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BANDA - TÍTULO Totales... 414
A Spanish (And Guests) "Tribute To Dead Infection" Goregrind Arcadio 21/Oct/2014
Vortex "Confessions" Metalcore Arcadio 16/Oct/2014
Age Of Torment "I, Against" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 19/Jun/2014
Teksuo "Diamonds EP" Djent / Metalcore Arcadio 26/May/2014
Blinded Memory "From The Ashes" Metalcore Sliron 16/May/2014
Basement Torture Killings "A Night Of Brutal Torture" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 14/May/2014
Karmak "Exilio Humano" Grind / Death / Thrash Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Stained Blood "One Last Warning" Deathcore Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Inner Xpose "Panoramic Horizon" Djent / Metalcore / Progressive Metal Arcadio 11/Abr/2014
Goresoerd "Asülum" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 31/Mar/2014
Dulcamara "El Antagonista" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Sliron 26/Mar/2014
MortSubite "Black Nécora" DeathCore / MetalCore Arcadio 19/Mar/2014
Foetal Juice "Big Trouble In Little Vagina" Grind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 5/Feb/2014
Mechanical God Creation "Artifact Of Annihilation" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 20/Dic/2013
ID: Exorcist "Paths To Exile" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 14/Ago/2013
Miasmic Theory "Sound Of Desperation" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 12/Jul/2013
The Obscene Machine "The Obscenity Within" Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 25/Jun/2013
VV.AA. "A Split Worse Than Death" Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 20/Jun/2013
Haterial "Twisted Verses" Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 17/Abr/2013
Belligerence "Heartfelt" Death Metal / Deathcore Arcadio 15/Abr/2013
Mort Subite "Mort Subite" Metalcore / Deathcore Arcadio 4/Mar/2013
Maromaco "Demo 2012" Grind / Death / Hardcore Arcadio 18/Feb/2013
The Way Of Purity "Equate" Death Metal / Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 19/Dic/2012
Inside I "Beneath The Circus" Melodic Death / Metalcore Usagi 17/Dic/2012
Underwell "Plan Your Rebirth" Melodic Metalcore / Post-Hardcore/ Thrash Usagi 4/Dic/2012
Hyde Abbey "Hall Of Shame" Deathcore / Melodeath Arcadio 24/Oct/2012
Gasmask Violence / Vuohi "Hatred United" Grindcore / Black Metal Roberto Sedinho 17/Oct/2012
The Way Of Purity "Biteback" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Necromancer 13/Ago/2012
Authority Crisis "Seven Deasly Sins... And Some Minor Mischief" Grind / Death Metal Arcadio 30/Jul/2012
I`ll Eat Your Face "Hot Brains Terror" Progressive Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 14/Jul/2012
Fuckhammer "Hammered To Fuck" Sludge / Death Metal / Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 4/Jul/2012
Nailed Coil "The Outcome Of Anxiety" Deathcore / Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 17/May/2012
Subliminal Chaos "The Little Story Of The Cloud And The Thunder" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 23/Abr/2012
Story Of Jade "The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbours!!!)" Heavy Metalcore Thrash Metal SaRe 14/Abr/2012
Ignition Code "Upgraded" Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Usagi 17/Feb/2012
Passiv Dödshjälp "Fasader" Crustcore Usagi 13/Feb/2012
Octagone "Proelium" Ambient Death / Metalcore / Grindcore SaRe 9/Feb/2012
Japanische Kampfhörspiele "Kaputte Nackte Affen" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 7/Feb/2012
After The Last Sky "There`s No Light At The End Of This Tunnel" Grindcore / Black / Doom Metal Roberto Sedinho 31/Ene/2012
Future Ruins "Future Ruins" Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 18/Ene/2012
Rehashed "Code Black" Thrash Metal / Hardcore SaRe 17/Ene/2012
Livarkahil "Signs Of Decay" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 16/Nov/2011
Betraying The Martyrs "Breathe In Life" Symphonic Deathcore Usagi 14/Nov/2011
VV.AA. "Split My Bitch Up" Goregrind / Death Metal Roberto Sedinho 16/Oct/2011
Scars On Murmansk "Travelling Through Dark Places" Death Metal / Deathcore Roberto Sedinho 20/Jul/2011
Confined Within "Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom" Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Usagi 8/Jul/2011
Hokum "The Creation Of Pain" Thrash Metal / Metalcore Roberto Sedinho 4/Jul/2011
Pesta Porcina "Ultimo Mondo Rurale" Goregrind Roberto Sedinho 10/May/2011
Macabre Demise "Macabre Demise" Brutal Death / Grindcore Usagi 29/Abr/2011
Difenacum "Alégrame El Día" Grindcore Roberto Sedinho 10/Abr/2011
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