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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3231
Evocation (Swe) "Apocalyptic" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Ene/2011
Eviscerate (Ita) "Shadows Out Of Time" Heavy Metal Ignacio Rielas 27/Jun/2005
Evilheart "Storm Of Annihilation" Death Metal Iago Fuentes 31/Oct/2008
Evilfeast / Marblebog "Isenheimen / Abyss Calls" Black Metal Iago Fuentes 6/Nov/2008
Evilfeast "Funeral Sorcery" Black Metal Iago Fuentes 31/Oct/2008
Evil Poetry "Letheus Nocturnus" Black Metal / Brutal Death Skelos 7/Ene/2007
Evil (Slo) "Legenda Neskrotných živlov" Black Metal SatanicStorm 7/Jun/2014
Every Time I Die "The Big Dirty" Noisecore / Southern Rock Iván C. 22/Dic/2007
Eversin "Divina Distopia" Progressive Power Metal Azathoth 8/Mar/2010
Ever Since "Fight The Elements" Melodic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 23/Ago/2004
Evemaster "Wither" Symphonic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 14/Abr/2004
Evangelist "Doominicanes" Epic Doom Metal Arcadio 13/Nov/2013
Evanesce "Secure The Shadow" Melodic Death Doom Metal Iván C. 25/Sep/2006
Evadne "In The Bitternes Of Our Souls" Doom Gothic Metal Bissarrie 23/Feb/2006
Evadne "The 13th Condition" Doom Death / Gothic Doom Lordbelial 5/Nov/2008
Evadne "The Shortest Way" Death Doom Metal Lhun 16/Mar/2012
Eufobia "Insemination" Death Metal Xibalba 9/Mar/2011
Eufobia "Cup Of Mud" Death´n Roll Lord Zaebos 23/Sep/2011
Ethereal Faun "The Nightlitany" Progressive Folk / Heavy Metal Agui 14/Sep/2009
Ethereal Blue "Black Heart Process" Melodic Black/Death BlackAngel JC 5/Jun/2005
Ethereal Blue "Essays In Rhyme On Passion & Ethics" Experimental Death Metal SaRe 2/Oct/2010
Ethereal (Prt) "Towers Of Isolation" Power Gothic Metal Lord Abhorym 10/Ago/2006
Ether "Depraved, Repressed, Feelings" Depressive Black Metal Kramthal 17/Feb/2008
Eternity (Ger) "Funeral Mass" Black Metal Azathoth 2/Oct/2007
Eternal Majesty "Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery" Black Metal Kramthal 28/Oct/2006
Eternal Deformity "Frozen Circus" Atmospheric Black Metal Azathoth 9/Abr/2008
Eternal Cry "The Garden Of Dead Flowers" Gothic Doom Metal Kaste 2/Feb/2010
Eternal Chaos (Col) "Dark God Of The Eternal" Black Metal Kramthal 23/Feb/2012
Estuary "To Exist And Endure" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 31/Jul/2004
Estuary "The Craft Of Contradiction" Thrash / Death Metal Gherion 6/Sep/2007
Essence Of Existence "Terra Mentis" Symphonic Black / Death Metal Azathoth 19/Ene/2008
Esoteric (UK) "Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum" Doom Metal Ivan C. 28/Jul/2004
Escutcheon "Battle Order" Melodic Swedish Death Metal Usagi 20/Feb/2009
Ered "Goatworshipping Metal" Black / Death Metal Lord Zaebos 7/Dic/2011
Erben Des Zorns "Hasswerk I" Thrash Metal Iván C. 19/Sep/2008
Era Vulgaris "What Stirs Within" Heavy / Thrash Metal Iago Fuentes 24/Oct/2007
Epping Forest "Everblasting Struggle" Black Metal Xibalba 5/Mar/2008
Epoch Of Unlight "The Continuum Hypothesis" Black/Death Necromancer 11/May/2005
Ephel Duath "Pain Is Necessary To Know" Jazz Metal Necromancer 19/Nov/2005
Ephel Duath "On Death And Cosmos" Avantgarde-Jazz Metal Necromancer 14/Nov/2012
Entropia (Spa) "Pànik Sagnant" Doom Metal / Drone Arcadio 9/Jul/2014
Entropia (Esp) "Konjur De Creació" Drone / Death Metal Arcadio 26/Sep/2012
Entrails (Swe) "Tales From The Morgue" Death Metal Usagi 10/Dic/2010
Entombed "Inferno" Death’n’Roll Ivan C. 19/Mar/2004
Enthroned (Bel) "Xes Haereticum" Black Metal Kramthal 19/Nov/2004
Enthroned (Bel) "Obsidium" Black Metal SaRe 2/Oct/2012
Enthrallment (Bgr) "Smashed Brain Collection" Brutal Death Metal Gherion 21/Dic/2006
Enthral (Nor) "Prophecies Of The Dying" Melodic Black Metal Schepsel 11/Feb/2011
Ensoph "Rex Mundi X-Ile" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 24/May/2009
Enslaved (Nor) "Isa" Viking Black Kramthal 21/Ene/2005
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