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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3224
Blodsrit "Helveteshymner" Black Metal Kramthal 14/May/2005
Blodsrit "Hinterland" Black Rock Metal Kramthal 2/Feb/2008
Blinded Rain "Destination Unknown" Gothic Metal Gherion 26/Jun/2008
Blinded Memory "From The Ashes" Metalcore Sliron 16/May/2014
Blindead "Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes" Post Metal / Doom Metal Lordbelial 11/Dic/2008
Bliksem "Face The Evil" Thrash Metal Arcadio 24/Ene/2014
BlessTheFall "His Last Walk" Emocore, Screamo Iván C. 7/Oct/2007
Bleeding Utopia "Demons To Some. Gods To Other" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Ene/2013
Bleed The Sky "Murder The Dance" Metalcore A_Lie_Called_Life 27/Ago/2008
Bleed Someone Dry "The World Is Falling In Tragedy" Thrash / Core Iago Fuentes 7/Nov/2007
Bleed From Within "Empire" Deathcore Lhun 8/Abr/2010
Blaze Out "Headshot" Thrash / Rock / Groove Metal Arcadio 30/Mar/2014
Blacklodge "Solarkult" Industrial Black Metal Iadalbaoth 3/Feb/2006
Black Witchery "Upheaval Of Satanic Might" Black Metal Kramthal 19/Mar/2005
Black Thoughts Bleeding "Stomachion" Metalcore – Melodic Death / Thrash Usagi 18/Mar/2010
Black Therapy "Symptoms Of A Common Sickness" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 7/Oct/2013
Black Sun Aeon "Darkness Walks Besides Me" Doom/Death Metal Skeptic 17/Jun/2009
Black Sun Aeon "Routa" Doom / Black / Death Metal Kaste 22/Ene/2011
Black Salvation "Lunia..." Doom Metal Kramthal 10/Dic/2012
Black River "Black'n'Roll" Stoner / Metal Usagi 4/Mar/2010
Black Reign (Aus) "Sovereign" Thrash / Epic Metal Lordbelial 1/Dic/2008
Black Oath "The Third Aeon" Doom Metal Kaste 19/Ago/2011
Black Oath "The Third Aeon" Doom Metal Kramthal 13/Jul/2012
Black Oath "Ov Qliphoth And Darkness" Doom Metal Arcadio 18/Nov/2013
Black Lotus "Harvest Of Seasons" Black/Folk Metal Gherion 19/May/2009
Black Jade "Helvetica Diabolica" Pagan Black Metal Gherion 17/Sep/2008
Black Goat "Death Ritual" Black Thrash Rock Kramthal 12/Abr/2012
Black Flame "Conquering Purity" Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/Nov/2007
Black Flame "Imperivm" Black Metal / Death Metal Xibalba 29/Ago/2008
Black Dementia "Dictum Of Negation" Black Metal Gherion 28/Dic/2007
Black Crow King "To Pay The Debt Of Nature" Drone Noise Doom Metal Kramthal 15/Nov/2012
Black Coma "My Filthy Ashes" Black Metal Arcadio 15/Jul/2014
Bison B.C. "Quiet Earth" Stoner - Groove Metal Fernando GM 6/Nov/2008
Bishop Of Hexen "The Nightmarish Compositions" Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal Kramthal 13/Jul/2006
Bishamon "RIP" Thrash / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 21/Dic/2010
Bisclaveret "Amalgame" Ambient Azathoth 18/May/2008
Bisclaveret "Ephemeros" Dark Ambient / Minimal Industrial Iván C. 7/Dic/2010
Biosystem 55 "Fifty Five" Nu Metal Ignacio Rielas 10/Jun/2005
Bionic Angel "Digital Violence" Gothic Industrial Metal Fernando GM 5/Sep/2008
Big Sexy Noise "Big Sexy Noise" Rock Iván C. 9/Jun/2011
Biderben "Out Of The Lies" Punk Rock Metal Satochi 15/Mar/2006
Bibleblack "The Black Swan Epilogue" Death / Thrash / Metal Progresivo / Black Metal Si Usagi 25/Jun/2009
Be’lakor "Of Breath And Bone" Melodic Death Metal Lhun 24/Sep/2012
Beyond The Void "Gloom Is A Trip For Two" Dark Rock / Gothic Metal Fernando GM 24/Feb/2008
Beyond The Dream "In The Heart Of Nothing" Symphonic Melodic Gothic Metal Kramthal 18/Ago/2012
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace "Still Human, Still Humane?" Grindcore Death Metal Satochi 3/May/2006
Beyond Mortality "Infected Life" Death Metal SatanicStorm 7/Feb/2014
Beyond Helvete "Self-Therapy" Depressive Black Metal Schepsel 29/Jul/2011
Bewitched (Swe) "Spiritual Warfare" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 29/Abr/2007
Between The Frost "Realms Of Desolation" Death / Black Metal Kramthal 22/Jul/2007
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