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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 305
Subliminal Chaos "Putas Y Puños" Metalcore Usagi 22/Dic/2008
Subliminal Chaos "The Little Story Of The Cloud And The Thunder" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 23/Abr/2012
Subhuman "Profondo Rozzo" Thrash Death Metal SaRe 10/Dic/2009
Styggelse "Heir Today - God Tomorrow" Black Metal Schepsel 21/Ago/2010
Stutthof "And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust" Black Metal Lucifogo 25/Ago/2005
Stridsmenn "Stridsmenn" Black Metal Agui 4/Jul/2009
Striborg "Nefaria / Tragic Journey Towards The Light" Insane & Misanthropic Black Metal Skelos 11/Ene/2007
Striborg "Spiritual Catharsis" Black Metal Kramthal 14/Jul/2007
Striborg "Nocturnal Emissions - Nyctophobia" Black Metal Necromancer 27/Jul/2007
Striborg "Solitude" Black Metal / Ambient Iadalbaoth 15/Oct/2007
Striborg "Foreboding Silence" Black / Ambient / Depressive Necromancer 13/Nov/2008
Striborg "Misanthropic Isolation - In The Heart Of The Rainforest" Black Metal Kramthal 6/Dic/2008
Striborg "Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation" Black Ambient Fernando GM 3/Ene/2009
Striborg "Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation" Raw Black Metal Agui 31/Ene/2009
Strangulation (Swe) "Atrocious Retribution" Brutal Death Metal N.Cañellas 19/Ene/2005
Straight Opposition "Step By Step" Hardcore A_Lie_Called_Life 12/Feb/2007
Story Of Jade "The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbours!!!)" Heavy Metalcore Thrash Metal SaRe 14/Abr/2012
Stormlord (Ita) "The Gorgon Cult" Melodic Black Metal Dac 9/Jun/2004
Stormlord (Ita) "Mare Nostrum" Melodic Black Metal SaRe 10/Nov/2008
Stonegard "Arrows" Stoner Rock Metal Iván C. 10/Ene/2007
Stoned Jesus "First Communion" Stoner / Doom Metal Azathoth 2/Feb/2011
Stone Of Erech "Stone Of Erech" Epic Extreme Metal Kramthal 1/Mar/2009
Stíny Plamenù "Odpadní Galerie" Black Metal Xibalba 12/Dic/2007
Stíny Plamenù "Mrtvá Komora" Black Metal Usagi 2/Dic/2009
Stiny Plamenú "Výprava Za Pravdou špíny" Black Metal SaRe 23/Ene/2012
Stillness Blade "Break Of The Second Seal – The Eternal Damnation" Brutal Death Metal SaRe 14/Mar/2011
Still Nasty "Once & For All" Hard Rock / Rock & Roll / Stoner Iván C. 9/Jul/2010
Stigma (Cze) "Epitaph Of Pain" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Abr/2005
Stigian Lake "Atmospheres" Death/Black/Doom Metal Lord Zaebos 9/Oct/2004
Stench (Swe) "In Putrescence" Death / Black Metal Usagi 21/Oct/2010
Stellar Master Elite "Stellar Master Elite" Experimental Doom / Black Metal Schepsel 9/Ene/2012
Starlit "Ataraxis" Dark Ambient Kramthal 29/Nov/2010
Stargazer (Aus) "The Scream That Tore The Sky" Avantgarde Black Death Metal Lucifogo 19/Oct/2005
Stained Blood "One Last Warning" Deathcore Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Squash Bowels "No Mercy" Grind/Gore Iadalbaoth 21/May/2004
Squash Bowels "Love Songs" Goregrind Gherion 28/Mar/2006
Spite Extreme Wing "Vltra" Anti-depressive Black Metal Fiar 20/Nov/2008
Spiritus Mortis "The God Behind The God" Doom Metal Iván C. 13/Jul/2009
Spiritual Beggars "Demons" Stoner Ignacio Rielas 16/Jun/2005
Spirit Disease "Redemption Denied" Death/Thrash Necromancer 20/May/2005
Spirit Disease "Retaliation" Thrash / Death Metal Usagi 27/Ago/2011
Spetälsk "Spetälsk" Black Metal Lucifogo 8/Nov/2007
Spellcraft (Esp) "The Souldevourer" Black Metal Kramthal 8/Jun/2008
Spellcraft (Esp) "Stirpe Obscura" Black Metal Necromancer 13/Jul/2008
Speedfreaks (Swe) "Out For Kicks" Rock N´Roll Necromancer 13/Abr/2007
Spectral Lore "II" Black Metal / Dark Ambient Kramthal 3/Ene/2008
Spectral Lore "Sentinel" Black Metal Necromancer 16/Ene/2013
Spearhead (UK) "Decrowning The Irenarch" Death Metal LobotomizadoChickenHead 1/Abr/2008
Spearhead (UK) "Deathless Steel Command" Black / Death Metal Lucifogo 31/May/2008
Spearhead (UK) "Theomachia" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 16/Sep/2011
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