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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 107
Revolting (Swe) "In Grisly Rapture" Death Metal Usagi 9/Sep/2011
Reverend Kill "His Blood, Our Victory" Death Metal SaRe 12/Abr/2010
Reverence (Fra) "Chamber Of Divine Elaboration" Industrial Black Metal Azathoth 30/Dic/2007
Revelations Of Rain "Marble Shades Of Despair" Doom Metal Azathoth 6/Dic/2007
Revelations Of Rain "Revelations Of Rain" Doom / Death Metal Skeptic 24/Jul/2009
Revelations Of Rain "Emanation Of Hatred" Doom Death Metal Kramthal 22/Dic/2010
Rev 16:8 "Grand Tidal Rave" Black Metal Usagi 20/Jun/2009
Retaliatory Measures "MMX" Death / Thrash Metal Roberto Sedinho 6/Mar/2012
Resuscitator "A Warrior's Death" Death Metal Kramthal 4/Jul/2005
Resurrecturis "The Cucoo Clocks Of Hell" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 9/Oct/2004
Resurrecturis "Non Voglio Morire" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Feb/2010
Resurrection (US) "Mistaken For Dead" Death Metal Necromancer 12/Oct/2008
Resurrected (Ger) "Endless Sea Of Loss" Brutal Death Necromancer 31/Dic/2006
Resonance Room "Unspoken" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Nov/2009
Resection "Zenith" Brutal Death Metal Lord Abhorym 16/Jul/2007
Requiem Laus "Promo 2006" Melodic Death Metal Gherion 18/Mar/2007
Requiem Laus "The Eternal Plague" Melodic Death Black Metal Kaste 27/Sep/2008
Requiem Aeternam (Ury) "Philosopher" Progressive Black/Death Iván C. 9/Jun/2006
Repuked "Pervertopia" Death Metal Schepsel 17/May/2011
Remembrance (Fra) "Silencing The Moments" Atmospheric Funeral Doom Iván C. 19/May/2008
Remembrance (Fra) "Fall, Obsidian Night" Atmospheric Funeral Doom Iván C. 25/Oct/2010
Remasculate "Perversemonger" Grindcore Necromancer 2/Mar/2008
Reino Ermitaño "Veneración Del Fuego" Doom Metal Arcadio 21/Sep/2012
Rehashed "Code Black" Thrash Metal / Hardcore SaRe 17/Ene/2012
Reflection "When Shadows Fall" Epic Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 9/Feb/2009
Redox (Esp) "Equilibrium" Heavy / Thrash Metal Usagi 14/Jun/2010
Redemptor Hominis "Prémices I - IV" Black Metal Azathoth 15/Ene/2009
Redemption "Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta" Progressive/Power Metal Iván C. 3/Abr/2009
Red Mourning "Time To Go" Sludge Metal - Southern Rock Iván C. 7/Ago/2008
Red Moon Architect "Concealed Silence" Doom / Melodic Death Usagi 24/Ene/2013
Reckless Tide "Helleraser" Thrash Metal Necromancer 10/Dic/2006
Re123+ "Magi" Drone Metal / Post-Rock Azathoth 26/May/2010
Razordog "Lucy Fairy's Club" Industrial Goth ? Satochi 26/Ene/2006
Razor Of Occam "Homage To Martyrs" Blackened Thrash Metal SaRe 17/Abr/2009
Raw In Sect "Red Flows" Technical Death Metal Usagi 16/Sep/2010
Raw In Sect "Red Flows" Technical Death Thrash Metal SaRe 22/Mar/2012
Raventale "Long Passed Days" Atmospheric Doom Black Metal Iván C. 16/Abr/2009
Raventale "Mortal Aspirations" Black / Doom Metal Agui 14/Ene/2010
Raventale "After" Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal Azathoth 10/Abr/2012
Ravensblood "From The Tumulus Depths" Black Metal Iadalbaoth 14/Ene/2005
Ravendusk (Pol) "Astroblack Advent" Symphonic Black Metal Azathoth 20/Nov/2007
Ravencult "Temples Of Torment" Black Metal Kramthal 19/Sep/2007
Ravager "Nazxul Rising" Brutal Death Metal Lord Zaebos 29/Feb/2004
Rattenfänger "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum" Death / Doom Metal Arcadio 10/Abr/2013
Rapture "The Silent Stage" Melodic Death Metal Lord Zaebos 18/Mar/2005
Rancor (Esp) "Death Is Everywhere" Thrash Metal Necromancer 17/Jul/2007
Ramhorn "Crystal Vanity" Doom Metal Satochi 9/May/2006
Ramhorn "Damaged Equilibrium" Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 28/Ene/2008
Rajna "Offering" Dark Ambient / Ethereal / Folk Rodbert Steinbruch 6/Abr/2010
Raise Hell "City Of The Damned" Speed - Thrash Metal Skelos 10/May/2007
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