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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 117
I`ll Eat Your Face "Hot Brains Terror" Progressive Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 14/Jul/2012
Ivory Night "7 - Dawn Of The Night" Heavy Metal Emilio Morote 7/Mar/2005
Isthar (Swe) "Krig" Black Metal Necromancer 1/Nov/2005
Isthar (Hol) "Among The Ruins" Black Death Metal Lord Abhorym 4/Jul/2007
Isthar (Hol) "Chaos Death Reincarnation" Lack / Death Metal Gherion 1/Ago/2009
Israthoum "Black Scenery Avatar" Black Metal Agui 24/Abr/2008
Irreverence (Esp) "Irreverence" Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 8/Jul/2009
Irredemption "Hordes Of Hanger" Death Metal/Brutal Necromancer 13/May/2006
Ironwood ":Fire:Water:Ash:" Folk Extreme Metal SaRe 16/Oct/2009
Irate Architect "Born Blood Portrait" Death Grind Metal Gherion 30/Dic/2005
Iperyt "No State Of Grace" Industrial Death / Black Metal SaRe 29/Sep/2011
Ion Dissonance "Minus The Herd" Math Metal / Deathcore Iván C. 20/Ago/2007
Íon "Madre, Prótegenos" Ethereal / World Music Rodbert Steinbruch 15/Dic/2006
Íon "Immaculada" Darkwave Ambient Folk Kaste 17/Sep/2010
Inzest (Aut) "The Sickest Of Society" Death Metal / Grindcore Gherion 14/Dic/2006
Inward "Ruins Of Inland" Death Metal Xibalba 12/Sep/2008
Into The Nethermost "Once Upon The Graveyard" Black / Death Metal Arcadio 23/Jun/2014
Internal Bleeding "Onward To Mecca" Brutal Death Metal Necromancer 22/Nov/2004
Insulters "Skull Krushers" Death Thrash Metal Kramthal 5/Jul/2009
Insulters "Black Vomit" Death Thrash Metal Kramthal 6/Feb/2010
Insulters "We Are The Plague" Death Metal Arcadio 14/Feb/2014
Insomnium "Since The Day It All Came Down" Melodic Death Metal Ivan C. 18/Sep/2004
Insomnium "Above The Weeping World" Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 13/Dic/2006
Insidious Decrepancy "Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering" Brutal Death Necromancer 24/Sep/2005
Insidious Decrepancy "The Inerrancy Of Profanation" Brutal Death Necromancer 11/Sep/2006
Inside The Fall "...As Life Withers" Death / Doom / Gothic Metal Schepsel 28/Ene/2013
Inside I "Beneath The Circus" Melodic Death / Metalcore Usagi 17/Dic/2012
Insicknia "Ascent To The Sky" Death Metal / Thrash Core A_Lie_Called_Life 5/Oct/2008
Insanity Reigns Supreme "Prophecy Of Doom" Death Doom Metal Ivan C. 15/May/2004
Insane Assholes "Grindzilla" Grindcore A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Abr/2008
Inquisitor (Lit) "The Quantum Theory Of Id" Avant-garde Black Metal SaRe 13/Ene/2012
Inquested "The Red Chambers" Metal / Thrash Metal Johnny Nihil 2/Feb/2009
Inner Xpose "Panoramic Horizon" Djent / Metalcore / Progressive Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Iniquity "Iniquity Bloody Iniquity" Brutal Death Metal Iadalbaoth 28/Feb/2004
Inhume "Chaos Dissection Order" Grind Roberto Sedinho 13/Jul/2007
Inhumate "Life" Death Metal/Grind Lord Zaebos 21/Mar/2004
Inhuman Hate "Twilight Of A Lost Soul" Black / Doom Metal Azathoth 1/Dic/2010
Inhospit "Sacrifice 666" Death Metal Arcadio 13/May/2014
Ingurgitating Oblivion "Voyage Towards Abhorrence" Death Metal OppiFjell 19/Ago/2005
Inflikted "Inflikted" Thrash Metal Sliron 29/Sep/2014
Infinited Hate "Revel In Bloodshed" Death Metal N.Cañellas 9/May/2004
Infinited Hate "Heaven Termination" Death Metal OppiFjell 1/Sep/2005
Infinight "Sea Of Knowledge" Power Thrash Metal Iván C. 27/Nov/2006
Infinight "Like Puppets" Heavy / Thrash Metal Necromancer 13/Mar/2011
Infestus (Ger) "Ex | Ist" Atmospheric Black Metal Usagi 24/May/2011
Infest (Fra) "Feel The Rage" Death / Grind A_Lie_Called_Life 18/Sep/2007
Infest (Fra) "Moshroom" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 2/Nov/2009
Infernum "The Curse" Black Metal Kramthal 21/Jul/2006
Inferno (Cze) "Black Devotion" Black Metal Kramthal 14/Mar/2010
Infernal Revulsion "Devastate Under Hallucination" Brutal Death Roberto Sedinho 26/Sep/2007
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