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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3198
Emil Bulls "Phoenix" Metalcore, Numetal, Emo Iván C. 26/Nov/2009
Embrace My Ruin "A Lullaby For A Dying" Gothic Doom Death Iván C. 17/Jun/2007
Embrace Depart "Promo 2005" Gothic Metal Gherion 8/May/2007
Embellish "Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers" Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 26/Ago/2006
Embalming Theatre "Sweet Chainsaw Melodies" Death/Grind Metal Gherion 12/Sep/2006
Emancer "The Human Experiment" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 19/Ago/2004
Emancer "Twilight And Randomness" Progressive / Avant-garde Black Metal Kramthal 3/Jun/2008
Elysium (Pol) "Feedback" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Feb/2004
Elysian Blaze "Cold Walls And Apparitions" Black Doom Metal Iadalbaoth 12/Ago/2005
Elysia "Lion Of Judas" Metalcore / Deathcore Iván C. 2/Sep/2008
Eloa Vadaath "A Bare Reminiscence Of Infected Wonderlands" Progressive / Avantgarde Death Metal Schepsel 10/Jun/2010
Elite (Nor) "Kampen" Black Metal Lucifogo 14/May/2004
Elite (Nor) "We Own The Mountains" Black Metal SaRe 9/Oct/2008
Elis "Griefshire" Gothic Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 23/Feb/2007
Elimination (Gbr) "Destroyed By Creation" Thrash Metal Usagi 21/May/2010
Eligor (Ita) "In Nomine" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 27/May/2005
Elffor "Son Of The Shades" Medieval Black Ambient Kramthal 22/Abr/2008
Elffor "From The Throne Of Hate" Medieval Black Ambient Kaste 27/Ene/2009
Elffor "Frostbitten Pain" Ambient Black Metal Lord Imra 10/Abr/2010
Elend "A World In Their Screams" Dark Ambient / Neo-Classical Iadalbaoth 20/Ago/2007
El Páramo "El Páramo" Instrumental Psychodelic Stoner Rock Iván C. 24/Dic/2008
Ekklesiast "...When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams" Melodic Death Doom Iván C. 10/Mar/2009
Eisenvater / Japanische Kampfhörspiele "Split MCD" Grindcore / Death Metal / Experimental Roberto Sedinho 27/Jun/2009
Eisenvater "IV" Post Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 28/Sep/2009
Einherjer "Blot" Pagan Metal Kramthal 27/Feb/2004
Edo Notarloberti "Silent Prayers" Melancholic NeoClassical Kaste 13/Sep/2008
Edge Of Sanity "Crimson II" Death Metal N.Cañellas 27/Feb/2004
Edema "Default" Progressive Death Metal / Post-Metal Roberto Sedinho 3/Ene/2010
Edain "Through Thought And Time" Progressive Death Metal Kaste 8/Oct/2009
Eclectika "Dazzling Dawn" Experimental Progressive Metal Kramthal 20/Jun/2010
Eclectika "Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty" Experimental Black / Gothic Metal Roberto Sedinho 27/Mar/2013
Eciton ""Oppressed"" Death Metal Necromancer 5/Jul/2005
Echidna (Grc) "Manifests Of Human Existence" Progressive Death / Thrash / Avantgarde Usagi 24/Ago/2010
Ebony Lake "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" Avant-Garde Gothic / Black Metal Lhun 6/Ene/2012
Ebolie "Elevation Into Disintegration" Death/Grind Necromancer 17/Ago/2005
Ebola (Ita) "In Borrowed Plumes" MetalCore Gherion 30/Ene/2007
Earthride "Something Wicked" Stoner Doom SaRe 9/Dic/2011
Ea "Ea Taesse" Ambient Funeral Doom Iván C. 23/Jul/2007
Ea "Ea II" Funeral Doom Azathoth 3/Oct/2009
Ea "Au Ellai" Funeral Doom Azathoth 16/Jul/2010
Dødsengel "Mirium Occultum" Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 29/Abr/2010
Dyspraxia "With Us If You Will ... Against Us If You Dare" Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 11/Mar/2009
Dyscord "Dakota" Deathcore Usagi 2/Oct/2008
Dyrathor "Sacred Walcraft Of Hel" Folk / Melodic Black Metal Lhun 18/Jul/2010
Dynabyte "Extreme Mental Piercing" Metal Industrial Ignacio Rielas 7/Jul/2005
Dynabyte "2kx" Industrial Metal SaRe 20/Ago/2012
Dying Humanity "Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 12/Sep/2009
Dying (Esp) "Ill Intentions For A Bloody Super" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 9/Mar/2007
Dying (Esp) "Born From Impurity" Death Metal / Brutal Death Usagi 11/Abr/2009
Dwelling "Ainda É Noite" Ethereal Neo-classical Iadalbaoth 26/Ago/2007
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