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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3231
Torture Killer "Swarm!" Death Metal Necromancer 16/Abr/2006
Tornado "Amsterdamn Hellsinki" Thrash Metal SaRe 2/Ago/2011
Tormented (Swe) "Rotten Death" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Ago/2009
Torchbearer "Yersinia Pestis" Thrash/Death/Black Metal Lord Zaebos 17/Abr/2004
Torchbearer "Warnaments" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 29/Abr/2006
Too Pure To Die "Confidence And Consequence" Metalcore Iago Fuentes 10/Mar/2008
Tony Noguera "Secrets Of Paradise" Rock Progresivo SaRe 9/Mar/2009
Tombstone Highway "Ruralizer" Stoner Metal / Rock Schepsel 11/Oct/2013
Todtgelichter "Was Bleibt..." Depressive Raw Black Metal Kramthal 2/Nov/2005
Todeskult "Apathy" Depressive Black Metal Usagi 4/Sep/2009
Todesbonden "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest" Gothic Doom Fernando GM 19/Oct/2008
Today Forever "Profound Measures" Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Usagi 21/Jun/2009
To Conquer The Night "Spreading The Hatred Within" Black Metal Kramthal 22/Abr/2007
TME "Worlds Collide" Death Thrash Metal Kramthal 25/May/2007
Ticket To Hell "Man Made Paradise" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/Jun/2008
Ticket To Hell "Operation: Crash Course" Thrash / Death Metal Usagi 19/Ago/2010
Thyrane "Hypnotic" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2004
Thyrane "Travesty Of Heavenly Essence" Symphonic Black Metal Satochi 6/Feb/2006
Thy Pain "More Than Suffering" Melodic Death Metal Necromancer 29/Abr/2005
Thy Disease "Anshur-Za" Futuristic Death / Black Metal Usagi 19/Abr/2010
Thy Bleeding Skies "Chapters Of Downfall " Metal / Death Metal Agui 20/May/2008
Thundra "Worshipped By Chaos" Symphonic Epic Black Metal Kramthal 7/Abr/2006
Thunderbolt (Pol) "The Burning Deed Of Deceit" Black Metal Kramthal 6/Abr/2004
Thrudvangar "Ahnenthron" Viking Metal Kramthal 1/Oct/2004
Thrown "The Suicidal Kings Occult" Stoner / Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 5/Ene/2008
Through Your Silence "Whispers To The Void " Melodic Death Metal Iago Fuentes 24/Jul/2008
Throneum "Deathmass Of The Gravedancer" Raw Death Metal Gherion 19/Ago/2007
Throneaeon "Godhate" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2004
Throne Of Molok "Impulsive Assault" Industrial / Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Nov/2011
Thronar "For Death And Glory" Pagan Metal Ignacio Rielas 2/Jul/2005
Throes Of Dawn "The Great Fleet Of Echoes" Avantgarde Metal Azathoth 25/Mar/2010
Throcult "Stormbringer - Conjuration Of The Nighthorde" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 19/Dic/2004
Thralldom "Black Sun Resistance" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 5/Ago/2005
Those Who Bring The Torture "Tank Gasmask Ammo" Death Metal Necromancer 21/Sep/2008
Thorny Woods "Lôbrego Macilento Prelúdio" Black Metal Lucifogo 5/Ene/2008
Thornium "Fides Luciferius" Black Metal Schepsel 22/Nov/2010
Thornium "Dominions Of The Eclipse" Black Metal SaRe 4/Sep/2013
Thornium "Dominions Of The Eclipse" Black Metal SaRe 12/Feb/2014
Thornesbreed "The Splendour Of The Repellent" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2004
Thornafire "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" Death Black Metal Gherion 20/Sep/2007
Tholus "Constant" Progressive Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 21/May/2007
This Is Hell "Sundowning" Hardcore Iván Durán 27/Nov/2007
This Is Hell "Misfortunes" Hardcore Iván C. 7/Mar/2008
This Ending "Dead Harvest" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 12/Mar/2009
Thirteenth Sign "Oracles Of Armageddon" Melodic Death / Thrash / Heavy Usagi 2/Dic/2008
Thirst "Blacklight" Melodic Black Metal Iago Fuentes 8/Nov/2008
Third World's Mourning "Live At Munich 72" Death/Grind Lord Zaebos 26/Nov/2005
Third Degree (Pol) "Outstay" Metal/Grindcore Necromancer 20/Sep/2005
Theyweregunshots "I Need You To Warm Me, You Need Us To Burn" Hardcore Gherion 6/Nov/2007
Theudho "Cult Of Wuotan" Pagan Metal Kramthal 6/Jul/2008
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