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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 305
Shadows Land "Terminus Ante Duem" Industrial Death Black Iván C. 28/Dic/2006
Shadow's Far "Eleven Sins" Melodic Thrash-Death Iván Durán 12/Nov/2007
Shadow Cut "Pictures Of Death" Death/Black Metal Necromancer 9/Abr/2005
Shadow (Jpn) "Forever Chaos" Melodic Death Metal Kaste 10/Oct/2008
Shade Empire "Sinthetic" Orquestal Dark Metal Lord Zaebos 10/May/2004
Shade Empire "Intoxicate O.S." Melodic Industrial Dark/Black Metal Necromancer 9/Dic/2006
Shade Empire "Zero Nexus" Melodic Black / Death Metal Agui 24/Sep/2008
Severed Remains "A Display Of Those Defiled" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 22/Feb/2004
Severance (US) "Suffering In Humanity" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 10/Sep/2007
SevenScars "In God We Rust" Metalcore Necromancer 14/Jun/2008
Seven Stitches "The Face Alone Does Not Reveal The Man" Thrash Metal Lord Abhorym 26/Oct/2006
Setherial "Endtime Divine" Black Metal Lucifogo 29/Feb/2004
Seth (Fra) "Era-Decay" Black Metal Necromancer 17/Ene/2005
Serpentia "Dark Fields Of Pain" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Feb/2004
Serpent Skies "A Claim To Reality" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 26/Ago/2014
Serment D’Allégiance "Serment I: Le Sceptre Prophétique” + “Serment II: Les Ailes Du Posthume" Dark Ambient / Black Metal Schepsel 29/Sep/2010
Sepultura "A-Lex" Hardcore / Thrash Metal Lordbelial 22/Feb/2009
Septic Moon "Eternal Oath To The Goat" Black Metal Lucifogo 25/Ene/2005
Septic Moon "The Silent Breath Of Evil" Black Metal Xibalba 26/Nov/2008
Septic Christ "Guilty As We Were Born" Thrash Metal Schepsel 20/Mar/2013
September Murder "Agony In Flesh" Death Metal Usagi 24/Mar/2009
Sepia Dreamer "The Sublime" Extreme Progressive Metal Iván C. 5/Jun/2007
Sepelio Oculto "Viviendo Bajo Tierra" Black Metal Arcadio 10/Ene/2014
Sentimen Beltza "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea" Black Metal Schepsel 1/Feb/2011
Sentenced "The Funeral Album" Gothic Metal Bissarrie 11/Sep/2005
Semic Stains "This Cage" Thrash / Melodic Death Metal Usagi 30/Dic/2011
Selftorture "Dead Center" Death / Core Iago Fuentes 4/Dic/2007
Sekhmet "Words Of The Master (Proverbs Of Hell)" Black Metal SaRe 16/Jun/2014
See You Next Tuesday "Parasite" Grind Mathcore Iván C. 8/Jun/2007
Secretum "Happy Happy Killing Time" Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Feb/2004
Secrets Of The Moon "Antithesis" Black Metal Kramthal 6/Oct/2006
Second Silence "Un Solo Camino" Metalcore / Trash Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 21/Abr/2009
Second Shadow "Line Up [Execution Style]" Death Metal Satochi 25/Dic/2005
Secht "Secht" Suicide Black Metal Kramthal 4/Jun/2006
Searing I "BloodShred" Thrash/Death Necromancer 25/Oct/2005
Sear Bliss "Glory And Perdition" Epic Black Metal Usagi 23/Abr/2009
Seance (Swe) "Awakening Of The Gods" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2009
Seamount "IV: Earthmother" Heavy / Doom / Rock Schepsel 1/Abr/2013
Seal Of Beleth "Slow Music For Dead People" Doom Metal Arcadio 29/Jul/2013
Screaming Eyes "Screaming Eyes" Melodic Black Death Alonso Mercado 14/Abr/2006
Screaming Banshee "The Chronicles" Progressive Melodic Death Usagi 7/Abr/2011
Scorngrain "0,05%" Cyber Thrash Metal Necromancer 6/May/2007
Scorngrain "Utopia.Paranoia.Perversions!" Thrash / Industrial Metal SaRe 11/Ene/2012
Scornage "Pure Motorized Instinct" Thrash Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 9/May/2007
SCID "Fucked Beyond Recognition" Brutal Death Necromancer 25/Jul/2006
Schizo "Main Frame Collapse" Thrash Metal Ares 1/Jun/2006
Scent Of Flesh "Valor In Hatred" Brutal Death Metal N.Cañellas 21/Sep/2004
Scent Of Flesh "Deform In Torture" Brutal Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 22/Mar/2007
Scent Of Death "Of Martyrs`s Agony And Hate" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 25/Feb/2013
Scars On Murmansk "Travelling Through Dark Places" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 20/Jul/2011
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