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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3198
Defect Designer "Wax" Death / Progressive Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/Oct/2009
Defamer "Chasm" Death Metal Usagi 14/Ago/2009
Deep Desolation "Subliminal Visions" Black / Doom / Death Metal Schepsel 12/Dic/2011
Deeds Of Flesh "Reduced To Ashes" Brutal Death Metal Iadalbaoth 27/Feb/2004
Dedicted "Argonauts" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 12/Jul/2008
Dedicated For Life "Promo 2008" Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 2/May/2008
Deception (Esp) "Cult Of Silence" Death / Thrash / Rock Kramthal 15/Jul/2007
Deceiver (Swe) "Riding With The Reaper" Thrash Metal Ignacio Rielas 24/Jun/2005
Deceiver (Swe) "Deceiver" Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Sep/2004
Deceiver (Swe) "Thrashing Heavy Metal" Thrash / Heavy Metal Usagi 16/Feb/2009
Decayor "Recurring Times Of Grief" Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 23/Feb/2010
Decaying Form "Chronicles Of Decimation" Brutal Death Roberto Sedinho 31/Jul/2007
Decapitated Christ "Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/May/2009
Decapitated (Pol) "The Negation" Death Metal N.Cañellas 25/Mar/2004
Decapitated (Pol) "Organic Hallucinosis" Death Metal Gherion 17/Mar/2006
Debauchery (Ger) "Torture Pit" Death Metal Necromancer 19/Dic/2005
Deathstorm "As Death Awakes" Thrash Metal Schepsel 8/Jul/2013
Deathstar "Golden Feathers" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Ago/2011
Deathstar "Beyond All Fears" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/Oct/2013
Deathrow (Ita) "Gateways To Oblivion" Doom / Dark Metal Azathoth 3/May/2008
Deathquintet "Godwork" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Abr/2014
Deathcult (Nor) "Cult Of The Dragon" True Norwegian Black Metal Fiar 4/Dic/2007
Deathcrush (Mex) "Mutilating The Christian Faith" Death Black Metal Gherion 16/May/2006
Deathchain "Death Eternal" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Feb/2009
Deathbound "We Deserve Much Worse" Grindcore Iago Fuentes 24/Ago/2007
DeathBound "Non Compos Mentis" Death Metal / Grindcore SaRe 28/Ene/2010
Deathboot "You Scream In Pain When I Crush Your Balls" Death/Grind Necromancer 11/Ago/2005
Death Du Jour "Fragments Of Perdition" Brutal Death OppiFjell 22/Sep/2005
Death Angel "The Art Of Dying" Thrash Metal N.Cañellas 27/Abr/2004
Dealer (Aut) "Backdoor Business" Hard Rock Alonso Mercado 29/May/2006
Deaflock "Reality Of False Parts" Thrash Metal Usagi 21/Feb/2010
DeadMan (Ita) "Spirito Di Pietra" Depressive Black Metal Schepsel 19/Sep/2011
Dead? "Dead?" Black Metal Azathoth 17/Jul/2009
Dead To This World "First Strike For Spiritual Renewance" Thrash / Black Metal Necromancer 27/Jun/2008
Dead Means Nothing "Seeds Of Hate" Metalcore Iván Durán 4/Feb/2008
Dead Man´s Hand "The Combination" Thrash/Death Metal Usagi 12/Mar/2009
Dead In The Water "Echoes... In The Ruins" Modern Doom Death Metal Gherion 20/Jul/2007
Dead Hearts "Bitter Verses" Hardcore / Punk Metal Lord Abhorym 15/Feb/2007
Dead Head "Kill Division" Thrash Death Metal Kramthal 21/Sep/2008
Dead Eyed Sleeper "Through Forests Of Nonentities" Death Metal SaRe 15/Jul/2009
Dead End Finland "Stain Of Disgrace" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 11/Feb/2013
De Profundis (Gbr) "A Bleak Reflection" Doom Metal Agui 15/Mar/2010
De Profundis (Gbr) "The Emptiness Within" Progressive Death/Extreme Metal SaRe 21/Mar/2013
De Lirium`s Order "Veniversum" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/May/2012
Days Of Betrayal "Decapitated For Research" Deathcore Usagi 18/Nov/2008
Dawn Ov Hate "Death D'Hivern" Black Metal Xibalba 24/Feb/2009
Dawn Of Tears "Act II: The Dying Eve" Black / Heavy Metal Arcadio 21/Feb/2014
Dawn Of Relic "Night On Earth" Dark Death Metal Anjana 17/Nov/2005
Dawn Of Azazel "The Law Of The Strong" Black/Death Metal P. Gonzalez 23/Ene/2005
Dauntless "Execute The Fact" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 16/Abr/2007
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