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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 3228
Orb Of Torture "Stereolith" Death Metal / Mathcore A_Lie_Called_Life 17/Nov/2007
Orb Of Torture "Cryogenic Cleansing // Four Elaborations Of Cold" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 7/Oct/2008
Orakle "Uni Aux Cimes" Black Metal Necromancer 21/Ene/2007
Oracle Of The Void "Further Steps To A Perfect World" Black Metal Agui 10/Abr/2009
Oracle Of The Void "In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment" Black Metal Kramthal 17/May/2009
Opvs Leviathan "I:O:I" Epic Black Metal SaRe 10/Jun/2013
Opus Forgotten "Lord Of The Gallows/Unleash The Fury" Black Metal Lord Adarvark 14/Jul/2005
Opus Draconis "Satanic Truth About False Union" Black Metal Lucifogo 16/Abr/2005
Opus Dead "Control" Thrash-Core Lord Zaebos 11/Ago/2004
Opposite Sides "Soul Mechanics" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/Dic/2009
Opposer "Remember The Past" Thrash Metal Arcadio 30/Mar/2014
Ophthalamia "Dominion" Black Doom Metal Lhun 7/Jul/2014
Ophis "Withered Shades" Death Doom Metal Azathoth 27/Oct/2010
Ophidian Forest "Redbad" Raw Black Metal Agui 26/Mar/2010
Operation Winter Mist "Winter Warfare II" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 10/Ago/2004
Opera IX "Strix - Maledictae In Aeternum" Symphonic Black Metal Schepsel 20/Jun/2012
Open The Skies "Conspiracies" Post-Hardcore / Screamo Usagi 9/Oct/2008
Open Grave "The Heavens Cry Black Tears" Black Metal Lucifogo 4/May/2005
Opaque Lucidity "Opaque Lucidity" Dark Ambient Azathoth 16/May/2009
Onirophagus "Defiler Of Hope" Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 8/Jun/2012
Onheil "Razor" Black Metal SaRe 21/Jun/2009
One-Way Mirror "One-Way Mirror" Melodic Death/Thrash / Industrial / Rock Usagi 24/Jul/2008
One Step Beyond (Aus) "Beyond Good And Evil" Experimental Death/Grind Iván C. 29/Sep/2008
One Last Word "Thrones" Metalcore A_Lie_Called_Life 12/May/2010
One Bullet Left (Nld) "Armageddon Sunrise" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 18/Jun/2010
On The Edge Of The NetherRealm "Different Realms" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 24/Jul/2010
ON "Vesania" Death Metal Gherion 26/Feb/2006
Omnium Gatherum (Fin) "Years In Waste" Melodic Death Metal Emilio Morote 17/Oct/2004
Omendark "Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza" Pagan Metal Kramthal 29/Jul/2004
Omega Lithium "Dreams In Formaline" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 3/Sep/2009
Omasum "Plaguelands" Black Metal Kramthal 26/Feb/2009
Old Wainds "Death Nord Kult" Black Metal Agui 22/Ene/2009
Old Man's Child "Vermin" Melodic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 8/Abr/2006
Old "Down With The Nails" Black Thrash Metal Kramthal 6/Sep/2006
Ohgr "Devils In My Details..." Industrial / Gothic Rock / Electronica Iván C. 22/Nov/2008
Ofghost "Audiocorpse" Industrial / Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Oct/2013
Ofghost "Eeva" Black / Thrash / Industrial Metal Arcadio 15/Oct/2014
Officium Triste "Reason" Doom/Death Metal Ivan C. 4/Oct/2004
Officium Triste "Giving Yourself Away" Doom Death Iván C. 30/Ago/2007
Of Darkness "Death" Funeral Doom OppiFjell 9/Oct/2005
Of Darkness "The Empty Eye" Funeral Doom Iván C. 28/May/2007
Odyssey (Swe) "Reinventing The Past" Progressive Metal Lhun 8/Mar/2011
Odious Mortem "Devouring The Prophecy" Brutal Death Necromancer 26/Jul/2005
Odio Vestri "Mrak Pechali - (Darkness Of Sorrow)" Ambient Funeral Doom Azathoth 21/Dic/2009
Odd Heathenish "Gorrotopean Loturik" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 2/Abr/2012
October Tide "Grey Dawn" Melodic Doom / Death Metal Iago Fuentes 17/Ene/2008
October Falls "The Womb Of Primordial Nature" Pagan Black Metal Azathoth 8/Oct/2008
October Falls "A Collapse Of Faith" Pagan Black Metal Kaste 28/Jul/2010
Octagone "Proelium" Ambient Death / Metalcore / Grindcore SaRe 9/Feb/2012
Ocean Chief "Sten" Sludge / Doom Metal Schepsel 2/Oct/2013
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