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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 67
Slegest "Løyndom" Doom / Heavy Metal Arcadio 25/Feb/2014
Dawn Of Tears "Act II: The Dying Eve" Black / Heavy Metal Arcadio 21/Feb/2014
Vanderbuyst "Flying Dutchmen" Heavy Metal Arcadio 1/Ene/2014
Beast (Swe) "Dead Or Alive" Punk / Heavy Metal Arcadio 24/Oct/2013
Bloodshed Walhalla "The Battle Will Never End" Heavy / Folk Metal Arcadio 10/Jul/2013
Seamount "IV: Earthmother" Heavy / Doom / Rock Schepsel 1/Abr/2013
Story Of Jade "The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbours!!!)" Heavy Metalcore Thrash Metal SaRe 14/Abr/2012
Honey For Christ "The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" Heavy Rock Thrash Metal Kaste 5/Ene/2012
Infinight "Like Puppets" Heavy / Thrash Metal Necromancer 13/Mar/2011
Blood Thirsty Demons "Let The War Begin" Thrash Metal / Heavy / Doom Usagi 25/Ene/2011
The Soulbreaker Company "Ítaca" Psychedelic Heavy Rock Blues Soul Iván C. 7/Dic/2010
Lord Volture "Beast Of Thunder" Heavy Metal / Power Metal Usagi 15/Oct/2010
Redox (Esp) "Equilibrium" Heavy / Thrash Metal Usagi 14/Jun/2010
Hour Of 13 "The Ritualist" Doom / Heavy Metal Azathoth 18/May/2010
S.C.A.L.P. "Chuzhaya Voina" Death Doom Heavy Metal Kaste 13/Ene/2010
Rituals Of The Oak "Hour Of Judgement" Doom / Heavy Metal Azathoth 31/Dic/2009
S.C.A.L.P. "Through Eternity" Death Doom Heavy Metal Kaste 30/Dic/2009
Plutonium Orange "Volume" Heavy /Rock / Stoner Metal Kaste 17/Dic/2009
Ethereal Faun "The Nightlitany" Progressive Folk / Heavy Metal Agui 14/Sep/2009
Forsaken (Mlt) "After The Fall" Doom Heavy Metal Gherion 26/Ago/2009
Memory Garden "Tides" Doom Heavy Metal Iván C. 6/Jul/2009
Deceiver (Swe) "Thrashing Heavy Metal" Thrash / Heavy Metal Usagi 16/Feb/2009
Reflection "When Shadows Fall" Epic Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 9/Feb/2009
Mena Brinno "Wicked Polly" Gothic Heavy Folk Metal Kaste 8/Feb/2009
Thirteenth Sign "Oracles Of Armageddon" Melodic Death / Thrash / Heavy Usagi 2/Dic/2008
Hokum "Pi" Thrash Heavy Death Metal Iván C. 25/Sep/2008
Motörhead "Motörizer" Rock / Heavy / Speed Metal SaRe 16/Sep/2008
Angel Blake "The Descended" Dark Heavy Metal Fernando GM 20/Jul/2008
Celtic Legacy "Guardian Of Eternity" Celtic Heavy Metal Iván C. 3/Jul/2008
The Lamp Of Thoth "Cauldron Of Witchery" Epic Heavy Metal Azathoth 13/May/2008
Gillmore "Rigor Mortis Of Souls" Heavy Metal - Rock Iván C. 15/Abr/2008
The Soulbreaker Company "The Pink Alchemist" Psychedelic Heavy Rock Blues Iván C. 2/Abr/2008
The 4 Order "The Journal" Rogressive Heavy Metal Rodbert Steinbruch 22/Mar/2008
Ramhorn "Damaged Equilibrium" Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 28/Ene/2008
Hemoragy "Jesus King Of Wine" Heavy / Thrash Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 9/Ene/2008
Hallucigenia "Maleficio" Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal Azathoth 4/Ene/2008
Ground Control "Insanity" Heavy Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 8/Dic/2007
King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul... Please" Heavy Metal Lucifogo 28/Nov/2007
Era Vulgaris "What Stirs Within" Heavy / Thrash Metal Iago Fuentes 24/Oct/2007
Heaven And Hell (UK) "Live At Radio City Music Hall" Heavy Metal Alonso Mercado 28/Sep/2007
Achyronthia "The Final Crossing" Melodic Death / Heavy Metal Necromancer 24/Sep/2007
Mael Mórdha "Gealtacht Mael Mórdha" Folk Heavy Doom Metal Iván C. 20/Abr/2007
After All "This Violent Decline" Speed Heavy Thrash Metal Lord Abhorym 19/Abr/2007
Barbarian (Esp) "Seguimos Avanzando" Thrash / Heavy Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 17/Mar/2007
Agro "Ritual 6" Death / Thrash / Heavy Metal A_Lie_Called_Life 9/Ene/2007
God (Prt) "Hell & Heaven" Pagan Heavy Metal Skelos 7/Dic/2006
Cloven Hoof "Promo 05" Heavy Metal Alonso Mercado 28/Sep/2006
Malpractice (Fin) "Deviation From The Flow" Progressive Heavy Metal Iván C. 30/Ago/2006
Norther "Till Death Unites Us" Heavy-Melodic Death Metal Iván C. 28/Ago/2006
Manitou (Fin) "Deadlock" Heavy Metal Satochi 31/May/2006
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