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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 69
Wyrd - Häive - Kehrä "Split Cd" Finnish Pagan / Black Metal Fiar 9/Nov/2007
Wyrd "Vargtimmen Pt.I" Black Metal Kramthal 25/Mar/2004
Wyrd "Vargtimmen Pt. II" Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal Kramthal 13/Jul/2004
Wyrd "Kammen" Pagan Doom Death Kramthal 9/Dic/2007
Wyrd "Kalivägi" Pagan Doom Black Metal Kramthal 21/May/2009
Wrath Attack "Bringing Out The THRASH" Thrash Metal SaRe 13/Ago/2008
Worstenemy "Revelation" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Ene/2014
Worship (Ger) "Dooom" Funeral Doom Metal Iván C. 19/Nov/2007
Wormfood "France" Dark Metal Bissarrie 18/Ene/2006
Woodtemple "The Call From The Pagan Woods" Pagan Metal Lucifogo 9/Jul/2004
Woods Of Ypres "Pursuit Of The Sun & Allure Of The Earth" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 13/Dic/2004
Woods Of Desolation "Sorh" Black Metal SaRe 8/Ago/2010
Woman Is The Earth "This Place That Contains My Spirit" Black Metal SatanicStorm 2/Ago/2014
Wolfsblut "Seelenqual / Legion Wolfsblut" Raw Black Metal Kramthal 29/Ago/2010
Wolfmother "Wolfmother" Hard Psicodelia / Stoner Alonso Mercado 5/Jul/2006
Wolfhead (Esp) "Wölfhead" Stonner / Viking Metal Azathoth 10/Oct/2011
Wolfchant "Bloody Tales From Disgraced Lands" Pagan Metal Lucifogo 10/Nov/2005
Wolfchant "A Pagan Storm" Pagan Metal Kramthal 25/Jun/2007
Wojczech "Sedimente" Death/Grind Necromancer 10/Ene/2006
Withershin "Ashen Banners" Black Death Metal Fiar 30/Jul/2008
Withershin "The Hungering Void" Black Metal Usagi 29/Jun/2010
Withering Surface "Force The Pace" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 5/Ago/2004
Withate "Billion Dollar Mouth" Thrash New Metal SaRe 24/May/2009
With Passion "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes" Death Melódico / Metalcore Iago Fuentes 7/Oct/2007
Witches' Sabbath "New World Plague" Black/Death Metal Lord Zaebos 2/May/2004
Witchburner (Ger) "Final Detonation" Thrash Metal Ares 10/May/2006
Wis(h)key "V.I.O.L.E.N.T C.H.A.P.T.E.R" Groove Metal / Southern Arcadio 24/Oct/2014
Winterthrone "Storms Of Wrath" Symphonic Black Metal Kramthal 10/Abr/2004
Winterthrone "The Godslayer" Symphonic Black Metal SaRe 21/May/2012
Wintersun "Wintersun" Viking/Folk Metal Iadalbaoth 13/Oct/2004
Winterstorm (Esp) "Desolate Land" Black Metal Xibalba 17/Jul/2008
Winter Of Sin "Woest" Melodic Black Metal Iadalbaoth 28/Abr/2006
Winter Of Sin "Razernij" Melodic Black Metal Agui 7/Ago/2008
Winter Of Life "Mother Madness" Progressive / Gothic Rock Metal Kaste 27/Mar/2010
Wine From Tears "Through The Eyes Of A Mad" Funeral Doom Azathoth 1/Sep/2009
Wigrid "Die Asche Eines Lebens" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 29/Jul/2005
Who's My Saviour "Glasgow Smile" Grindcore / Hardcore Azathoth 14/Feb/2008
Who Dies In Siberian Slush "Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost" Funeral Doom Azathoth 9/May/2012
Whisper-X "Warside" Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 10/Oct/2007
Whirling "Faceless Phenomena" Progressive Metal / Rock SaRe 12/Oct/2010
Whiplash (US) "Unborn Again" Speed / Thrash Metal Gherion 29/Nov/2009
When Icarus Falls "Over The Frozen Seas" Postcore, Post Rock, Experimental Iván C. 26/Nov/2009
Wetwork "Synod" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Ago/2005
Welkin "The_Origin" Death Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 14/Ago/2007
Weeping Birth "Anosognosic Industry Of The I" Death / Black Metal Xibalba 14/Mar/2009
Wedding In Hades "Elements Of Disorder" Gothic / Doom Metal Azathoth 1/Jul/2010
Weapon (Can) "From The Devil`s Tomb" Death /Black / Thrash Metal Usagi 12/Nov/2010
Waylander "Honour Amongst Chaos" Celtic Pagan Metal Fernando GM 6/Ago/2008
Way To End "Desecrated Internal Journey" Avantgarde Black Metal Azathoth 10/Nov/2009
Watchmaker "Erased From The Memory Of Man" Death Grind Metal Satochi 10/Ene/2006
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