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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3228
Cryptic Tales "VII Dogmata Of Mercy" Black Metal Sinfónico Necromancer 22/Ago/2009
Cryptic Tales "Anathema" Death Metal Necromancer 1/Jun/2010
Crynight "Intra Tenebrae" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 27/Mar/2007
Crying Blood "Requiem" Melodic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 8/Oct/2004
Crying Blood "Animae Damnatae" Melodic / Symphonic Black Metal Kramthal 2/Ene/2010
Cryfemal "Apoteosis Oculta" Black Metal Kramthal 26/Oct/2007
Crux Dissimulata "Expedition Punitive" Black Metal Kramthal 26/Jun/2005
Cruachan "Pagan" Heavy Folk Metal Kramthal 25/Abr/2004
Crowpath "Son Of Sulphur" Death Grind Metal Gherion 23/May/2006
Crown The Lost "Blind Faith Loyalty" Thrash Metal SaRe 1/Abr/2009
Cropment "Spiral Of Violence" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 26/Ago/2004
Crisis Never Ends "Kill Or Cure" Metalcore Usagi 17/Dic/2008
Crippler Cross Face "Where Did We Put That Dead Horse We´ve Been Beating" Death/Grind Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2005
Crionics (Pol) "Armageddon's Evolution" Black/Death Metal Necromancer 28/Ene/2005
Crionics (Pol) "Neuthrone" Black / Death Industrial Necromancer 15/Mar/2008
Crimson Moonlight "Veil Of Remembrance" Black/Death Metal Necromancer 23/Mar/2005
Crimson Falls "The True Face Of Human Nature" Death Metal / Core A_Lie_Called_Life 8/Feb/2007
Criminal "Sicario" Thrashcore/Death Ignacio Rielas 23/Sep/2005
Crest Of Darkness "Evil Knows Evil" Black Metal Lucifogo 21/Nov/2004
Crest Of Darkness "Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil" Black Metal Iago Fuentes 8/Ene/2008
Crematory (Ger) "Revolution" Gothic Industrial Metal Ivan C. 25/Jul/2004
Cremaster "Boletus Satanas" Grindcore Ignacio Rielas 4/Ago/2005
Creinium "Project Utopia" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Jul/2014
Creeping "Funeral Crawl" Black Rock Metal Gherion 1/Ene/2008
Crawling Death "New Murder Art" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Sep/2008
Cradle Of Filth "Thornography" Black/Gothic Metal Necromancer 12/Nov/2006
Countess "Heilig Vuur" Black Metal Kramthal 24/Feb/2005
Corvus Corax "Cantus Buranus" Pagan/Medieval/Folk Music Iadalbaoth 4/Nov/2005
Corruption (Pol) "Bourbon River Bank" Thrash / Stonner Metal Azathoth 17/Jun/2010
Corpus Christii "The Torment Continues" Black Metal Necromancer 8/Oct/2005
Corde Oblique "Respiri" Heavenly Voices Rodbert Steinbruch 2/Sep/2007
Coram Lethe "...A Splendid Chaos" Thrash Metal Melódico Skeptic 19/May/2009
Convergence (Ita) "Points Of View" Nu Metal / Post Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 1/Sep/2007
Converge "No Heroes" Hardcore / Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 23/Nov/2006
Control Human Delete "Terminal World Perspective" Industrial / Black Metal Iadalbaoth 19/May/2007
Continuo Renacer "Continuo Renacer" Death Progresivo Lord Zaebos 23/May/2005
Conspiracy (Hol) "Concordat" Black Death Metal Gherion 9/Oct/2009
Confined Within "Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom" Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Usagi 8/Jul/2011
Confessor (US) "Unraveled" Technical Doom Metal Bissarrie 23/Ene/2006
Condemned (Gbr) "A Dying Art" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Mar/2012
Concrete (Aut) "ZemEnter" Death Grind Metal SaRe 4/Ene/2009
Communic "Waves Of Visual Decay" Progressive Thrash Metal Alonso Mercado 1/May/2006
Common Grave (Ger) "Dehumanized" Death Metal Gherion 28/Ago/2007
Common Grave "Embedded Coding" Death Metal Usagi 15/Sep/2009
Commit Suicide "Synthetics" Death/Grind Metal Lord Zaebos 23/Jun/2004
Comity "… As Everything Is A Tragedy" Noisecore Extreme RockMetal Iván C. 30/Nov/2006
Combat Noise "Frontline Offensive Force" Brutal Death Metal / Grind Roberto Sedinho 29/Mar/2010
Comatose Vigil "Narcosis" Funeral Doom Iván C. 25/Jun/2007
Colosseum "Chapter 1: Delirium" Atmospheric Funeral Doom Iván C. 8/Dic/2007
Colosseum "Chapter 3: Parasomnia" Funeral Doom Metal Iván C. 6/Jun/2011
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