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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 1237
Decapitated (Pol) "Blood Mantra" Death Metal Lord Zaebos 12/Oct/2014
Lelahell "Al Insane​.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth Of Abderrahmane" Brutal Death Metal Arcadio 9/Oct/2014
Coagulation "In A World Of Flesh And Blood" Brutal Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 7/Oct/2014
Brutally Deceased "Black Infernal Vortex" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 1/Sep/2014
Bulletsize "The Apokalypse" Thrash Metal / Death Metal Sliron 26/Ago/2014
Serpent Skies "A Claim To Reality" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 26/Ago/2014
In My Embrace "Dead To Dust Descend" Melodic Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 19/Ago/2014
A Tribute To Vomitory "Rebirth Of The Grotesque" Death Metal Arcadio 5/Ago/2014
Kevlar Skin "Transmigrator" Death Metal Arcadio 4/Ago/2014
Darkness By Oath "Seeds Of Desolation" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 30/Jul/2014
Creinium "Project Utopia" Melodic Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Jul/2014
Into The Nethermost "Once Upon The Graveyard" Black / Death Metal Arcadio 23/Jun/2014
Iliac Thorns "It" Melodic Black Death Metal SaRe 10/Jun/2014
Demented (Spa) "The Smell Of Decay" Doom / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 4/Jun/2014
Riot Of Violence "Planet Of The Rapes" Melodic Death Meta Arcadio 30/May/2014
Magenta Harvest "Volatile Waters" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 23/May/2014
Basement Torture Killings "A Night Of Brutal Torture" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2014
Inhospit "Sacrifice 666" Death Metal Arcadio 13/May/2014
Dementia Senex "HeartWorm" Death Metal Sliron 6/May/2014
Deathquintet "Godwork" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 30/Abr/2014
Karmak "Exilio Humano" Grind / Death / Thrash Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Stained Blood "One Last Warning" Deathcore Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Frequency "The Flow" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 7/Abr/2014
Noctem (Esp) "Exilium" Death / Black Metal Arcadio 1/Abr/2014
Goresoerd "Asülum" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 31/Mar/2014
Dulcamara "El Antagonista" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Sliron 26/Mar/2014
Barbarian Prophecies "XIII" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 24/Mar/2014
Nacom "Crawling Human Souls" Melodic Death Metal SatanicStorm 21/Mar/2014
MortSubite "Black Nécora" DeathCore / MetalCore Arcadio 19/Mar/2014
Cancerous Womb "Born Of A Cancerous Womb" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Mar/2014
Insulters "We Are The Plague" Death Metal Arcadio 14/Feb/2014
The Undivine "Delusional Noise" Death Metal Lhun 10/Feb/2014
Beyond Mortality "Infected Life" Death Metal SatanicStorm 7/Feb/2014
Foetal Juice "Big Trouble In Little Vagina" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Feb/2014
Worstenemy "Revelation" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 20/Ene/2014
Sarkom "Doomsday Elite" Death / Black Metal Arcadio 15/Ene/2014
Mechanical God Creation "Artifact Of Annihilation" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 20/Dic/2013
Angellore "Errances" Gothic / Death / Doom Metal Arcadio 9/Dic/2013
Xenosis "Of Chaos & Turmoil" Progressive Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 2/Dic/2013
Libria "Immortal Daughter Of Aesthetics" Melodic Death / Gothic Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/Nov/2013
Ofghost "Audiocorpse" Industrial / Black / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 28/Oct/2013
Deathstar "Beyond All Fears" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/Oct/2013
Black Therapy "Symptoms Of A Common Sickness" Melodic Death Metal Arcadio 7/Oct/2013
Cumbeast "Recycled Nastiness" Brutal Death Metal Arcadio 26/Ago/2013
The Last Twilight "La Octava Copa De Ira" Death Black Metal Kramthal 22/Ago/2013
Abhordium "When Depravity Incarnates" Death Metal SaRe 12/Ago/2013
Mass Burial (Esp) "Gangrene Hymns" Old Swedish Death Metal Arcadio 5/Ago/2013
Ruindom "In The Eye Of Death" Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Jul/2013
Atretic Intestine "Encased" Death Metal SaRe 26/Jul/2013
Exhumed Day "The Beauty Of Putrefaction" Death / Black Metal Arcadio 17/Jul/2013
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