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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 264
Thesyre "Exist!" Thrash Black Psychodelic Metal Kramthal 11/Nov/2006
Thesyre "Exist!" ¿? Skelos 1/May/2007
Therion (Swe) "Lemuria & Sirius B" Metal Orquestal Ivan C. 11/Dic/2004
Theodor Bastard "Pustota" Etno-rock / Goth-wave Rodbert Steinbruch 24/Nov/2006
Thee Maldoror Kollective "Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)" Cinematic Avantgarde Music Iván C. 31/Ene/2007
Theatres Des Vampires "Pleasure And Pain" Gothic Metal Anjana 27/Oct/2005
Theatres Des Vampires "Anima Noir" Gothic Metal Azathoth 2/Ago/2008
The Zeronaut "Portraits Of Nothing" Melodic Death Metal Gherion 16/Ago/2006
The Wounded Kings "The Shadow Over Atlantis" Doom Metal Lhun 11/Mar/2010
The Wounded Kings "In The Chapel Of The Black Hand" Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Dic/2011
The Wicked Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen "The Wicked Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen" Varios Iván C. 12/Feb/2009
The Way Of Purity "Crosscore" Melodic Metalcore Lhun 7/Jun/2010
The Way Of Purity "Biteback" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Necromancer 13/Ago/2012
The Way Of Purity "Equate" Death Metal / Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 19/Dic/2012
The Wandering Midget "The Serpent Coven" Stoner Doom Metal Azathoth 2/Dic/2008
The Void (Ita) "Remember" Gothic Metal Lord Adarvark 6/Sep/2005
The Void (Ita) "Vision Of The Truth" Dark Metal / Gothic Metal Fernando GM 16/Ago/2008
The Vision Bleak "The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey" Gothic Doom Metal Necromancer 12/Ene/2008
The Undivine "Delusional Noise" Death Metal Lhun 10/Feb/2014
The Ugly Bitches "Colonia, Suc I Tabac" Rock Thrash Metal Gherion 7/Jun/2007
The Ugly "Slaves To The Decay" Black Metal Xibalba 30/Mar/2009
The Sun Of Weakness "Landescape" Gothic Rock Metal Lord Abhorym 27/Jul/2006
The Sun Of Weakness "Trompe L’Oeil" Melancholic Metal Iván C. 26/Nov/2007
The Sullen Route "Madness Of My Own Design" Doom / Death Metal Azathoth 18/Ago/2010
The Stone (Ser) "Magla" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 18/Dic/2006
The Stone (Ser) "Umro" Black Metal Kramthal 24/Nov/2011
The Soulbreaker Company "The Pink Alchemist" Psychedelic Heavy Rock Blues Iván C. 2/Abr/2008
The Soulbreaker Company "Ítaca" Psychedelic Heavy Rock Blues Soul Iván C. 7/Dic/2010
The Sorrow "Origin Of The Storm" Metalcore Usagi 2/Mar/2009
The Somberlain "Ancient Satanic Cult" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 7/Dic/2011
The Shiver "A New Horizon" Melodic Gothic Metal Lhun 31/Jul/2010
The Shattering "The Shattering Begins" Death Metal Necromancer 31/Dic/2005
The Seventhate "The Cooper Test" Post-Metal Noise-Core Rodbert Steinbruch 12/Ago/2006
The Seventhate "It’s Not While Sleeping That Your Worst Nightmares Appear" Hardcore Azathoth 9/Ene/2008
The Seventhate "It´s Not While Sleeping That Your Worst Nightmares Appear" Noisecore/Screamo Iván Durán 18/May/2008
The Seventh "Cursed Earth Wasteland" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 15/Ago/2007
The Second Coming "Opus II - Prophecy Of An Inverted Inversion" Black Metal Kramthal 8/Mar/2005
The Scourger "Blind Date With Violence" Thrash Metal/ Death Metal Goteborg Rodbert Steinbruch 4/Ene/2007
The Scourger "Dark Invitation To Armageddon" Melodic Death / Thrash Metal Kramthal 13/Abr/2008
The Red Death "External Frames Of Reference" Metalcore Emilio Morote 10/May/2005
The Red Chord "Clients" Grind Core Ignacio Rielas 13/Jun/2005
The Reckoning (Bel) "Counterblast" Black / Death Metal SaRe 12/Ene/2009
The Ransack "Necropolis" Extreme Metal Iván C. 2/Abr/2006
The Puritan "Lithium Gates" Doom Metal Skeptic 8/Mar/2009
The Provenance "Ashes Againts The Grain" Experimental Goth Dark Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 24/Ene/2007
The Prophecy (UK) "Into The Light" Doom / Death Metal Iván C. 2/Mar/2009
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "The Lustrate Process" Death Metal / Industrial A_Lie_Called_Life 16/Ago/2009
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "Deadmarch: Initiation Of Blasphemy" Industrial Death Metal / Doom Usagi 16/Ene/2010
The Pax Cecilia "Blessed Are The Bonds" Postmetal, Ambient, Neoclassical Iván C. 2/Oct/2007
The Ocean "Aeolian" Brutal Hardcore Bissarrie 17/Dic/2005
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