorm 7/Jun/2014
Demented (Spa) "The Smell Of Decay" Doom / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/Jun/2014
Riot Of Violence "Planet Of The Rapes" Melodic Death Meta Arcadio 30/May/2014
The Nihilistic Front "Procession To Annihiliation" Doom / Black Metal SatanicStorm 28/May/2014
Teksuo "Diamonds EP" Djent / Metalcore Arcadio 26/May/2014
Magenta Harvest "Volatile Waters" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/May/2014
Alfahanne "Alfapokalyps" Black`n`Roll SatanicStorm 21/May/2014
Zerobyte "Zerobyte`s E.P" Djent / Mathmetal Arcadio 20/May/2014
Blinded Memory "From The Ashes" Metalcore Sliron 16/May/2014
Basement Torture Killings "A Night Of Brutal Torture" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2014
Inhospit "Sacrifice 666" Death Metal Arcadio 13/May/2014
Nox Ultima "From Delirium To Catharsis" Black Metal SaRe 9/May/2014
Dementia Senex "HeartWorm" Death Metal Sliron 6/May/2014
Lux Divina "Possessed By Telluric Feelings" Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 3/May/2014
Deathquintet "Godwork" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Abr/2014
Drawers "Drawers" Stoner Metal Sliron 28/Abr/2014
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