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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 266
Distilling Pain "Irrational Statements" Black Metal Arcadio 3/Abr/2013
Dissociated Human Junction "Split Bloodoline - Reverence - Blut Aus Nord - Karras" Avant-garde / Methapysical Post Black Me Lord Abhorym 3/Nov/2007
Dissimulation "Maras" Black/Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 20/Nov/2004
Dissimulation "Prakeikimas" Thrash Black Metal Lucifogo 8/Sep/2005
Dissimulation "Atiduokit Mirusius" Black Metal / Thrash Metal Xibalba 6/Jun/2009
Dissection (Swe) "Maha Kali" Black Metal Lord Zaebos 7/Dic/2004
Dissection (Swe) "Reinkaos" Death Metal Melódico Lord Zaebos 7/May/2006
Dispersive Light "Dispersive Light" Ambient, Drone Kaste 11/Dic/2009
Disparaged "Overlust" Death Metal Iadalbaoth 31/Mar/2004
Disparaged "Blood Source" Death Metal Necromancer 31/Mar/2006
Disowned "Emotionally Involved" Alternative Emo Metal Iván C. 21/Sep/2007
Dismorph "Demo 2007" Death Metal Necromancer 6/Abr/2008
Dismember "Where Ironcrosses Grow" Death Metal N.Cañellas 26/Mar/2004
Dismember "The God That Never Was" Death Metal Necromancer 6/Ene/2007
Dismal (Ita) "Miele Dal Salice" Gothic Dark Ambient Iván C. 22/Feb/2007
Dislocation (Fra) "Inexorable Devastation" Death Metal Necromancer 12/Nov/2005
Disinter (US) "As We Burn" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 6/Jul/2004
Disguise "Human Primordial Instinct" Melodic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 16/Sep/2004
Disdained "We All Reek" Brutal Death Iván C. 13/Oct/2008
Disciples Of Chaos "In Chaos We Trust" Heavy Metal Ignacio Rielas 20/May/2005
Disaster (Fra) "Da Grind 4 Way Split" Brutal Death/Grindcore Necromancer 4/Dic/2005
Disarmonia Mundi "The Isolation Game" Melodic Death Metal Usagi 28/Dic/2009
Dirge (Fra) "And Shall The Sky Descend" Atmospheric Sludge / Post-Hardcore Iván C. 17/Sep/2007
Dirge (Fra) "Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas" Atmospheric Sludge / Post-Hardcore Iván C. 2/Nov/2007
Diocletian "Decimator" Black Metal / Death Metal Xibalba 8/Ene/2008
Dinner Auf Uranos "50 Sommer - 50 Winter" Post Rock / Stoner / Psychedelic Lhun 14/Jul/2010
Dimmu Borgir "In Sorte Diaboli" Melodic Black/Symphonic Metal Necromancer 23/Abr/2007
Dimentianon "Promo 2007" Death Metal Kramthal 9/Oct/2007
Dimension Zero "This Is Hell" Death/Thrash Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Feb/2004
Dimension F3H "Does The Pain Excite You?" Industrial Metal Gherion 27/Oct/2007
Different State & Sigill "Spazmatic[k] Spell" Different State & Sigill Electronic Ambient Azathoth 29/May/2008
Different State "Knar" Experimental Industrial Ambient Iván C. 6/Jul/2009
Different State "Through The Falling Eyelid" Experimental Ambient Kaste 8/Jul/2010
Different State "Yield" Industrial / Afterpunk Azathoth 2/Ene/2012
Difenacum "Lapsus" Grindcore Necromancer 8/Ene/2006
Difenacum "Alégrame El Día" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 10/Abr/2011
Dies Irae (Pol) "Sculpture Of Stone" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 4/Jul/2004
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas "Dusk And Void Became Alive" Industrial Dark Wave / Heavenly Voices Rodbert Steinbruch 5/Sep/2007
Die Hard "Nihilistic Vision" Thrash / Death Metal Gherion 22/Dic/2009
Dianthus "Dianthus" Death / Thrash Metal Usagi 13/Nov/2009
Diabulus In Musica "Secrets" Symphonic Gothic Metal Kaste 31/Jul/2009
Diabolical Masquerade "Nightwork" Avantgarde Atmospheric Black Metal Necromancer 3/Feb/2007
Diabolical Masquerade "Death's Design" Avantgarde Symphonic Black Metal Iván C. 9/Jun/2007
Diabolical Masquerade "Ravendusk In My Heart" Dark Black Metal Kramthal 14/Nov/2007
Diabolical Masquerade "The Phantom Lodge" Dark Black Metal Kramthal 10/Ene/2008
Diabolical Breed "Compendium Infernus" Symphonic Black Metal Lord Zaebos 21/Ago/2004
Diabolic "Infinity Through Purification" Death Metal N.Cañellas 27/Feb/2004
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Sing-Along Songs For The Damned And Delirious" Avant-garde Metal Iván C. 26/Nov/2009
Dhul-Qarnayn "Jilwah" Ambient Necromancer 10/Sep/2009
Dhaubgurz "Rebirth Of The Pagan Fires" Black Metal Kramthal 20/Jun/2006
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