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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 115
Xoanon "Midday" Gothic Metal / Melodic Gothic Doom Iván C. 30/Mar/2011
Winter Of Life "Mother Madness" Progressive / Gothic Rock Metal Kaste 27/Mar/2010
Wedding In Hades "Elements Of Disorder" Gothic / Doom Metal Azathoth 1/Jul/2010
Waldheim "Fight Against Time" Melodic Death Metal / Gothic Metal Azathoth 28/May/2008
Von Sirius "The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment" Gothic Metal Lord Adarvark 20/May/2005
Vlad In Tears "Seed Of An Ancient Pain" Gothic Metal / HIM-Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 23/Nov/2007
Vitreus "No Shadows Without Light" Gothic Doom Melodic Death Kaste 21/Oct/2009
Violet Tears "Breeze Of Solitude" Ehtereal Darkwave Gothic Rock Kaste 28/Ago/2008
Velvetcut "13" Alternative Gothic Rock Iván C. 24/May/2006
UnSun "The End Of Life" Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Oct/2008
Transilvanian Beat Club "Das Leben Soll Doch Schön Sein" Gothic Rock Metal Necromancer 2/Ene/2008
Todesbonden "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest" Gothic Doom Fernando GM 19/Oct/2008
Theatres Des Vampires "Pleasure And Pain" Gothic Metal Anjana 27/Oct/2005
Theatres Des Vampires "Anima Noir" Gothic Metal Azathoth 2/Ago/2008
The Void (Ita) "Remember" Gothic Metal Lord Adarvark 6/Sep/2005
The Void (Ita) "Vision Of The Truth" Dark Metal / Gothic Metal Fernando GM 16/Ago/2008
The Vision Bleak "The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey" Gothic Doom Metal Necromancer 12/Ene/2008
The Sun Of Weakness "Landescape" Gothic Rock Metal Lord Abhorym 27/Jul/2006
The Shiver "A New Horizon" Melodic Gothic Metal Lhun 31/Jul/2010
The Foreshadowing "Oionos" Gothic / Doom Metal Kaste 22/Ago/2010
ThanatoSchizo "Zoom Code" Gothic Progressive Avantgarde Extreme Metal Iván C. 8/Jul/2008
Tears Of Martyr "Entrance" Gothic Metal Kaste 3/Mar/2010
Tales Of Dark... "Perdition Calls" Gothic Doom Metal Azathoth 8/Ene/2010
Sleep Of Thetis "Thin Limits" Gothic Death Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 22/Dic/2006
Silentium (Fin) "Frostnight" Melodic Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 31/Jul/2006
Siebenbürgen "Revelation VI" Melodic Black Gothic Metal SaRe 31/Jul/2008
Shivan (Ita) "When Wishes Sicken" Gothic Metal Azathoth 14/Dic/2007
Sham Rain "Someplace Else" Gothic Rock Lord Adarvark 23/Sep/2005
Sentenced "The Funeral Album" Gothic Metal Bissarrie 11/Sep/2005
ScareCrown "'til The Last Breath" Gothic Metal Gherion 19/Feb/2007
Sarah Jezebel Deva "The Corruption Of Mercy" Symphonic Gothic Metal SaRe 1/Jul/2011
Rotting Christ "Sanctus Diavolos" Black Gothic BlackAngel JC 7/Feb/2005
Rossometile "Terrenica" Gothic Metal / Progressive Rock Lordbelial 28/May/2009
Rosa Antica "Seven" Death Metal Progresivo / Gothic / Indust Xibalba 11/Nov/2007
Resonance Room "Unspoken" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Nov/2009
RainKnight "Dragon's Brotherhood" Gothic / Symphonic Metal Azathoth 24/Dic/2007
Priscilla Hernández "Ancient Shadows (the Ghost And The Fairy)" Ethereal Gothic - New Age Iván C. 14/Feb/2007
Orphanage "Driven" Death Doom Gothic Dac 19/Jun/2004
On The Edge Of The NetherRealm "Different Realms" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 24/Jul/2010
Omega Lithium "Dreams In Formaline" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 3/Sep/2009
Ohgr "Devils In My Details..." Industrial / Gothic Rock / Electronica Iván C. 22/Nov/2008
Nova Orbis "Imago" Symphonic / Gothic Metal Kaste 15/Feb/2010
Nicht "Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 26/Nov/2010
My Silent Wake "IV Et Lux Perpetua" Doom Gothic Rock Kramthal 2/Nov/2010
Mournful Gust "The Frankness Eve" Gothic Doom Azathoth 16/Nov/2008
Mournful Gust "She’s My Grief…Decade" Gothic Doom Metal Azathoth 17/Dic/2010
Morgain "Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness (Call Of Fairie)" Gothic Rock Metal Ivan C. 25/Sep/2004
Moonspell "Memorial" Gothic Death Metal Alonso Mercado 13/Abr/2006
Moonspell "Night Eternal" Gothic / Black Metal Lord Zaebos 20/May/2008
Modern Funeral Art "Hellfire" Doom Gothic Rock Iván C. 16/Jun/2006
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