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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 115
Mirzadeh "Desired Mythic Pride" Melodic Black Metal / Gothic Metal Sliron 15/Sep/2014
Azylya "Sweet cerebral destruction" Gothic Metal SaRe 21/Abr/2014
Angellore "Errances" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Arcadio 9/Dic/2013
Libria "Immortal Daughter Of Aesthetics" Melodic Death / Gothic Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/Nov/2013
Eclectika "Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty" Experimental Black / Gothic Metal Roberto Sedinho 27/Mar/2013
Inside The Fall "...As Life Withers" Death / Doom / Gothic Metal Schepsel 28/Ene/2013
Beyond The Dream "In The Heart Of Nothing" Symphonic Melodic Gothic Metal Kramthal 18/Ago/2012
Absentia (Esp) "Our Bleeding Sun" Symphonic Black / Death / Gothic Metal Usagi 16/May/2012
Circus Of Lamia "Welcome Madness" Gothic Metal SaRe 17/Abr/2012
Ebony Lake "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" Avant-Garde Gothic / Black Metal Lhun 6/Ene/2012
Sarah Jezebel Deva "The Corruption Of Mercy" Symphonic Gothic Metal SaRe 1/Jul/2011
Dark The Suns "Sleepwalking In A Nightmare" Melodic Dark Metal / Gothic Metal Iván C. 11/Abr/2011
Xoanon "Midday" Gothic Metal / Melodic Gothic Doom Iván C. 30/Mar/2011
Deus Vult "La Llave De Plata" Gothic Rock Iván C. 18/Feb/2011
Bloody Clerks "No Sun After The Storm" Melodic Death/Black Metal / Gothic Doom Iván C. 19/Ene/2011
Mournful Gust "She’s My Grief…Decade" Gothic Doom Metal Azathoth 17/Dic/2010
Nicht "Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 26/Nov/2010
My Silent Wake "IV Et Lux Perpetua" Doom Gothic Rock Kramthal 2/Nov/2010
Enoria "Enoria" Gothic Metal Lhun 25/Ago/2010
The Foreshadowing "Oionos" Gothic / Doom Metal Kaste 22/Ago/2010
The Shiver "A New Horizon" Melodic Gothic Metal Lhun 31/Jul/2010
On The Edge Of The NetherRealm "Different Realms" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Azathoth 24/Jul/2010
Wedding In Hades "Elements Of Disorder" Gothic / Doom Metal Azathoth 1/Jul/2010
Gotham O.D "Disbeliever" Gothic Metal Agui 15/Jun/2010
Helevorn "Forthcoming Displeasures" Gothic / Doom Metal Azathoth 24/May/2010
Absentia (Esp) "Heaven Still Burns" Symphonic Black / Death / Gothic Metal Lhun 4/May/2010
Divine Lust "The Bitterest Flavours" Gothic Doom Metal Kaste 7/Abr/2010
Winter Of Life "Mother Madness" Progressive / Gothic Rock Metal Kaste 27/Mar/2010
Tears Of Martyr "Entrance" Gothic Metal Kaste 3/Mar/2010
Nova Orbis "Imago" Symphonic / Gothic Metal Kaste 15/Feb/2010
Eternal Cry "The Garden Of Dead Flowers" Gothic Doom Metal Kaste 2/Feb/2010
Tales Of Dark... "Perdition Calls" Gothic Doom Metal Azathoth 8/Ene/2010
In Tormentata Quiete "Teatroelementale" Neoclassical Gothic Experimental Metal Kaste 3/Dic/2009
Resonance Room "Unspoken" Doom / Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Nov/2009
Vitreus "No Shadows Without Light" Gothic Doom Melodic Death Kaste 21/Oct/2009
Omega Lithium "Dreams In Formaline" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 3/Sep/2009
Diabulus In Musica "Secrets" Symphonic Gothic Metal Kaste 31/Jul/2009
Rossometile "Terrenica" Gothic Metal / Progressive Rock Lordbelial 28/May/2009
Ensoph "Rex Mundi X-Ile" Gothic Industrial Metal Kaste 24/May/2009
Arkona / Nargathrond "Jizn Vo Slavu (Live... For The Glory) / Neizbezhnost" Pagan Folk Metal / Pagan Gothic Rock Usagi 28/Abr/2009
Dakrya "Monumento" Gothic Metal Sinfónico Lordbelial 27/Abr/2009
Magenta "Art And Accidents" Gothic Rock / Dark Wave / Electronica Iván C. 16/Abr/2009
Mena Brinno "Wicked Polly" Gothic Heavy Folk Metal Kaste 8/Feb/2009
Before The Dawn "Soundscape Of Silence" Gothic Metal / Metal Progresivo Lordbelial 4/Feb/2009
Ohgr "Devils In My Details..." Industrial / Gothic Rock / Electronica Iván C. 22/Nov/2008
Mournful Gust "The Frankness Eve" Gothic Doom Azathoth 16/Nov/2008
Lord Agheros "As A Sin" Gothic Ambient Kaste 10/Nov/2008
Evadne "The 13th Condition" Doom Death / Gothic Doom Lordbelial 5/Nov/2008
Todesbonden "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest" Gothic Doom Fernando GM 19/Oct/2008
UnSun "The End Of Life" Gothic Metal Kaste 6/Oct/2008
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