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BANDA - TÕTULO Totales... 3228
The Obscene Machine†"The Obscenity Within" Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 25/Jun/2013
The Nihilistic Front†"Procession To Annihiliation" Doom / Black Metal SatanicStorm 28/May/2014
The Moth Gatherer†"A Bright Celestial Light" Experimental / Progressive Rock / Sludge Arcadio 23/Dic/2013
The Morningside†"The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past" Melodic Death/Doom Metal IvŠn C. 23/Nov/2007
The More I See†"The Wolves Are Hungry" Thrash Metal Ignacio Rielas 21/Oct/2005
The Moon And The Nightspirit†"Of Dreams Forgotten And Fables Untold" Folk Kramthal 5/Dic/2005
The Moon And The Nightspirit†"Regű Rejtem" Ethereal Folk / World Music Iadalbaoth 17/Abr/2007
The Moon And The Nightspirit†"÷sforrŠs" Folk Kaste 9/Jul/2009
The March Of Seasons†"My Winter" Metalcore Iago Fuentes 21/Nov/2007
The Lotus†"Forgotten Silence" Progressive Rock / Symphonic Metal Usagi 18/Mar/2011
The Legion (Swe)†"Revocation" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 3/Jun/2006
The Last Twilight / Profundis Tenebrarum†"Hell Bestial Conjuration" Black Metal Kramthal 29/Mar/2008
The Last Twilight†"Final Holocaust: The River Of Christian Blood" Black Metal Kramthal 27/Sep/2006
The Last Twilight†"Morbid Path" Black Metal Kramthal 6/Jul/2007
The Last Twilight†"Eternal Tribulation" Death / Black Metal Kramthal 4/May/2011
The Last Twilight†"La Octava Copa De Ira" Death Black Metal Kramthal 22/Ago/2013
The Lamp Of Thoth†"Cauldron Of Witchery" Epic Heavy Metal Azathoth 13/May/2008
The Konsortium†"Preproduction ī08" Thrash / Black Metal Gherion 15/Jul/2008
The Howling Void†"Shadows Over The Cosmos" Funeral Doom Azathoth 4/Oct/2010
The Hottness†"Stay Classy" Metalcore / Punk-Rock IvŠn DurŠn 16/Nov/2008
The Horn†"Dawning Of An Ancient Sun" Industrial Black Metal Azathoth 5/Jun/2008
The Horn†"Volume Ten" Ambient Industrial Black Metal SatanicStorm 24/Feb/2014
The Heretic†"Chemistry For The Soul" Melodic Death/Black Metal Dac 30/May/2004
The Haunted†"REVOLVEr" Thrash Metal Necromancer 28/Nov/2004
The Haunted†"Versus" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 1/Oct/2008
The Grotesquery†"Tales Of The Coffin Born" Death Metal SaRe 11/Jul/2010
The Great Old Ones†"Al Azif" Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal Schepsel 27/Nov/2012
The Great Old Ones†"Tekeli-Li" Post Black Metal SatanicStorm 21/Ago/2014
The Gardnerz†"The System Of Nature" Doom / Death Metal Agui 2/Mar/2011
The Gardnerz†"It All Fades" Death / Doom Metal Schepsel 5/Nov/2012
The Forsaken†"Traces Of The Past" Melodic Death/Thrash Metal TaD 7/Abr/2004
The Foreshadowing†"Oionos" Gothic / Doom Metal Kaste 22/Ago/2010
The Firstborn†"The Unclenching Of Fists" Black Metal Ignacio Rielas 21/Sep/2005
The Firstborn†"The Noble Search" Avant-Garde Metal IvŠn C. 5/May/2009
The Final Harvest†"The End" Death Metal / Deathcore Lhun 5/Nov/2009
The Few Against Many†"Sot" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 26/Sep/2009
The Fallen Within†"Intoxicated" Melodic Death Metal / Industrial-Modern Metal Usagi 24/Dic/2009
The Fall Of Every Season†"From Below" Acoustic Doom Death IvŠn C. 11/May/2007
The Eyes Of A Traitor†"A Clear Perception" Metalcore Usagi 30/Ene/2009
The Exalted Piledriver†"Metal Manifesto" Thrash Metal Lordbelial 8/Abr/2009
The Eternal (Aus)†"The Sombre Light Of Isolation" Doom Metal Ivan C. 2/Jun/2004
The Eternal†"Sleep Of Reason" Melodic Rock Anjana 4/Sep/2005
The Earth King†"Cycling Between Sun And Moon" Symphonic Black Metal / Ambient Arcadio 9/May/2013
The Dying†"Triumph Of Tragedy" Thrash / Melodic Death Metal Lordbelial 24/Nov/2008
The Downspiral To Hell†"Thorn" Black/Death Metal Lucifogo 7/Abr/2005
The Downspiral To Hell†"The Advent Of Neurosis" Death / Black / Experimental Necromancer 7/Ene/2009
The Devil White†"Silent Dance With Death" Hard-Rock / Melodic Death Usagi 30/Abr/2010
The Devil Wears Prada†"Plagues" Metalcore IvŠn C. 1/Oct/2007
The Deviant†"Ravenous Deathworship" Black Death Metal Kramthal 24/Jun/2006
The Destiny Program†"Gathas" Melodic Alternative Metalcore Usagi 25/May/2010
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