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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3231
The Dead (Aus) "The Dead" Death Metal Agui 2/Abr/2009
The Dead (Aus) "Ritual Executions" Death Metal / Sludge Usagi 3/Sep/2010
The Day Of The Beast "The Day Of The Beast" Thrash / Black Metal Kramthal 14/Dic/2008
The Committee "Power Through Unity" Black / Doom Metal Lhun 5/Sep/2014
The Clockwork "Reborn" Thrash Metal Arcadio 2/Jul/2014
The Burden Remains "Fragments" Thrash Metal / Progressive Arcadio 30/Oct/2014
The Black Dahlia Murder "Nocturnal" Melodic Death Metal Iago Fuentes 25/Dic/2007
The Black (Swe) "Alongside Death" Black Metal Lhun 2/Oct/2009
The Berzerker "World Of Lies" Death Industrial Satochi 29/Dic/2005
The Berzerker "Animosity" Industrial Death/Grind Roberto Sedinho 28/Abr/2007
The Bereaved "Daylight Deception" Melodic Swedish Death Usagi 1/Jun/2009
The Batallion "Stronghold Of Men" Blackened Death / Thrash Metal Gherion 9/Ago/2008
The Batallion "Head Up High" Blackened Thrash Metal Agui 1/Abr/2011
The Banner "Frailty" Hardcore / Metalcore Iago Fuentes 23/Oct/2008
The Band Apart "Death Can Dance" Deathcore Iván Durán 19/Feb/2008
The Balustrade Ensemble "Capsules" Electro-acoustic / Experimental Ambient Azathoth 26/Ene/2008
The Axis Of Perdition "The Ichneumon Method (And Other Less Welcome Techniques)" Industrial Black Metal Lucifogo 26/Feb/2004
The Axis Of Perdition "Deleted Scenes From The Transition Hospital" Industrial Black Necromancer 24/May/2005
The Art Of Blasphemy "Use Yours Idols!!!" Black Metal Kramthal 12/Mar/2006
The Art Of Blasphemy "Promo 2006" Black Metal Kramthal 19/Mar/2007
The Arson Project "Blood And Locusts" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 30/Dic/2008
The Amenta "Occasus" Industrial Death Metal Kramthal 22/Dic/2004
The Amenta "N0n" Industrial Death Metal Agui 3/Dic/2008
The Agonist "Once Only Imagined" Melodic Death Metalcore Alonso Mercado 4/Sep/2007
The Addication "The Addication" Thrash Metal Arcadio 28/May/2013
The Absence "From Your Grave" Melodic Death Metal Anjana 8/Dic/2005
The 4 Order "The Journal" Rogressive Heavy Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 22/Mar/2008
Thayer Cabin "Thayer Cabin" Dark Folk Fernando GM 18/Jun/2008
ThanatoSchizo "Zoom Code" Gothic Progressive Avantgarde Extreme Metal Iván C. 8/Jul/2008
Thanatos (Hol) "Justified Genocide" Death / Thrash Metal SaRe 13/Abr/2009
Textures "Silhouettes" Progressive Death Metal – Mathcore Iván C. 29/May/2008
Teutoburg Forest "Chao Ab Ordo" Raw Black Metal Agui 3/Mar/2009
Teutoburg Forest "Cult Of The Individual" Raw Black Metal Agui 15/Mar/2009
Teutoburg Forest "Anti-Subhuman Scum" Raw Black Metal Kramthal 5/Abr/2009
Testament "Live In London" Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 8/Mar/2006
Terrorspawn "Channeling The Quintessence Of Death" Thrash Death Metal Lucifogo 11/May/2006
Terrorama "Genocide" Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 24/Abr/2013
Terdor "Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942" Black Metal Gherion 17/Ene/2009
Terdor "Levi" Experimental Black Metal Schepsel 6/Feb/2013
Tenebrum Infectus "Tenebrum Infectus" Death/Grind Necromancer 17/Jun/2005
Tenebrosus "The Fall Of Worthless Morals" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2004
Tenebrarum (Col) "Voices" Ghotic Metal - Dark Rock Iván C. 5/May/2007
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "Antico Misticismo" Black Metal Lucifogo 22/Sep/2006
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio" Black Metal Necromancer 12/Nov/2009
Temple Of Baal "Traitors To Mankind" Black/Death Thrash Metal Kramthal 21/Feb/2006
Temple Of Baal "Lightslaying Rituals" Death Metal Necromancer 7/Dic/2009
Temple Abattoir "Nechronicles" Black Metal Kramthal 23/May/2008
Temple Abattoir "Sacrilege & Savagery" Black Metal Schepsel 25/Mar/2011
Temnozor "Horizons..." Pagan/Folk Metal Kramthal 4/Abr/2004
Teksuo "Diamonds EP" Djent / Metalcore Arcadio 26/May/2014
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